Eight Tips for Extreme Stacking 1-800-Flowers


Now that Amex is once again offering $15 off $50 at 1-800-Flowers, and eBates is offering 20% cash back, and United is offering 30 miles per dollar, it’s time to revisit Extreme Stacking 1-800-Flowers.

Amex Offer 1800Flowers hashtag Amex1800Flowers Extreme Stacking 1-800-Flowers

As a reminder, you can find complete and updated details about stacking deals with 1-800-Flowers (and associated brands), here: 1800Flowers Extreme Stacking promo codes, portals, gift cards, and more.  Plus, what follows are a number of specific tips you need to know when stacking 1800Flowers deals. Eight of the tips are especially important and are shown in bold.  The rest are important too, but you probably wouldn’t have read this post if I had advertised 19 tips!

1800Flowers United 30X Promo Code MP55

Promo Codes

  • The United portal appears to offer 30 miles per dollar, but it’s really offered as a promo code (MP55), not a portal reward.  Therefore it cannot be used to buy gift cards.
  • The Southwest Rapid Rewards promo code RR22 offers 1,000 points per order, for orders of $29.99 or more.  With this code, earned points do count towards the Southwest Companion Pass.  Points earned from other Southwest promo codes usually do not count.
  • Miles earned from promo codes are not credited until after delivery of your order.  So, if you are chasing a Southwest Companion Pass and using a code that is compatible with the Companion Pass (e.g. RR22), then make sure to schedule delivery for the calendar year in which you are trying to earn 110,000 points.

Gift Cards

  • When buying physical by-mail gift cards, you can earn rewards by clicking through a portal, but not by applying a promo code
  • Celebration Rewards points are earned when buying gift cards, but not when using them (this is new as of a year or two ago)
  • You can buy gift cards from either 1800Flowers or 1800Baskets. They’re identical either way
  • Amex Offers rebates are triggered with purchases of physical by-mail gift cards from 1800Flowers or 1800Baskets.
  • Gift cards may take several weeks to be delivered.
  • Gift cards purchased from resellers or from deal sites like Groupon may not work with promo codes. I do not recommend buying from these sources.

Using gift cards

  • The portion of your order that is paid for with gift cards will not earn Celebration Rewards points
  • Promo code rewards can be earned when using a gift card, but you most likely will have to fight for your points (I believe this issue is caused by confusion caused by the point above).  UPDATE: It may be close to impossible to get your points now.
  • When buying 1800Flowers merchandise (regardless of whether you pay with a gift card), you can earn rewards from a portal or a promo code, but not both. Sometimes portal rewards will be issued initially, but they’ll later be clawed back if a promo code was used.
  • 2 gift cards can be applied per order online. Up to 5 gift cards can be used over the phone (unconfirmed).  To apply 2 gift cards online, PLEASE read: 1800Flowers: How to apply 2 gift cards per order, and a big bug to watch out for.
  • After clicking through a portal to 1800Flowers.com, you can select another brand from the tabs (e.g. Popcorn Factory, Wolferman’s, Harry & David, etc.).  Just make sure that the URL domain stays 1800Flowers.  For example, if you select Wolferman’s, the URL should look something like: http://www.1800flowers.com/wolfermans-home.  Not all products work with all promo codes, though.

Free Shipping


  • Celebration Rewards points are earned when buying gift cards, but not when using them (this is new as of a year or two ago)

More Info

For more details about stacking deals with 1-800-Flowers, please see: : 1800Flowers Extreme Stacking promo codes, portals, gift cards, and more.


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