(EXPIRED) Exxon Mobil Sextuple Stack: Citi Offer, SimplyMiles, Upside & More

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A couple of new offers appeared in the last week or so for Exxon Mobil which means there are currently at least six ways to save more and earn more when filling your tank at Exxon Mobil gas stations.

Here’s how this potential sextuple stack works. (Update: Some reader suggestions in the comments could make this a decuple stack).

1) Exxon Mobil Rewards+ App

Exxon Mobil Rewards+

The first step of this stackage is to download the Exxon Mobil Rewards+ app and register for their loyalty program if you haven’t already. Their Rewards+ program gives 3c per gallon back when filling with gas and 2c per dollar spent in-store.

If you don’t have their app on your phone already, you can download it here:

Update: If you have an AARP membership (more about that in a section below), sign up for Rewards+ via AARP as you’ll earn an additional 500 Rewards+ points worth $5.

2) Citi Offer

Exxon Mobil Citi Offer

There’s currently a targeted Citi Offer giving 5% back when spending $30+ with the Exxon Mobil Rewards+ app. Note that app requirement – simply paying with your enrolled Citi card at the pump won’t be sufficient. You can use this Citi Offer up to two times per enrolled card.

You can check all your Citi Offers here. Note that it defaults to showing offers available on one of your Citi cards. If you have more than one Citi card, you should see a dropdown letting to switch between cards to see offers on each one. Unlike Amex Offers where you can only load an offer to one card, if you’re targeted for the same Citi Offer on 2+ cards, you can redeem the offer on each one.

3) SimplyMiles

Exxon Mobil SimplyMiles

As is often the case, when there’s a Citi Offer there’s a corresponding offer for the same retailer on SimplyMiles and Exxon Mobil is no exception. The SimplyMiles offer gives 2 American Airlines AAdvantage miles per dollar when spending $30+ using the Rewards+ app to fill your tank. As with the Citi Offer, you can use this SimplyMiles offer twice.

What makes this SimplyMiles offer even better is that it’ll also earn you 2 Loyalty Points per dollar. While that isn’t going to go a long way towards earning you status with American Airlines, every little helps.

To use this SimplyMiles offer, you need to link your payment card(s) on the SimplyMiles website and then activate the Exxon Mobil offer. Note that you can only register Mastercards with SimplyMiles – Visa, Amex and Discover aren’t eligible.

4) Upside

Exxon Mobil Upside

Upside – formerly GetUpside – is an app that can save you money when filling up with gas. The amounts and gas stations you can earn at vary, but at least some Exxon Mobil stations around the country are eligible. I’m assuming that using the Rewards+ app to pay for your gas will count as an eligible transaction, but I’ve not had a chance to test this out myself.

If you’re not currently an Upside user, here’s my referral link. You’ll get 15c back per gallon on your first fill-up in addition to any other savings offered in the app, while I’ll also get 15c back per gallon on a future fill-up.

Update: Swagbucks is currently offering 1,500 Swagbucks (worth $15) when joining Upside for the first time, plus 25c off your first fill-up when adding promo code PRODEGE25.

5) Drop

Exxon Mobil Drop card-linked offer

The Drop app has a card-linked feature with new offers you need to activate each week. At the time of publishing this you can earn 1 Drop point per dollar spent at Exxon Mobil gas stations. That’s worth 0.1% back which is the least exciting part of this stack, but I wanted to highlight it anyway seeing as there are many other more interesting Drop card-linked offers including Amazon, CVS, Lyft, Dell, Uber, Target, McDonald’s, GoPuff and more.

6) Bonused Spend

Depending on which card(s) you’re paying with in the Exxon Mobil Rewards+ app, there’s the potential to also earn bonus points on your credit card. For example, if you have a Citi Premier card, you’ll earn 3x ThankYou points per dollar.

Paying with a card that earns more at gas stations might mean having to forgo some of the other elements of this stack though. For example, the Wyndham Rewards Earner Business card earns 8x points at gas stations, but that’s issued by Barclays which means you won’t be able to use the Citi Offer at the same time, nor will you be able to stack with the SimplyMiles offer as the Wyndham card is a Visa card rather than a Mastercard.

Reader Suggestions

There have been the following suggestions for additional stacking elements from readers in the comments below.

7) AARP Partnership

I’d written about this in a separate post about 10 AARP Member Benefits You Might Not Know About, but forgot to mention it in this post. If you’re an AARP member, you can link your AARP account with your Exxon Mobil Reward+ account to earn 1 extra point per gallon on fill-ups and 1 extra point per dollar spent in-store. If you’re new to Rewards+, signing up via AARP will also earn you 500 bonus points which are worth $5.

8) Checkout 51

Nadine has given the following tip in the comments:

Checkout 51 (app) has money back on gas – depends on the station, but the EM near me is always on the list. You can stack this with a bunch of these other items.

I’d never heard of Checkout 51, so I don’t know how it works, but I’ll be checking it out.

9) Walmart+

Walmart+ – which you can get for free via a benefit on the Amex Platinum card – gives a 10c per gallon discount at Exxon Mobil among other gas stations. You can read more about that benefit here.

10) Just For U Rewards

Depending on your region, some stores owned by Albertsons that use the Just For U program (e.g. Safeway and Acme) let you redeem Rewards for saving son gas at Exxon Mobil.

This won’t be stackable with all these elements. For starters, when redeeming Just For U Rewards you can’t also earn with Exxon Mobil’s Rewards+ program. I think it would also affect earnings with Upside too.

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Have these points posted for anyone? Filled up Feb 13, but nothing yet.

[…] Exxon Mobil Sextuple Stack: Citi Provide, SimplyMiles, Upside & Extra […]

[…] Exxon Mobil Sextuple Stack: Citi Offer, SimplyMiles, Upside & More […]


There is also a 1500 swagbucks promotion to get the Upside app for new users


I see it on my swagbucks https://www.swagbucks.com/?f=11&q=upside


You also forgot that Walmart+ offers 10c back at Mobil. This is a free Aex plat benefit and doesnt require the Amex Plat to be used


Safeway/Albertson’s has gas points for up to 20 cents per gallon, will stack with most of these discounts. I never go to XOM because their gas is 5-10 cents higher than everyone else and I get an easy $1 per gallon at Safeway stations plus 5% with many cards. But for some folks it could help.


In our area, Acme and Safeway (both owned by Albertson’s) For U points can be redeemed at Exxon and Mobil. Depends on your location. Not sure how you stack them with Rewards + as the pumps seem to want to select one or the other and you can’t redeem For U points when using the Exxon app.


And I continue to wonder why Upside does not do gas discounts in Wisconsin. They show restaurant offers here, and they have gas offers just across the border in IL, WI, MI, and MN, but WI is a black hole. I assume it is something in some obscure law somewhere, but seems odd that they are unable to offer discounts on gas.


Your state has a minimum markup law (anti-consumer) for gasoline. Glad I fled to Tennessee in 2007.


Question: When joining Exxon rewards, should we also link AARP membership in the Exxon app? Do the AARP rewards cancel any others mentioned?

Last edited 1 year ago by Anita

Checkout 51 (app) has money back on gas – depends on the station, but the EM near me is always on the list. You can stack this with a bunch of these other items.


Checkout 51 is similar to Ibotta – I stopped using it a while ago because there weren’t enough grocery offers to make it worth the effort. But now I’m seeing they’re offering some big cash back (19 to 22¢/gallon) at some gas stations near me so I’ll have to put it back into rotation.

(Note: the terms say it can’t be used “with any other gas in-app coupon or rebate” so it’s not clear if you can stack it with Upside.)

Last edited 1 year ago by Sammy