(EXPIRED) Frontier Status Match From Hotel Or Airline Programs

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Frontier Airlines has another year-end promotion where you can “match” status from other airline, cruise and hotel programs. In reality, the promo is Frontier selling status to elite members of other programs. There’s no require challenge element to this program; once you pay the fee, you’ll have status for the remainder of 2023 as well as all of 2024.

While paying a fee for Frontier status isn’t something anyone would normally be too excited about, it should be available to pretty much everyone since you can match from hotel programs. Theoretically, it could be possible to parlay your status to a different airline status in the future.

a screenshot of a application form

The Deal

  • Match to Frontier status from 45 airline, cruise and hotel chains.
  • There is a fee associated with this match based on the level of status received:
    • Elite 20K = $99
    • Elite 50K = $99
    • Elite 100K = $149
  • There’s an extra $50 charge if you’ve received a Frontier status match since 11/1/20
  • Offer expires 12/31/23

Direct link to registration

Key Terms

  • Only 1 status match per person will be permitted under this campaign. No changes can be made after approval is granted. It is the members responsibility to select the tier eligibility to match from when applying.
  • The status match upgrade is valid until Dec 31, 2024 following approval. To retain status beyond the initial 12-months, you must requalify as per the Frontier program rules within the qualifying timeframe.
  • Fees apply to the application of a Status Match using this service.
  • Fees are payable by credit card and your statement will show charges by ‘FRONTIER STATUS MATCH’.
  • Anyone who has received a status match/status challenge with Frontier in the past 3 years may be eligible for another status match and will be charged an additional $50 fee on top of the standard status match application fees.

a screenshot of a screen

Quick Thoughts

These Frontier status match promos are somewhat innovative in that they’re allowing you to match from hotel and cruise loyalty programs in addition to the traditional method of matching from other airlines. That means most people reading this post will be eligible for a status match seeing as even Hilton Silver status received from a no annual fee Amex card will get you Frontier 20k status.

You can find the full list of eligible airline and hotel programs here, along with how the different status levels will map across. The first time that they launched this offer, it was possible to match from some top-tier hotel status levels to Frontier Elite 100k status. They presumably soon discovered how many people hold a Hilton Aspire card because now they limit hotel and cruise status holders to only receiving Elite 50k status..

For those who do fly Frontier with any frequency, there could be some appeal to 20k or 50k status (my assumption is that the top-tier airline elites who can match to 100k won’t be flying Frontier with any frequency). 20k gets free carry-ons, seat assignments and stretch seating at check-in. 50k adds stretch seating at booking and a mileage multiplier.

The biggest downside to this status match is that there’s a non-refundable application fee that changes depending on the status your matching too. Even if they decline your match request for some reason, you don’t get that fee back. This offer is therefore less enticing for speculative matching, but it could still be worth doing in case it enables you to parlay Elite 20k, 50k or 100k into a different kind of airline status in the future, much like how Nick was able to turn Spirit status into Delta status.

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@tim There’s an Amex offer for $40 back on $200 which may make this more interesting. Anyone on the team go for this?


I’m wondering the same thing if the match fees adds to the $200 spend. Anyone know?


It should, as far as I can tell. Heck, between that and the Discount Den (if you have kids) you could be at the $200 right there.


Any update on whether this worked?


Don’t have a use for it so haven’t tried, solid deal though


I just did status match with my Aspire card and now it shows my Elite 50k status. How do I pick seats and carry on waiver for an upcoming trip tomorrow ? Web site wants to charge me for extras. Only thing was offered without a fee was group 2 boarding from 3.

Last edited 6 months ago by VIS

I just contacted support via web chat and got the benefits added for free.


Thanks. I just did. Hopefully it will update tomorrow.


Had this those past years they status matched, used this a ton. Matched this year to SW Companion Pass, I am sure we will get plenty of use out of this too.


This will be my 3rd year in a row taking advantage of this. First year it was $49. Last year was $99 and this year I was happy to pay the $199 for status now through 12/31/24. I fly at least 7 or 8 times a year with Frontier and bring along family and friends. Being able to get The Works package free is well worth it. It includes free luggage, exit row seating, and fully refundable tickets. This means I actually do pay the lowest advertised price. I just flew ONT-DFW for $78 round trip. Also, frequently fly ONT-MCO nonstop for $140 or less roundtrip.

The other huge perk is that I’ve been able to parlay this status into Southwest A-List status the last 2 years running. Ironically, I was able to do this status match with the current Southwest Companion Pass promo I did a couple months ago, which gave me the CP from 8/15 to 9/30.


matched previously when it was $49 a couple of years ago. Was unable to parlay that into another status match, as I had hoped, due to most programs wanting ‘activity’ along with status. So this time would be $199…would be worth it to successfully match to another program with it, but…
anyone have success in that regard?


same boat here.. trying to do calculations but not sure yet. I’m assuming the free seat and free carry-on only applies to me, and not to my companion?


Also useful if you do the all you can fly. Frontier has has $149-499 deals varying in length for unlimited flights. Some restrictions on dates, but if flexible, this makes the 100k attractive with free checked bag

Quentin Cui

I’m new to status matching. What else can I status match to my Hilton Gold and/or Frontier 50k?


Southwest companion pass matches to the 100k tier.