[Update: Extended to Sat] Free Google Home Mini with your Visa Gift Cards? [YMMV]


Update: I just received an email that this doorbuster has officially been extended to Saturday while supplies last. I’m sure it’s likely still not meant to work with gift cards, but several readers had success on Friday afternoon / evening. I’m going to make a trip out to the store Saturday morning to see if I can still grab this one.

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A reader reached out to let us know that they received a free Google Home Mini at Office Max / Office Depot when buying Visa Gift cards just a little while ago. Office Max / Office Depot was offering a free Google Home Mini with purchase of $150 or more from 8am to noon. Surely that was meant to exclude gift card purchases, but you might luck out.

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The reader who shared this told us that the stores he has visited were honoring the free Google Home Mini until store closing while supplies last. A couple of people over at Doctor of Credit reported the cashier automatically pulling one out from under the register.

There is definitely no guarantee on this, but if you are planning to stop by for gift cards, it’s worth a shot. This is supposed to be limited to one per household and again, I imagine it is supposed to exclude gift cards. If anyone scores one, let us know.

For more on the Visa Gift Card deal, see: More 5x: $10 off $300 in Visa Gift Cards at Office Max / Office Depot [Starts 11/18/18].

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Extended through Monday at my local store (PA). Combined this with the $20 off $150 in Happy gift cards (bought $175 for $155) and also got the free Google mini. I had to ask if the deal was still valid and he radioed to the other associates to see if it was valid on GCs. It was.


I was able to get the Google Home Mini with little coaxing. I just upfront on what I wanted to do: Buy a $200 5% back VGC and a $100 Fuel Everywhere card to qualify for the free GH Mini. All in all, bought $300 GC for $300.90 and got the GH Mini as the kicker. Chicagoland OM/OD @ 6:47PM CST


I just went to an Officemax to check on this. Google Mini offer is over, but today and tomorrow they give $20 off at the register on the purchase of a $100 OM/OD GC.


Just got 2 with separate transactions of 2 $200 vgcs. Nice, thanks!

Ed S.

Your wife goes with you on deal expeditions…and knows how to work a little “social engineering” to keep the deal going? Sounds like a keeper!


Worked for me, no need to override or anything, the cashier simply has to hit total.

Ed S.

Data point: just a few minutes ago they gave me the Google Home Mini when buying two Black Friday sale items for $35, plus $120 on a branded gift card. I swiped a previously-purchased Visa gift card for the transaction, but it only charged me for the two items, so I used a 5x earning card for the balance. Sweet deal for a card I was going to buy anyway.


It is not eligible on GIFT CARDS. It is dependent upon store and cash register. FYI, spend $100 on OD/OM GCs and save an instant $20. A lot is stacking opportunities.


I tried this morning with two $200 visa gift cards. Cashier scanned mini but it didn’t ring up as free. Cashier looked up the exclusions in flyer, couldn’t find any so she did an override for me for the free mini. thanks!


I did not use my rewards number. I never do for fear of hitting some kind of limit attached to the card.


Needless to say, i would love to hear from people who tried this morning who DID attach their Rewards card to the transaction to see if it worked for them or not.


Just tried this morning but no go. It has worked yesterday but the free deal doesn’t work today


I was in there at 8PM, purchased gift cards, got home and read this. Called and they said they were still available even though they didn’t give me one. I went back about 8:40 and got one. Thanks!! Good I only live a few miles away.


I played this one today by buying $150+ on each of three accounts, myself/wife/son.

Got 3 minis.

There was a Samsung printer list $100, marked down to $50, with $30 in rewards dollars per. Limit 2 per account. These I will resell locally a week before Christmas Then got 2x 16-count batteries, free after rebate, to get it to $132. A few odds and ends like Brother label printer marked from $40 to $10 per order to get to $150.

Did not try the GCs, but have several $K of them this week anyway. Manager loves me, probably would have worked buying GCs for the minis.

My cats and dogs need accounts, I think,


Thanks. Success at 8:25pm on 11/23. Purchased 2 – $200 visa gift cards for grand total of $413.90 less $10 promotion = $403.90 on Chase Ink to earn 2,020 in reward points and a free Google Home Mini


Just purchased the same combination using that same card. Thanks for the tip. Clerk was skeptical but I asked her to go ahead and scan it and it came up free! 🙂


HaHaHa I can’t even get Office Depot/Office Max stores near me to allow more than one transaction a day when buying promotional Visa Gift Cards.


I ended up getting 5 of them at 5 different stores. An unsuspecting cashier might even let you get more than one at an individual store, but I didn’t push it. I used different rewards phone numbers each transaction, in case the computer system limited it to one per person.


supposed to expire at noon


I missed that… sorry, Just tried it and was rejected for purchase with $400 in Visa gift cards. Hope others are luckier than me!


Did you have them enter your OfficeDepot rewards account number. My cashier needed that to allow the Mini to be free