(EXPIRED) Get Hyatt Explorist Status Free + Shortcut To Globalist Status (Targeted)

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Hyatt is targeting employees of some large companies with an offer giving Explorist status free, then providing an opportunity to maintain that status or even earn Globalist status with reduced requirements.

World of Hyatt Explorist Status offer

The Deal

  • Register by November 30, 2022.
  • Enjoy Explorist status for 90 days. Note: the 90-day trial period begins when you check out for the first time after registering. Night(s) from the first stay will count in the offer.
  • Stay 10 qualifying nights at any Hyatt hotel or resort within 90 days after registering to maintain Explorist status through February 29, 2024
  • Stay an additional 10 qualifying nights at any Hyatt hotel or resort within your original 90 days of registration and earn Globalist status through February 29, 2024. With Globalist status, enjoy even more rewards like room upgrades up to Standard Suites, 30% Bonus Points, daily full breakfast, and more.
  • For the purpose of this promotion, a qualifying night is any night where a member is paying an Eligible Rate or redeems a free night award.
  • Direct link to registration.

Key Terms

  • To qualify for this offer, World of Hyatt members must register between March 16, 2022, and November 30, 2022.
  • Offer only valid for World of Hyatt members who are employed by an entity that has received an invitation from Hyatt for its employees to participate in this offer (any a “Qualifying Entity”). If you are not sure whether you work for a Qualifying Entity, check with your corporate travel manager. To participate, an eligible member must register with his or her valid email address issued by the Qualifying Entity (e.g., business email) through the dedicated offer-registration URL provided by Hyatt to the applicable Qualifying Entity.(If you need the URL, please ask your corporate travel manager.)
  • Limit one offer per member. Members may only register for this offer one time within 3 years.
  • Only Qualifying Nights completed during the Explorist Trial Period or Qualification Period will count towards with this offer.
  • Only the room occupied by the Member will count toward this promotion.
  • Stays completed by member prior to the start of his or her Explorist Trial Period or Qualification Period will not count towards this offer (even if any night stayed otherwise qualifies as a “Tier-Qualifying Night” for purposes of the World of Hyatt program).
  • To earn credit towards this offer, member must check out of a reservation during his or her Explorist Trial Period or Qualification Period (each defined below), as applicable.
  • If member checks into a reservation during his or her Explorist Trial Period or Qualification Period, but does not check out until after the Explorist Trial Period or Qualification Period has ended, (s)he will not earn credit towards this offer for any nights stayed as part of that reservation.
  • Explorist Trial Period or Qualification Period begins at registration and may not be extended.

Quick Thoughts

This promotion is apparently being targeted at certain large companies like IBM, Siemens and Accenture. There may well be other eligible companies too, so if you only have Member or Discoverist status, it’d be worth entering your work email address on the registration page linked to above to see if you can boost your status.

Explorist status isn’t a hugely rewarding status; its key benefits are room upgrades and late checkout, but neither of those are guaranteed. Still, some status is better than nothing.

This status offer has a second part to it though which could be much more worthwhile if you’ll be staying frequently at Hyatt properties in the next few months. If you stay 10 nights within 90 days of registration, you’ll keep Explorist status through February 2024. If you stay 20 nights within 90 days of registration, you’ll be boosted up to Hyatt’s top-tier Globalist status. Globalist status normally requires 60 elite night credits, so on the one hand only needing 20 nights could be a great opportunity. However, the requirement that those 20 nights are earned within 90 days could make it harder to achieve than the 60 nights required over the course of an entire year.

The other thing to bear in mind is that if you stay 10 nights or 20 nights in those 90 days to earn Explorist or Globalist status respectively, you’re only getting the base status itself rather than any of the Milestone Rewards you’d receive when earning those status levels via normal requirements.

That means Explorist status won’t come with Club Lounge access as Club Lounge Awards are earned when earning 20 and 30 elite night credits. Similarly, Globalist status makes you eligible for suite upgrades when checking in, but Suite Upgrade Awards are only received when staying 50 and 60 nights, with further Suite Upgrade Awards being an option at the Milestone Rewards at 70, 80, 90 and 100 nights.

h/t Loyalty Lobby

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Can you clarify what you mean by this:

“That means Explorist status won’t come with Club Lounge access as Club Lounge Awards are earned when earning 20 and 30 elite night credits. Similarly, Globalist status makes you eligible for suite upgrades when checking in, but Suite Upgrade Awards are only received when staying 50 and 60 nights, with further Suite Upgrade Awards being an option at the Milestone Rewards at 70, 80, 90 and 100 nights.”

Is this just referencing the milestone rewards? This is confusing to me. Isn’t receiving club access and suite upgrades part of what being globalist gives you? What’s the point of even doing this if you don’t get the club access or Suite Upgrades?

Greg The Frequent Miler

Club access does come with Globalist status, but you can also get Club Access Awards as Milestone Rewards before getting to Globalist status. Suite upgrades are different: yes, as a Globalist you can get upgraded for free to a suite when you check in, but if you want to confirm an upgrade in advance, you have to use a suite upgrade award which you get at 50 nights and 60 nights as Milestone rewards.


Thank you for clarifying! We’ll be in Japan for 2 weeks next year, and we’ll probably be using our points to stay at Hyatt properties. This might come in really handy!


Does anyone know if credit card spend earning qualifying nights would count towards the 20 within 90?


D C: No – only actual nights stayed count towards the 20 nights.


I confirmed that my work email works, but does anyone know if I can use my spouse WOH # with it? They can’t match my work email to a specific person right?


Trial starts from first checkout? So if i stay for 4 nights then checkout, the rest 3 nights won’t count?


Correct. You can break your booking into 2, “check out” on the first night, and re-check in the next day so that you earn the 3 other nights.


This is incorrect – the terms states that the night(s) from the first stay will count, so if you stay 4 nights before checking out, you should get credit for all 4 nights. But you won’t get explorist status and benefits for that 4 nights, since explorist benefits only kick in after checking out.


I know the terms and condition say the trial version can’t be matched to MLife Gold. Has anyone tried and was successful?

John P

Do it in person. Much higher success rate.

Leanne Goodspeed

I booked a room and added my dad to the reservation. He will be staying in the room while he visits me, will this count? I know the terms say only rooms where the member is staying but how will they know?

Last edited 1 year ago by Leanne Goodspeed
Chris B

I got approved through my work email. I just did a 2 night stay in NYC to start my 90 day period with Costa Rica in May and Hawaii in June coming up. All paid with cash due to the huge healthcare workers discount. I’m wondering would it be worth it to do mattress runs and get globalist before those trips? That’s only if this globalist still includes dropping resort fees and provide free breakfast. That alone would save me over $1000 cause food is expensive at both Andaz properties with the chance of upgrading to suites. We have other trips planned later this year as well with Hyatt.


I’m Hyatt Globalist. At mid-March, I stayed Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress. If I was trying to book paid nights, resort fee always appeared. If I booked using points (award nights), don’t need to pay resort fee. Actually, as long as you pay with points, resort fee is waived regardless of your elite status.

Greg The Frequent Miler

Globalists get the resort fee on paid stays taken off the bill when they check out. Sometimes that doesn’t happen automatically but if you tell the front desk, they’ll fix it.

Last edited 2 years ago by Greg The Frequent Miler

[…] Update 4/17/22: Deal is back for 2022. Hat tip to FM […]


Question about this – “Explorist Trial: Upon first check-out after registration, World of Hyatt members or those with Discoverist status will receive a trial upgrade to Explorist status for 90 days (“Explorist Trial Period”). “

first check-out after registration – This sounds like the first stay you have coming up won’t count? But it will trigger the 90 day offer period to start? Odd.

Also I work at Morgan Stanley and it worked for me.


I called and confirmed with WOH that the first stay triggers 90 day period but doesn’t count. Bummed because I was staying in a hyatt when I registered and those 3 nights would’ve gotten me to 10

Bill S

Really? That kind of sucks. I’ll have 10 nights including my 1st night later this month. I know Explorist is no Globalist, but I’d still like to keep it for a year. I may have to do another random night now to hit my 10. Thanks for verifying this for us!

Matt V

So it appears using a free night will NOT count as a checkout? Nor count towards qualifying nights?


I hope this isn’t a dumb question – but what if I’m currently Globalist? Do you think I can do this trial to fast track re-earning Globalist through 2/2024? Thanks!


Let us know if you were able to activate this offer


I called and they told me no I would not qualify 🙁 thinking of calling again and seeing what another agent says. Did you or anyone else have any luck?


Currently globalist – I was able to activate it and confirm I have 9/20 nights so far via chat. They were even able to tell me my End date of the promotion


This is amazing!!! Thanks so much for letting me know and updating. I’ll chat someone right now.


You’re right! I just confirmed via chat that I’ve BEEN activated already back in May (Kaiser) and I didn’t even know! Should have called and asked a 2nd rep before giving up. I already have 5/20 she said. Gosh now I only have a month-ish to mattress run the other 15 nights.


Unfortunately my corporate email is not working. I would appreciate if someone could share the corps that are working.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stephen Pepper

I don’t recommended changing jobs to get a Hyatt Explorist trial.

Points Adventure

Like you said, Explorist is largely ceremonial these days. I’d say the same for the new IHG Platinum status not earned from milestone.


I used Hyatt points to book 9 nights in Maui this summer. The booking is under my WOH number. I’m not targeted for this, but my spouse is. Would my spouse still qualify for those 9 nights, or would I have to revise the reservation to be put in my spouse’s name/WOH number? Is there a way to add my spouse’s WOH number to the reservation?

Matt V

I called and asked a similar question. There is not to my understanding. Rebook.


Thanks for the article.

I do work for one of the large companies and already have Explorist status through 2/28/23. I would be nice to gain Globalist status or to extend Explorist.

I have FNC and points stays scheduled for 9/2-9/4 and 11/24-27, as we never pay cash for stays. What timing would you suggest for registering for this offer? Could a points mattress run work to get to Globalist or extend Explorist?