Eight Tips for Extreme Stacking 1-800-Flowers


Now that Amex is once again offering $15 off $50 at 1-800-Flowers, and eBates is offering 20% cash back, and United is offering 30 miles per dollar, it’s time to revisit Extreme Stacking 1-800-Flowers.

Amex Offer 1800Flowers hashtag Amex1800Flowers Extreme Stacking 1-800-Flowers

As a reminder, you can find complete and updated details about stacking deals with 1-800-Flowers (and associated brands), here: 1800Flowers Extreme Stacking promo codes, portals, gift cards, and more.  Plus, what follows are a number of specific tips you need to know when stacking 1800Flowers deals. Eight of the tips are especially important and are shown in bold.  The rest are important too, but you probably wouldn’t have read this post if I had advertised 19 tips!

1800Flowers United 30X Promo Code MP55

Promo Codes

  • The United portal appears to offer 30 miles per dollar, but it’s really offered as a promo code (MP55), not a portal reward.  Therefore it cannot be used to buy gift cards.
  • The Southwest Rapid Rewards promo code RR22 offers 1,000 points per order, for orders of $29.99 or more.  With this code, earned points do count towards the Southwest Companion Pass.  Points earned from other Southwest promo codes usually do not count.
  • Miles earned from promo codes are not credited until after delivery of your order.  So, if you are chasing a Southwest Companion Pass and using a code that is compatible with the Companion Pass (e.g. RR22), then make sure to schedule delivery for the calendar year in which you are trying to earn 110,000 points.

Gift Cards

  • When buying physical by-mail gift cards, you can earn rewards by clicking through a portal, but not by applying a promo code
  • Celebration Rewards points are earned when buying gift cards, but not when using them (this is new as of a year or two ago)
  • You can buy gift cards from either 1800Flowers or 1800Baskets. They’re identical either way
  • Amex Offers rebates are triggered with purchases of physical by-mail gift cards from 1800Flowers or 1800Baskets.
  • Gift cards may take several weeks to be delivered.
  • Gift cards purchased from resellers or from deal sites like Groupon may not work with promo codes. I do not recommend buying from these sources.

Using gift cards

  • The portion of your order that is paid for with gift cards will not earn Celebration Rewards points
  • Promo code rewards can be earned when using a gift card, but you most likely will have to fight for your points (I believe this issue is caused by confusion caused by the point above).  UPDATE: It may be close to impossible to get your points now.
  • When buying 1800Flowers merchandise (regardless of whether you pay with a gift card), you can earn rewards from a portal or a promo code, but not both. Sometimes portal rewards will be issued initially, but they’ll later be clawed back if a promo code was used.
  • 2 gift cards can be applied per order online. Up to 5 gift cards can be used over the phone (unconfirmed).  To apply 2 gift cards online, PLEASE read: 1800Flowers: How to apply 2 gift cards per order, and a big bug to watch out for.
  • After clicking through a portal to 1800Flowers.com, you can select another brand from the tabs (e.g. Popcorn Factory, Wolferman’s, Harry & David, etc.).  Just make sure that the URL domain stays 1800Flowers.  For example, if you select Wolferman’s, the URL should look something like: http://www.1800flowers.com/wolfermans-home.  Not all products work with all promo codes, though.

Free Shipping


  • Celebration Rewards points are earned when buying gift cards, but not when using them (this is new as of a year or two ago)

More Info

For more details about stacking deals with 1-800-Flowers, please see: : 1800Flowers Extreme Stacking promo codes, portals, gift cards, and more.


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It appears passport no longer allows you to use code RR22. That little workaround is dead, so I don’t think there is any way to get free shipping with that Southwest code.


i saw the bit about not using shoprunner and promo code at once. the United promo got me about $45 worth of points, while the shipping was about $35 cash, so i added back shoprunner. Strange thing when i checked out though; it didnt charge me for shipping due to shoprunner, but still said i got the United promo. This seems to be because i logged out of shoprunner, added the united code, then logged back in. Not sure if they will both pay out, but they said they would. That doesnt include 12% ebates nor the 10% amex +2000 mile amex offers.


I wanted to use 1800 flowers to get points towards my RR companion pass using RR22. When i click on the “*offer details” fine print at the top right of the page it says: *Member will receive 1000 points for each order of $29.99 or more, excluding service/delivery fees and taxes through December 31, 2017. However, the SW website still shows1800 flowers as a RR deal and it auto populates the RR22 code upon 1800 flowers checkout. Is the offer still valid, and or perhaps the SW /1800 flowers website are not current? I don’t want to purchase hundreds of dollars worth of flowers and not get the points 🙂


i am attempting to use the RR22 on the 1800 site. I did several orders that worked, and then decided to get the ‘Passport’ thus eliminating delivery fees. Now, the RR22 is no longer valid, and 1800 can’t cancel my ‘Passport’. They are frustrating in that no one there understands how their systems work.

Also, my first orders were 2 days ago, and nothing added to my Southwest account yet.

any advice?


Thank you for sharing that I need to click on my shopping cart to log into ShopRunner. A month or 2 ago, I was logged in but needed to log out and I couldn’t figure out how to log back in. Thank you! 🙂

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Jet Blue is actually a better buy for points.
1500 points for 29.99 which is 50 points per dollar. If you have discover you can turn 20 into 30.

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Diamond Vargas

Greg, so the 30 miles / dollar offer through United today would definitely not work as just normal portal tracking? I don’t see “MP55” appearing anywhere on United’s portal page or during the checkout process on the 1800Flowers website. Or is this just a back-end code that gets applied without the customer seeing it?


i had to turn my ad blocker off.
when I shop through the portal I get a banner on the top of the site giving the code. it is also autofilled the code on the checkout page and ask for a member I’d. I entered my United Member ID and text appeared on the page confirming it worked.

Diamond Vargas

Got it, thanks to you both for the responses. This post definitely saved me from buying a gift card with the latest Amex Offer and losing out on a portal bonus. Will look elsewhere — 20% cashback sounds pretty good.


Hey Greg, is it worth looking into the Celebrations Passport Free Trail?

I wanted to use the Amex offer to earn UnitedMiles, but 2x$10-15 shipping (that don’t earn miles) makes things not as worth it. I was wondering if the trial membership will somehow stop me from using the UnitedMiles coupon code? If it all works together, I would probably signup for the trial, make my 2 $50 orders, and as soon as they ship cancel the membership.



I’ve tried signing up for the free trial either being register, or creating an account during the registration process and keep hitting an error. I think this is no longer available =[

“We are sorry, an unexpected error (ADD_FREETRAIL_PRODUCT_FAILED) has occurred. Please try again.”

Whoever coded their site, made a typo with the spelling of trial as well.


One thing I totally forgot with this Amex Offer for 1-800-Flowers is that it qualifies for Amex Business Card OPEN Savings. Since I just got the Biz Plat, I ended up getting 100 extra MR points, although I should have asked beforehand to get the 5% discount (would have been $2.50 off, which I value more).


So looks like GC is shoprunner eligible. Do you know if it actually gets shipped with 2-day service? When placing an order the date selection gave me earliest availability as 14th Feb for GC.


So looks like shoprunner does not expedite GC shipping. It still came after a week or so. Do you know how long it takes for points to be credited in sw account after order is delivered?


OK. Thanks for your input. I have still not received my points. When would you contact them to figure out when I will receive points?


Harry David is running a promotion of $10 bonus Gift card with a $50eGC purchase. I see that eGC is powered by Cashstar. Any idea if portal bonus or Amex credit will post for 1800flowers if eGC is purchased through Harry David?


I am interested in Greg’s opinion of this. I believe he says as long as you go through 800-flowers and that shows in the URL at the time of purchase, it will trigger the Amex offer. Could be a nice win here for us!


I looked at this. The URL changes to cashstar.com, so I highly doubt it will trigger the Amex offer to the point not worth even testing IMO.



Do you have any experience of using SW31 promotion for 2 southwest accounts but one 1800flowers account? I don’t want to sign up for 2 different Celebration Passport accounts but I want to take advantage of SW31 for 2 SW accounts. Thanks


Greg, I signed up for Celebration Passport late last year, but it appears I wasted my money as Shop Runner provides the same free shipping and handling. Is there any extra benefit that Celebration Passport provides?

My mom loved the flowers and chocolate at X-mas, so much so sent her more Flowers with the 30X United. This is a deal I am glad spent the time to learn a bit as super discount and pretty high quality flowers and chocolate.

QUESTION – What are some of the things you buy that you think are good quality for the price?


yes, celebrations is def worth it since you can use promo codes with it. You cant with shoprunner


Promo code SW31 will get you 1750 Southwest Rapid rewards on a $34.99 minimum purchase. There is a limit of 5 orders with this promotion. In the past the 1750 SW point promotion hasn’t counted toward the companion pass.


Where did you find the SW31 offer? I’d prefer that one over the current JetBlue promo. They are currently offering 1,750 miles per $29.99 purchase. It was in an email they sent out about 3 weeks ago.

Also, can we earn shopping portal miles (non-promo code) when we purchase Celebrations Passport membership?


I found the SW31 offer on the Southwest homepage after I had logged into my Rapid Rewards account.


awesome, thanks for this code. Was wondering when a 1750 offer would pop up since it usually does on Jan 31st of each year. I didnt see it in my account but the code worked upon checkout. I hope its not targeted


Thanks for putting this together. Definitely the most comprehensive one I’ve seen.

I ended up not maximizing this as much as I should have but with so many restrictions on what works with certain codes, I ended up just simplifying everything and just going with the United 30x offer and using an amex card with the offer and shoprunner. A pretty nice deal for flowers delivered + miles and amex offer. I didn’t want to deal with a potential clawback by trying to stack a gift card on it.


Did this actually work for you? When I tried it I thought it worked, I then realized the coupon code needed for the UnitedMiles “MP55” never actually applied because of shoprunner. I ended up canceling and am trying to figure out if I have better options to maximize UnitedMiles.
The shipping sucks cause I don’t think that earns UnitedMiles, so trying to game plan this.


I recently received an offer from paypal in my email box giving me $15 off my next $15 purchase. Also, I’m already a Celebrations member and recently received a $20 “Savings Pass” in my account. Can I stack THESE discounts with all the others?

Maximizing one’s 1-800-Flowers benefits is worse than doing taxes. 🙂


They would not work together and a PayPal payment would not trigger a AMEX offer. But I did something different. I used PayPal to buy Passport (Free Shipping for 29.99) which with $15 from PayPal was just $14.95.

Then made another order for $55 and used my AMEX to get $15 off.

1. 20% CB from Ebates: 6+11 = $17
2. United Miles: 2550 (This extended Expiry of miles by 18 months)
3. Another Whole year of Free Shipping
4. Out of pocket cost: 30+55-15-15 = $55


Kumar, can I ask how you know Paypal payment would not trigger Amex Offer? It shows up as under transactions as

PAYPAL *1800FLOWERS – 4029357733, NY

That wouldn’t work?


Hi Greg,

Does everything work the same for the egift cards as the physical gift cards? The egift cards have ‘cashstar’ in the url and look like a different product.


No, you have to get the physical card shipped.


Thank you both.

I did a ctrl-F for ‘egift’ and found it under Customer Service at the bottom of the landing page.

The product looks like an e-greeting card that comes with a gift amount, and the exact amount is customizable (no multiples needed).


So if i want to buy my mother some flowers for mother’s day, what is my best option?