Fairmont free night certificates are posting


Earlier this year, the Chase Fairmont Visa Signature card was discontinued (See: Bye bye Fairmont card. I hardly knew ya). Greg wrote about how to maximize value with credit card spend before this card was converted to the Chase Sapphire Preferred (See: Rocking Fairmont credit card free nights and elite benefits). Part of that strategy involved spending $12K to earn an additional free night certificate.

Recently, several readers have posted questions inquiring as to the status of those certificates. We’re happy to report that those certificates are finally posting to Fairmont accounts today. Several readers have reported this in the “Bye Bye” post noted above. If you signed up for this card and met the spend, check your Fairmont account and you should hopefully see your free night certificate has posted.

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My certificate arrived (last name starts with G), but my husband’s has not (last name starts with R)
anyone else missing theirs?

yancy alba

no got it too, my name starts with y


certificate will expire at Feb 2018. Does that mean I have to finish my stay before end of Feb 2018?


I am also curious about this question, please


Yes, I asked them and they confirmed you must use the cert. Before the expiration date (i.e. complete the stay) as the cert isn’t used until the stay is complete.

Michael H

I was just wondering about this myself. Looks like mine hit as well. Thanks for the heads up!


so we can cancel the chase sapphire card once the cert is in fairmont account?


I would personally convert to Freedom or FU instead.


Mine also expires in February….


Thanks NICK you are the BEST!


Glad to see mine show up, but it also says Feb 2018 expiration.


Why does your FN cert expire in one year but mine expire in Feb 2018…?


Probably because he spent $12k. I’m assuming you only spent $6k before the August deadline. I only spent $6k and my expires 2/18 also.