(EXPIRED) Giftcards.com Citi Offer is giving 3% cashback (stack with portals & sales)

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For the last year or so, there’s been a Citi Offer giving 1.5% cashback on purchases from Giftcards.com. They’ve now boosted that cashback rate to 3% which will stack nicely with earnings from shopping portals as well as the occasional sales they run.

VGC Giftcardsdotcom Citi Offer

The Deal

Key Terms

  • Expires October 17, 2023.
  • Limit 2 redemptions per cardholder for duration of offer.
  • Only US-issued payment cards are eligible to enroll and earn.
  • Online purchases made with a virtual card may not qualify for cashback rewards.
  • Online offers are not valid for in store purchases and may not be combined with other Citi offers.
  • Offer may be displayed on multiple websites but is redeemable only once per qualifying transaction. If you link to the same offer on more than one site, your qualifying transaction will only be eligible for rewards or benefits associated with the offer through the most recently linked site.
  • Limit 1 redemption per offer link.
  • A linked offer that has not been redeemed will automatically expire 45 days after it is linked or re-linked, or on the date the offer itself ends, whichever is sooner.

Quick Thoughts

The maximum load on Visa and Mastercard gift cards from Giftcards.com is only $250 nowadays, with purchase fees being $5.95. The cashback from this Citi Offer therefore more than covers the purchase fee, not to mention the rewards you can earn through a shopping portal which is particularly useful now that Giftcards.com is back on airline portals.

Giftcards.com also sometimes runs sales, giving discounts on Visa and/or Mastercard gift cards, as well as discounts on third party gift cards like Lowe’s, Instacart, Carter’s and more.

Note that with this Citi Offer you can use it twice per credit card it’s loaded to. Citi Offers are unlike Amex Offers where you can only load an offer to one card. Instead, they’re more like Chase Offers as you can load it to each card you’re targeted for and redeem the offer on each of those cards if you want.

Something that’s a little annoying about Citi Offers is that they sometimes don’t specify a limit for how much cashback you can earn from an offer. That might simply mean that there’s no limit, but if placing a ~$1,500 order, be aware that it’s not guaranteed that you’ll earn 3% on that full purchase, although hopefully people can provide data points in the comments.

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Mine says it expires Nov 24

Mark W

Both my wife and I were enrolled in the 3% back offer. It did not pay out on either of my giftcards.com purchases over the last couple weeks. Today, when I checked the offers on our cards again, the 3% offer that we were enrolled now displays as a 1.5% offer (same expiration date). Pretty shady.


Last winter the portal paid out on the activation fee but not shipping. Now they’re paying out on the gift card value only. Maybe this makes tracking more reliable when you buy $2000 in total gift cards for the month.


Citi offers disappear. Screenshot and check each time before using


I recently took a screenshot of my enrollment, used the offer, and now a few days later it does not show up in my enrolled offers or redeemed offers. In fact a new GCC offer is back with a new expiration date, showing not yet enrolled. Does not look good.

More than a year ago Citi screwed me even though I had a screenshot like this and asked for help for 6 months.


I think I remember Nick saying on a past podcast that the citi offers for giftcards.com never pay out properly. Has that been fixed?


I’ve tried twice, was never credited. This was last year. Does anyone have a recent DP?


Didn’t pay out more than once


Another DP from last year that the offer didn’t pay out. I contacted CSR and spent about a half hour on the phone. They saw the offer was added and confirmed the purchase, but couldn’t figure out the issue and ultimately gave me a courtesy credit for the amount. I’ve since seen multiple DPs on other sites that this doesn’t pay out.


Paid out once last year, not since. I click “Enroll”, the little green check mark says I’m enrolled, I click to another screen, and when I click back suddenly I’m not enrolled.


That’s what happens on the website. On the app, I only get error messages.




Positive DP here of a merchant offer payout at giftcards.com a few weeks ago.


Another recent positive dp…$54.22 credit (3% on full order amount) on 9/11 for an $1,807.40 order placed on 9/6/23.


Since using the offer a year ago I can’t manage to successfully add the offer to my account since. It appears to enroll properly, but does not save when I exit. That, or I get an error when I try to enroll. Other offers add properly and Citi customer service has been useless.