Delta extends expiration of eCredits through 2023


Delta airlines recently announced another extension to the expiration of tickets and vouchers.  All eCredits from travel booked between the start of the pandemic and December 31, 2022 will be valid for use through the end of 2023, a terrific move on Delta’s part.

Greg’s obviously relieved to hear about Delta’s voucher extension.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, almost all major carriers removed the majority of change and cancellation fees for most published fares.  While this provided a massive increase in flexibility for travelers, most of the credits come with expiration dates that are quickly appraoching. I personally have a couple from March/April 2020 on European carriers that haven’t been extended this year, leaving me in limbo has to whether I’ll even be able to use them.

It’s great to see Delta being so proactive (and generous) here, giving consumers plenty of security both with planning on how to use existing credits and also in scheduling travel for 2022 and beyond. Hopefully we’ll see carriers follow their lead soon.

(h/t: Thrifty Traveler)

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R Bradley

Delta Vacations vouchers are also being extended.


I have $1500 in my delta wallet and I live in a non delta hub city. This is huge. Thanks Delta. I’ll remember this.