Disregard Curve’s scary email (if you’re from the U.S.)


Curve cardholders recently received an email from Curve saying “We’ve updated our terms.”  And if you follow the link in the email you’ll find yourself on a page that suggests that the Curve card will be severely limited in various ways.  It turns out that the email was intended only for UK cardholders and not for those of us in the US.  Whew.

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Stephen Pepper pointed out to me that the email seems to suggest that Curve’s Go Back In Time feature will be limited to 3 transactions per rolling 30 days, that foreign transaction fees will be waived only up to 250 Euros per 30 days and more.  Bad stuff if true.

I checked with Curve’s US support team and learned that the email wasn’t really meant for us.  They replied:

Yes, actually you’re right, the new changes are only in the Curve UK and as of now, we don’t have any changes or new features in the Curve US, please disregard the email.

I hope this helps and clarify any confusion.

Have a great day!



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World Traveler

Curve has one of the worst Customer Service Teams in the Industry, so don’t expect much if you run into any issues.

Had the EU Card for a few years, Never Again. Don’t be surprised if Curves new UK Limits on the Back in Time feature are going to be rolled out World Wide.


Adding US VISA cards is already banned so the only use for Curve in the US is adding Mastercards right?


Correct. They say they’re working on Visa but don’t hold your breath.


Visa is needed to make this card remotely useful. Add Visa and AMEX – and id probably pay for it!


If Amex ever happens I’d eat crow. This is exactly the type of stuff that they tend to hate, being a company with a strong sensitivity toward locus of control.

Visa has been “in the works” for over a year so I’d only be slightly more willing to hold my breath there.


RIP soon for US curve card, I used it for a couple of months, sometimes it doesn’t work at all. Feel like the card itself has some rules to limit how many you can spend.


IT issues. Not ready for primetime.