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Tag: Citi Prestige Card

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Which Premium Cards are Keepers?

Ultra-premium credit cards often have great perks like lounge access, elite status accelerators, free nights, companion tickets, etc.  The problem is that the annual...
a man holding a wallet with credit cards

What’s in Greg’s wallet? [2022 Edition]

Yesterday, Nick revealed the cards in his wallet.  Now it's my turn.  Just like Nick, Amex had almost completely taken over my wallet in...
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Dining and groceries to count toward Prestige card $250 travel credit in 2022

Miles Talk reports that Citi is once again allowing both dining and grocery purchases to count toward the Citi Prestige card's annual $250 travel...
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(EXPIRED) You Can Now Transfer Citi ThankYou Points To American Airlines, But Only For...

Update 11/8/21: We included this on yesterday's list of Last Chance Deals, but I thought it was worth a separate reminder that the ability...
a credit card in a trash can

Citi dumps the Prestige card (no longer accepting applications)

Doctor of Credit reported last night that the Citi Prestige card was not showing on the Citi website and that the landing page leads...
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Use Citi Prestige travel credit at supermarkets & restaurants in 2021

One of my 2021 predictions is that Citi wouldn't do anything notable. Did they manage to prove me wrong on Day 1 of the...
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Fun with Citi chat

This morning Nick posted a new deal for Citi Prestige cardholders: Citi Prestige gets 5x bonus for online / cable / streaming (up to...
a close up of a credit card

(EXPIRED) Citi Prestige gets 5x bonus for online / cable / streaming (up to...

Citi is out with a new bonus for Prestige cardholders: get 5x points for online, cable, and streaming purchases (up to 7500 points) through the end...
a wallet with credit cards and money

My ever changing pandemic wallet

Early this year I opened the kimono to show off the cards I keep in my wallet.  I was proud that I had a...
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Citi joins the party: 5x Prestige online, 3x groceries on Premier starts now

Citi announced this morning that they are pushing up the date for Citi Premier changes and adding a temporary 5x bonus category on the...

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