Gift card deals from Safeway, Vons, Dominick’s, Randall’s…


Safeway, Inc. owns quite a few grocery store chains.  According to Wikipedia, they own all of the following:

  • Carrs-Safeway (Alaska)
  • Dominick’s Finer Foods (Illinois)
  • Pak’n Save (California)
  • Safeway Food and Drug (Arizona, Northern California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Maryland, Montana, Nebraska, Northern Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington, Wyoming)
  • Randall’s Food Markets (Texas)
    • Simon David
    • Tom Thumb Food & Pharmacy
  • Vons Food and Drug (Southern California, Southern Nevada)
    • Pavilions

Why do we care?  Safeway frequently runs great deals for gift card purchases.  For example, until Jan 4 2013, they are offering $15 off of $100 worth of MasterCard gift cards (FatWallet has details of this deal here):


(Hat tip to David for sending me this screenshot)

When deals like this appear within one Safeway brand, they can often be used at others.

Double Dip

Many credit cards offer extra points or cash back at grocery stores.  See “Best Category Bonuses” for a list of great options.  Use one of these credit cards to buy gift cards during these promotions to come out even further ahead.

Triple Dip

Like many other chains, Safeway offers a fuel points program which they call “Reward Points.”  Each time you shop at a Safeway store and use your rewards card, you earn extra Reward Points that can be used to save money off of gas.  Even better, they standardly offer double points for gift card purchases and often run promotions for quadruple points!  To understand fuel points, please see “What is a fuel point worth?

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In the past, I’ve rarely posted information about Safeway deals because I do not have any Safeway brands in my area.  I like to test out deals myself before posting them.  That being said, it seems as if Safeway constantly runs decent gift card deals and it’s a shame not to publish them!  So, going forward, I’ll publish new Safeway deals in the comments of this post (and, I welcome readers to do the same!).  If you would like to receive email alerts for these deals, simply add a comment below (you can simply write “subscribing”) and check the box that says “Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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@Vinh is it one per customer? Does it work in Dominicks in IL?


Well it’s still in my J4U account, but that may be due to delay in synching POS to servers. The coupon online does say ‘Coupon One Time,’ but I do remember the last time, the coupon would disappear after first use. Time will tell. I probably won’t try it again because I have other J4U accounts. Maybe once I go through all them, I’ll try it again (but I’m sure someone on the SD thread will post if it can be used again).


Just got back from Safeway. Deal works with the $500 variable MC’s too, so you’re paying $489 for a $500 GC. Got no fuel points for the purchase. Gonna use AP to cash these out bec the WMT registers still don’t seem to like MC GC’s. As soon as I swipe, the register splits out a piece of paper denying transaction. And this is with an experienced cashier that I know. Any tips FM on the correct sequence at WMT customer service desk?


Thanks Vinh!


$15 off $100 MC – I guess i’ll have to test out if the gift cards give points or not.


Anyone know if the $500 variable Visa prepaid cards at Safeway gives fuel rewards? Anyone try lately?


Great offer at Safeway! Thanks Vinh! $15 off two $50 Visa cards. Details here:


B-Rad: I don’t live near a Safeway so I can’t test it out. Often when businesses offer to buy gift cards, they give you much less than the face value of each card. Does anyone know any specifics with this deal?



I just checked the safeway ad in my area and they are offering cash for gift cards. There are not too many specifics surrounding which gift cards work, which stores offer this, or how much cash back will be awarded per gift card. I was wondering if you or any of your readers have experimented at all with this because I have a lot of recently purchased $50 mastercards that I wouldn’t mind liquidating for cash and avoiding target load and atm fees.


@PJ: I have purchased gift card at CVS with Citi AA card without it being coded as cash advance.


scrub siding


a bit sidetrack here: CITI is offerring 5 % on drug store purchases with the annual cap $300 rebate as to top annual MAX rebate you cud get. anybody can confirm if Vanilla Visa bebit card purchases are OK with Citi which has a bad record towards Gift cards purchases. I do understand all purchases at drug stores are all coded the same nothing said about the gift card purchase. I would avoid the most pupular charge 503.95 ( 500 plus the 3.95 activation fees)

Toni Perkins

Sorry, i accidentally hit post before i could edit and finish my list! King Soopers, Fred Meyers, Loaf ‘n Jug, and more!

Toni Perkins

Kroger grocery stores do something similar. Unfortunately Safeway does not carry diesel at their gas station here, so it doesn’t make sense to get gift cards there. Two perks about Kroger is that they run promos where you can get up to two dollars off per gallon rather than Safeway’s one. Another perk is that you can get points from the visa/mastercard/amex prepaid cards as long as they are for a specific amount, i.e. not the cards that say $29-$500 dollars. One down side is that they generally do not offer specials on the cards themselves. Either way, they are both really great options for earning a variety of very useful points!

Kroger brands include:
City Market
Kong Soopers


does anyone know what “category” this coupon appeared under in justforu and was it under “coupon center” or “personalized deals” Either I missed it or I never got one 🙁




I would like to know what to do with Sears cards as well.


So what do we do with the sears card? TIA!


After accounting for cc cashback, gas rewards and just 4 u, Safeway often gives a quadruple dip in the form of a Catalina coupon after each purchase.

Recently, I got a quintuple dip when iTunes cards were offered at 15 percent off from an in-store Safeway ad (for each purchase of $60), and another $15 off $50 came off using just 4 U.

Thank goodness FM does not have a Safeway near him or these deals would get 10 times as many takers!


Subscribe. I think other supermarket chains, like the Kroger family, also offer this deal sometimes. I’d love to know any similar promotions.


I’d like to know about these deals in the future…although this time it appears you posted a dead deal. According to the FW thread, it stopped appearing on people’s Just 4 U accounts on Dec 29th. So unless you activated it before then, this won’t do anybody any good.

Oh well. Until next time!


Sadly looks like the deal was pulled from their wesbite.


excellent post


Do you know if Dominics runs the same deal?


Oops, thanks


Thn ask for the Safeway info, there are lots of Safeways here……


Notify me of follow up promotions at safeway. Thank YOu.

Scott M.

@The Deal Mommy-did I miss something? What 2x bonus US Air MC deal?


@IrishTiger: what to do with the Sears cards after that?

SC Parent

Love the safeway gift card deals!


Took advantage of the $25 back on $150 gift card purchases back in early Dec. Thanks for posting!


Worth mentioning maybe that through you can find stores giving $15 off $75 on Sears etc in the form of a Catalina to use on next purchase. I start my grocery shopping with a Sears gift card purchase then go buy lunch products for the week with the $15. And we all know what to do with Sears cards after that. 🙂

Here’s the link. A whole CATEGORY of discounts for Prepaid/Gift Cards. Woo.


Thanks for sharing FM! Will be watching this thread.


Every little bit helps. Thanks.


Waiting for a chain near me to get on board w a promo like this.


One more thing is AFAIK the $15 off promo is almost dead for this promotion period. Only if you had already uploaded the offer to your safeway card you can do this deal upto Jan 4. Also, the $15 off maximized at $30 off ie you will get $15 off $100 MC purchase or $30 off MC purchases from $200 to $500.


@FM: FYI, you cannot triple dip on all gift card purchases at Safeway. The double points on gift card does not apply to Bank cards (eg Visa, Master card or Amex), it only applies to merchant gift cards.


newbie008: Thanks for the clarifications!


They also have a promo going on if you spend $50 on a gap, br, or old navy gift card that you get $10 off instantly at checkout. You just need to add it to your safeway card prior to checkout. Cvs and other stores do this time to time but it usually is in the form of reward dollars forcing you come back to the store and use it on another visit. I find having to add the deals to my card rather annoying because not only do i have to prep much more than I ever dreamed about for the grocery store, but after I check out I have to review my receipt with a fine toothed comb to make sure I got the deal I added. I Most often end up with a trip to the service desk to get a price adjustment. My tip is to print out the savings list of items that you add to you safeway card bc if there is an issue you’ll need to show them what you added to your card and it is much easier than pulling up the list on your smartphone and literally handing your phone to them.


tina: Thanks for the tips!

Mom Miler

Subscribe. Safeway is in AZ. Could be useful for us.

The Deal Mommy

Thanks! This goes beautifully with the 2x bonus US Air Mastercard deal.