(EXPIRED) Giftcards.com: Use promo code CYBERSAVE to save 5% on Virtual Visa Gift Cards

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Update 12/9: CYBERSAVE is currently working for 5% off Visa Gift Cards (h/t: DOC)…but probably not for long.

Update 11/28: There’s now a total of seven promo codes giving a 5% discount on these virtual Visa gift cards. All seem to be working on Cyber Monday.

Update 11/25: There are now three codes that are giving 5% off on Virtual Visa Cards at  GCC. Each one of them is supposed to be valid for a unique time period, but it looks like all of them are currently working as of 11/25.

Giftcards.com recently ran a profitable deal on Mastercard gift cards. They’re now back with a deal that seems to be inadvertently profitable on Visa gift cards, so buy ASAP if you’re interested as they could fix the deal at any time.

Giftcardsdotcom virtual VGC promo code BFVIP

The Deal

  • Use the following promo codes to save 5% when buying virtual Visa gift cards from Giftcards.com.
    • BFVIP
    • BFVISA5
    • CMVISA5
    • BFVISA
    • FRIYAY
    • CMVISA
  • Direct link to offer (our affiliate link).

Key Terms (Supposedly)

  • Promo code BFVIP valid 11/21/2022 – 11/24/2022 for $5 off the purchase of $100 Visa Virtual Gift Accounts from Giftcards.com while supplies last. (still working as of 11/28)
  • Promo code BFVIP5 valid 11/25/2022 – 11/27/2022 for $5 off the purchase of $100 Visa Virtual Gift Accounts from Giftcards.com while supplies last. (still working as of 11/28)
  • Promo code CMVISA5 valid 11/28/2022 – 12/1/2022 for $5 off the purchase of $100 Visa Virtual Gift Accounts from Giftcards.com while supplies last (already working as of 11/25).
  • Maximum value $5.00.
  • Visa Virtual Account orders less than $100 will receive 5% off the Visa Virtual Account value.
  • Visa Virtual Account orders exceeding $100 are eligible for a maximum of $5 per order.
  • Excludes Giftcards.com for Business orders.
  • Promo code BFVIP is a one-time use code and can not be combined with other offers.

Quick Thoughts

Giftcards.com appears to have set up this promotion with the same level of competency that the Wyndham Rewards shopping portal is able to multiply any given number by three.

The great thing is that this competency (or lack of it) is working in our favor. The terms state that you’ll save 5% on virtual Visa gift cards loaded with up to $100, with $5 being the maximum discount. That’s not currently happening though.

Instead, they’re giving 5% off on all virtual Visa gift cards no matter the amount loaded to the card. That means that if you load the maximum amount – $250 – you’ll be charged $243.45. The way that math works is that the 5% discount isn’t applied against the purchase fee, so you get 5% off $250 ($237.50) with the $5.95 added on after for the total of $243.45. Still, that’s a $6.55 profit for every gift card you buy which doesn’t take into account any shopping portal earnings and credit card rewards.

On the shopping portal front, there’s no guarantee that you’ll earn cashback/miles/points due to the use of the BFVIP promo code. It’s obviously worth clicking through from a shopping portal though in case your purchase(s) tracks. You can find the current portal rates here; don’t forget to check Capital One Shopping both online and in their app as there are sometimes targeted increased rates for Giftcards.com purchases.

The terms of this promotion clearly suggest that saving 5% on any value of virtual Visa gift cards isn’t what they intended. If you’re interested in this deal, it’d therefore be best to buy these cards ASAP as it could get fixed at any time.

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