Easy path to top tier Hyatt Status


Update 9/29/21: Just a quick reminder that you have to apply for the World of Hyatt credit card by September 30 if you want to be able to take advantage of the double elite nights earning opportunity through the end of the year.


If you missed the ludicrously easy path to Hyatt Globalist elite status early this year and you can qualify for a new Hyatt credit card, then you’re in luck — it’s not too late!  By combining the latest credit card offer, card spend, and Hyatt’s lower 2021 elite requirements, you can still get to top tier status easily.  That status will then last through February 2023.

Hyatt’s latest credit card promotion makes new cardholders eligible for double tier qualifying nights on stays this year.

What are tier qualifying nights?
Tier qualifying nights are often referred to as “elite nights”. With many hotel chains, you can earn elite status by acquiring a number of tier qualifying elite nights each year. For example, Hyatt usually requires earning 30 elite nights per year to achieve mid-tier Explorist status, or 60 elite nights for top-tier Globalist status, but they’ve cut those numbers in half for 2021. Additionally, Hyatt offers “Milestone Rewards” which are perks like free lounge access, free nights, bonus points, etc. Milestone Rewards are earned within a calendar year when you achieve 20 elite nights, and every 10 elite nights after that up to 100. Read more about Hyatt elite status and Milestone Rewards in our World of Hyatt Complete Guide.

Easy path to Globalist with $15K spend

When combined with other card features and the fact that Hyatt requires only 30 elite nights this year instead of 60 to reach top tier status, the path to top tier is relatively easy:

  1. Sign up for the World of Hyatt card by 9/30/21: Get 5 elite nights automatically & qualify for double elite nights on stays in 2021.
  2. Spend $15,000 on the card before the end of the year: Earn 60,000 total points (thanks to the current welcome bonus); 6 elite nights from spend; and a category 1-4 free night certificate.
  3. Spend 10 nights at Hyatt hotels this year (including free nights booked with points or certificates): Earn 20 elite nights.
  4. With the 31 elite nights earned (as listed above): Get Globalist elite status for the rest of this year, all of 2022, and through February 2023.  Also get the 30 night Milestone reward (A category 1-4 free night certificate & 2 club access awards).

Path to Globalist with $5K spend

If you can’t spend $15K on the Hyatt credit card by the end of the year, here’s another option:

  1. Sign up for the World of Hyatt card by 9/30/21: Get 5 elite nights automatically & qualify for double elite nights on stays in 2021.
  2. Spend $5,000 on the card before the end of the year: Earn 40,000 total points (thanks to the current welcome bonus); and 2 elite nights from spend.
  3. Spend 12 nights at Hyatt hotels this year (including free nights booked with points or certificates): Earn 24 elite nights.
  4. With the 31 elite nights earned (as listed above): Get Globalist elite status for the rest of this year, all of 2022, and through February 2023. Also get the 30 night Milestone reward (A category 1-4 free night certificate & 2 club access awards).

Top tier Hyatt status: Why chase Globalist?

Breakfast at the Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht. Breakfast is free for Hyatt Globalist members.

In my opinion, Hyatt offers the best top-tier elite perks of any hotel chain.  Top tier Globalist elites get free upgrades including standard suiteswaived resort fees on paid nights (resort fees are waived on award nights for all members), free breakfast or club accessfree parking on award nights, and more.  Mid-tier Explorist status, meanwhile, offers very few meaningful perks.  In my opinion, Globalist status is worth a lot.  Explorist status is worth very little.

Room service breakfast at the Park Hyatt Vendome in Paris.  A number of top Hyatt properties offer free room-service breakfast as an option for Hyatt Globalists.
Hyatt lounges typically include a full breakfast, afternoon canapés, and evening dessert.  Often free wine and beer is available during set hours as well.  Shown here is the outdoor deck of the Grand Club at the Grand Hyatt NYC. Hyatt club access is always free for top tier Globalist elites. Those with club access awards can also get in free on points or cash stays, but not when a free night certificate is used.

Elite status requirements cut in half

For those seeking to earn Hyatt elite status in 2021, Hyatt has cut in half the requirements. Here are the 2021 requirements for each elite level:

Membership Level Elite Nights Usually Required Elite Nights Required in 2021 Key Benefits
Discoverist 10 5 2PM late check-out; Earn Hyatt points w/ AA spend
Explorist 30 15 Match to M life Gold; Room Upgrade
Globalist 60 30 Waived resort fees on all stays; Suite upgrades, 4PM late check-out; Club access or free breakfast; Free parking on award stays; Guest of Honor bookings

For those who earn status through spend at Hyatt properties, the requirements for earning status through base points has also been cut in half.  For example, in 2021 you can earn Globalist status by earning 50K base points instead of the usual 100K.  This would require $10K calendar year spend at Hyatt.  Most people will do better earning status through stays.

Double elite nights via Hyatt credit card promo

The latest World of Hyatt credit card offer includes the ability to earn 2 Tier-Qualifying Night Credits for each night you stay from 8/16/21 through 12/31/21.  The ability to earn double elite nights does not apply to those who got the World of Hyatt card before the current offer (shown below) was introduced.  It also doesn’t apply to those who sign up through alternate channels such as when an offer shows up while making a Hyatt booking.  Double elite nights does apply to this offer:

Card Offer and Details
Chase World of Hyatt Credit Card
45K points
Up to 45K: 30K after $3K spend plus 1 extra point per dollar for non-bonused spend, up to $15K spend in 6 months.

$95 Annual Fee

FM Mini Review: Great card for signup bonus and annual free night. Might be worth using regularly for additional free night and as a path to status.

Card Type: Visa Signature


Earning rate: ⚬ 2X restaurants / cafes / coffee shops, airlines, local transit, fitness clubs and gym memberships ⚬ 4X Hyatt

Big spend bonus: One free Cat 1-4 night certificate after $15K spend in a calendar year. ⚬ Get 2 elite qualifying night credits every time you spend $5K in purchases

Noteworthy perks: ⚬ Free category 1-4 night every year upon renewal ⚬ Additional free category 1-4 night after $15K spend in cardmember year ⚬ Discoverist elite status ⚬ 5 elite qualifying nights

Elite nights from Hyatt credit card & card spend

All World of Hyatt cardholders automatically earn 5 elite nights each year.  Plus, the card offers 2 elite nights with each $5K of spend.

Milestone rewards

It’s important to understand that some of the perks that people associate with Hyatt Globalist status are actually earned with Milestone Rewards.  These are rewards that are earned when you hit different milestones of elite nights.  Suite Upgrade Awards, a free night category 1-7 certificate, and access to My Hyatt Concierge are Milestone benefits, not elite benefits.  Therefore if you earn elite status with only 30 elite nights, you won’t earn those perks.

This chart shows the details:

Completely separate from elite status, Milestone Rewards are available to everyone and are based on the number of nights you stay in a calendar year. Club Lounge Access Awards and Suite Upgrade Awards are valid for the rest of the current calendar year and 14 months beyond. Free night awards are valid for 180 days from the date issued. FIND Experience discount must be used within 6 months of issuance.

More details about Milestone Rewards, including value estimates, can be found here.


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Is there any way to earn Double elite night credits, if I opened my Hyatt CC in June 2020? (Besides for Andaz).


I have 40 nights for 2021 and have a 6 night stay coming up. Is it worth using 4 office for a day stays to achieve 2 suite certificates ?


Thanks for the detailed post. A couple of questions:

  1. If I book through Chase Ultimate Rewards travel portal to use Chase points, will I get elite nights for the stay? Will they count double?
  2. If a Globalist friend books a points stay for me and designates me as Guest of Honor, do I get the elite nights for the stay? Will they count double?

Greg, I recently completed a 6 night stay (all paid with points), I am yet to receive the double night credit. Do you know how long that takes? Also, are free nights eligible for the double night credit?



Hi Greg – to this point, when they do double the nights (after the delay, let’s say they don’t credit until January), will they still push it back to 2021 for status building purposes?


If you had the card earlier this year and got the 5 nights, then closed the card and later opened this one, will you get another 5 nights?


Just a validation point. I’ve had the Hyatt card but cancelled >2yr ago. I got a new one (through your links!) and booked a 10 night stay at an obscure (cheap) off-brand Hyatt property as a mattress run.
I hit the remainder of $15k spend with a plastiq promo (1.75% fees during September) and I’m on 29 nights (Explorist), 60k points, 1 free 1-4 Category Night and just waiting for my October bank statement for the last spend based nights to post (= Globalist) plus a 2nd free night.



is the double elite nights only if you’ve never had the card before? or does it work if you’re approved for the card then you’ll get the double elite nights?

Stuck in America

Would you recommend getting the card purely to chase Globalist status IF I don’t plan on traveling internationally for most or all of 2022? It would also require a mattress run of 2 – 3 nights before the end of 2021. Not sure if it’s worth it or if I should just wait for the old, better, 60k Hyatt offer to return.

ny ar

Any idea in order to get the 2x nights do you need the card in hand when booking? Or only at the time of the stay? I’m waiting a bit to re-apply as I just canceled my existing Hyatt card, but also have some stays I’d like to plan next month. Wondering if I can book now without the card, but get the 2x nights if I have the card by the time of the stays.


Applied and was approved, have a few Hyatt stays coming up anyway and this will be big. Was approved 8/21 and have seen the 5 elite nights post to my account, but haven’t seen the double nights post (I stayed at a Hyatt 8/20-22). Any idea how long those will take? When I called World of Hyatt to ask they sent me over to Chase.


Wondering the same thing as have had the exact same situation. 5 Bonus nights posted quickly. Only showing credit for the 2 nights of my stay the earlier this week.


Found this in the terms and conditions
2 World of Hyatt Tier-Qualifying Night Credits for Each Stay: To be eligible for this offer you must apply and be approved for the World of Hyatt Credit Card between August 16, 2021 and September 30, 2021. You, as the primary cardmember, will receive 2 World of Hyatt Tier-Qualifying Night credits for each qualifying night you stay from August 16, 2021 until December 31, 2021. Please allow up to 8 weeks from the last day of the calendar month of your stay, for World of Hyatt Tier-Qualifying Night credits to be added to your World of Hyatt account. 


Saw that too. Haven’t seen anything yet, but I guess we have to wait on Chase crediting the nights…


Have you guys received your double nights yet? Did stays past week and curious how long will take


My double nights posted 9/26 I had stays from the end of August throughout the month of Sept. (Not all of the stays were paid with the WoH card)

eleanor Felker

Were some of them on points?


Wondering if the status challenge (10 nights explorist/20 nights globalist) and the double nights can be stacked too. Any thoughts?

Last edited 11 months ago by Kiwi

Can’t Globalist status also be achieved with a $10,000 spend on room cost and accumulation of the associated 50,000 base points?


Can’t Globalist status also be achieved by acquiring 50,000 base points, which is a $10,000 spend on hotel nights?


When did the 2x begin? My wife got the card earlier this year. No where can I find a clear start date for the 2x promo.

Nick Reyes

This offer was introduced on 8/16. If you got the card before that, you won’t get the double elite nights.

Brenda Burnett

I spent a good deal of time investigating this only to be told that the double nights was sent out as a special offer to corporate clients have a proximately four corporate companies and not to the general public. Can anyone confirm this?

Nick Reyes

Not sure where you got that idea. You’ll always find the best available offers on our Best Offers page. When you click through to the application page for the Hyatt card, you’ll see the double elite night offer is right at the top of the application page in large letters. It’s definitely public and the offer started on 8/16.

You can find more info on our World of Hyatt card page and when clicking through: https://frequentmiler.com/WOH/#Goto


For the 2x night credit, does it have to be booked through Hyatt. Seeing lower rates for Excalibur through MGM directly. Would I be able to book there and provide Hyatt number at checkin?

Nick Reyes

That’s a great question. I don’t know for sure, but if I were a betting man I’d place at wager on that working. I gather you’re willing to make a gamble, so I’d certainly book through Excalibur. (even if you didn’t get double credit, it probably wouldn’t be worth paying the much higher rates I usually see through Hyatt as opposed to through my MGM account).

For the record, I’ve always booked MGM stays either directly through my Mlife account (much cheaper usually) or through Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts and I’ve always gotten Hyatt elite credit. Make sure to give your Hyatt number at check-in and make sure again at check-out that it is associated. From comments employees have made, I gather than once you get your Hyatt number set to your MGM profile it will come up in the system automatically but there is still a button they need to press on the screen to like activate that loyalty number for the stay. The one time I didn’t get credit I followed up with Hyatt months later and they researched it and retroactively credited me. Since MGM stays booked through MGM normally earn Hyatt elite credit, I expect it would be doubled here.


I am eligible for the healthcare rate, do those nights count as qualifying elite nights to get double elite night credits?


Can you accrue elite nights with concurrent stays? I would need to do a mattress run to get the nights but also have an actual 2-night stay at a Hyatt during the same timeframe.


Greg, is there a cap on how many elite nights you can earn via credit card spend? In other words can you achieve all your required elite nights simply with enough credit cards spend alone? Or is $15,000 spend on the credit the maximum?


I am booking the Aria in Vegas which is part of The Hotel Collection to use my $200 credit. I put in my WOH number at checkout. Should I get elite nights for this stay? This is my first time booking through the Hotel Collection so any help would be appreciated.


put in my WOH number at checkout” – do you do it at the front desk? or in app? thx


How does starting out with a status match from Wyndham->M Life Gold-> Explorist affect getting to top tier Hyatt?

Another Jeff

Probably a dumb question, but it does not appear that you have to pay with your WOH card to get the 2x nights? Just open by 9/30?

10% Amex Cashback> 4x Hyatt points… wouldn’t be a buyer at 2.5¢/pt especially with peak pricing incoming

3x pts +1-4 FNA makes tax payments worth it

David Joseph Mieras

Hate to rain on the parade but Globalist status in the Covid era can be very disappointing. Lounges are all closed in the U.S.A. and maybe a handful of properties will give you some kind of credit in lieu. We stayed @ the Hyatt Tampa recently and were given two $30 credits which amounted to a burger and beer for the Wife and I. We also stayed @ the Coconut Point Bonita Springs in March where we got to chose off a limited menu. They discontinued that the week after we left and offer no type of compensation for lounge being closed. Grand Cypress, Orlando offers zero for lounge being closed. My favorite benefit for Globalist was the lounges.


I just stayed at park Hyatt Paris. And Hyatt in Nice France. Restaurant open. Got free breakfast everyday. 55 euros per person my wife and I both got. It was big savings.


from experience It’s always better to load up the points/nights/miles in US & spend them in Asia or Europe, even more so this year.

Last edited 11 months ago by ktc

If you cancel your Hyatt CC mid year, do you immediately lose the 5 elite nights? I just hit Globalist lite at 30 nights, considering cancelling and reapplying in a few weeks since I’m finally under 5/24, wondering if I would temporarily lose Globalist status.

Bruce Wayne

It appears this double elite credit offer only applies to the publicly available “60k” (actually 45k) welcome bonus offer. Clicking through the offer found with a dummy booking does not have the same double elite credit language at the top of the screen. That’s a shame. I value a $300 credit plus a Cat 1-7 free night certificate more than 45K Hyatt points with the publicly available offer.


Hey Greg, do you know if this is also the case for refer-a-friend? I don’t see the banner up top when clicking through a referral link.


I just pasted my own referral link in incognito window and I now see the 2x elite night banner at the top of the page.


Yes, I applied through a friend’s link. The banner was showing as of last weekend. Fingers crossed that we will get both the referral and the double qualifying night bonuses.


I didn’t think there was a choice at the 30 night level. If I’m wrong, I’m interested in what (other than the Cat 1-4 cert & two worthless club passes) the other options are?


Thanks for this! If I cancel my current Hyatt card which is older than 24 months, how soon can I sign up for another?


I’m in a similar spot with a 24+ month card, think there’s any chance I’d get another 5 night bonus if I closed my current card and was approved for another?

ny ar

I am hopeful for this possibility. I currently have 9 nights. I just cancelled my existing card. I am hoping I have enough time to apply again. No turning back now! I am hoping there have been successes!


Please let us know if/when you are approved! About to cancel P2’s card and then will apply for card #2.


Thanks for this! I recently signed up for a Status Challenge to try to achieve Globalist (through AA, however, which is a 90-day challenge. They won’t switch me to the one that ends on 12/31/21). Was debating whether chasing it is worth it now and your explanation of some of the perks being Milestone Rewards and not Status perks helped me decide to once again skip this. I know I might regret this decision, but if Hyatt could switch me to the year-end promo, I might reconsider. Can’t do the card promo either because I’m over 5/24