Shopping Portal Clawbacks; Cashback Reappearing & Issues Fixed


Reports started coming in yesterday that cashback earned on orders placed a few months ago was being clawed back. That was particularly bad news for some people because at various times in recent months it was possible to earn 8%-24% cashback through Capital One Shopping, so there were some reports of $1,000+ being clawed back.

The good news is that this appears to have been a temporary issue and that cashback is reappearing in people’s accounts with some minor adjustments.

Clawbacks seemed to have been feline feisty and gotten their claw(back)s out, but the issue appears to have been fixed fur most people

I’d placed a bunch of orders with in December which is when the affected orders took place. However, my orders were primarily for third party gift cards that were on sale rather than Visa and Mastercard gift cards and my earnings were unaffected when I checked yesterday and today.

It seems like the problem came via the affiliate program used by as Visa and Mastercard gift card orders were tracking for not only the value of the gift cards, but their purchase fees too. That’s apparently not how they wanted things to track, so there were initial clawbacks while this got fixed. People affected by this should now – hopefully – see adjustments on their account where the bulk of the cashback has been recredited minus the small amount that had previously tracked for the purchase fees.

Depending on how many orders you placed and at what cashback rate, that could mean you’re out in the double digits of dollars (or triple digits for heavier hitters) compared to what you previously thought had been earned. However, this is certainly much better news than simply clawing back all cashback on those transactions, especially seeing as they’d not intended for cashback earned on purchase fees to become payable.

Greg is already seeing the cashback back on his account where it had disappeared before, so hopefully that’s the case for everyone. If it’s not, it would be worth submitting a ticket to the portal(s) if this was legitimately earned cashback.

h/t Doctor of Credit

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I still have a case open with the AA portal for purchase in November




I’ve been chasing a order that didn’t track through the AA portal since December and Cartera finally responded this morning saying the points will post in 3-5 business days.


I have tried to open but can’t.

tim brown

When will re-emerge on shopping portals? this is the #1 question! Otherwise im sitting in row 33 B next year! help


I had placed a bunch of orders with (visa and MC gift cards) in December through Rakuten. My cash back had previously disappeared but all reappeared in the last couple of days.