Pass the popcorn: The e-Rewards saga continues



I’ve never tried earning rewards from e-Rewards.  It always seemed like too much effort for too little gain.  But, I’m glad I had written about their recent wave of shutdowns, because the saga has continued in interesting ways.

Via reader comments it seems that e-Rewards has restored the accounts of many who protested, but then sometimes shut down those accounts again as soon as the member redeemed their rewards. So, when people are short of the points needed for the redemption they want, they are now scrambling to try to earn those extra points before their account gets shutdown again.  This seems to be encouraging the exact sort of behavior that the shutdowns were intended to stop!
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E-miles and E-rewards were a nice way to top up accounts and build balances in some semi-dormant accounts. But that was before MSing became widely available. I’ll still hit e-miles every now and then, but it’s lost a lot of value as well. Much less of the traditional “five miles for clicking a link” and much more of spammy “sign up for more information.”


Just got my rewards account re-activated after numerous e mails and phone calls. I plan to cash out ASAP before Impose my points again.