Free Filtered Water at any Hotel


This quick tip comes courtesy of my wife, Mrs. Miler:

One of the perks of elite status at some hotels is free bottled water. This may not sound like much until you look at what the hotel charges for the bottled water from the in room honor bar. So, what do you do if you’re thirsty and thrifty, but not elite? Simple. Bring an empty bottle (or a couple of cups from your room) to the hotel’s workout/exercise room. In virtually every one, you should find a filtered water dispenser, so fill up! If you’re lucky you may even find complementary apples or other fruit.


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Good Tip, never thought of that- I tend not to drink enough as some tap water is truly dreadful!

Ric Garrido

Many upper upscale hotels require you to pay an entrance fee for the workout room if you are not elite.

This is a tip that likely works for most hotels.


and towels. don’t forget the towels. it so much easier to just go and grab a couple sets than call the front desk and wait for…ever… for the towels to show up.