Gold card 75K + $200 in statement credits offer for some [Targeted]


Thanks to conversation in our Frequent Miler Insiders Facebook group, I learned that along with the increased offers on Amex consumer cards that we reported earlier, there is a targeted offer that some are seeing on the Amex Gold Card good for 75,000 Membership Rewards points after $4,000 in purchases in the first 6 months plus up to $200 in statement credits for purchases at select US home furnishing stores. Sure enough, when I clicked through a couple of referral links from members of the Frequent Miler team, I saw the 75K offer (though not every time I clicked through, so YMMV). This is an amazing offer if you can find it (and particularly if you’re playing in 2-player mode and get snag a 30K referral for your teammate).

The Offer

  • Some people are seeing the above offer for 75,000 points after $4,000 in purchases in the first 6 months plus up to $200 in statement credits on eligible purchases at select US home furnishing stores within the first 3 months when clicking through a referral link
  • Note that the general / public version of the offer (good for only 60K points) is shown on our Gold Card page, but when I clicked through the referral link we have listed on our Gold Card page here, I saw the 75K offer above on my computer (but not on my mobile phone)

Key Card Details

Note that if you click the card name below and go to our Amex Gold Card page, you’ll see the public offer which is the minimum available to everyone, but I was targeted for the offer shown above when clicking through our link.

Card Name w Details & Review (no offer)
American Express® Gold Card

FM Mini Review: This card offers an awesome return on US supermarket and worldwide dining spend, putting it at or near the top-of-class in both categories. Dining credits and Uber / Uber Eats credits go a long way towards reducing the sting of this card's annual fee.

Annual Fee: $250

Card Type: Amex Pay Over Time Card


Earning rate: 3X points for flights booked with airlines or on ⚬ 4x points at US Supermarkets (up to $25K in purchases, then 1x) ⚬ 4x at restaurants worldwide ⚬ 1X points on other purchases. Terms apply. (Rates & Fees)

Noteworthy perks: Up to $10 in statement credits monthly with participating dining partners (Goldbelly,, Milk Bar, Shake Shack, Seamless/Grubhub, Cheesecake Factory) ⚬ $10 monthly Uber or Uber Eats credit (use it or lose it each month) ⚬ $100 hotel credit on qualifying charges on stays of 2 nights or longer, plus a room upgrade upon arrival, if available with The Hotel Collection at ⚬ Enrollment required for select benefits.

Quick Thoughts

This is a great deal if you can get it. The 75,000 points are easily worth a grand or more if leveraged with transfer partners or would be cashed out for $937.50 via the Schwab Platinum card. Getting an additional $200 statement credit at places like Lowe’s or Home Depot is icing on a very rich cake. Those playing in 2-player mode who are able to get this offer through a referral link that earns their partner 30K Membership Rewards points — and possibly also +4x at those select US home furnishing stores on up to $25K in purchases for 3 months — are tasting victory so sweet that it might send them into a sugar coma.

Keep in mind that the Gold Card no longer comes with an airline incidental credit — Amex replaced that benefit this year with a $10 monthly Uber credit. The card also still comes with a $10 monthly credit for GrubHub / Seamless / Cheesecake Factory / Shake Shack / Ruth’s Chris or Those who can maximize the credits — and also the bonus categories — may certainly find the Gold card to be a long-term keeper. Getting what I believe may be an all-time-high offer on a keeper card is certainly a win.

Keep in mind that the offer above is listed as 60K points because that is the public version — everyone will see that much or better. In my case, I saw the 75K version and then tested a couple of other browsers to see if this works like the magic links for the Platinum card (some people are able to generate the 100K + 10x offer that we list on our best offers page). While I saw the 75K offer in my desktop browsers, I only saw the 60K offer when clicking through on mobile. YMMV, but it may be worth hunting this one down for those who had the Gold card in mind.

This was the Platinum card offer. Initially, I thought the Gold card offer may work the same and be a result of a magic link, but it seems that some see it and some don’t.
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[…] Credit card offer of the week:  American Express has some great referral sign-up bonuses available for their Gold Card.  A referral bonus is when a friend (like TET!) sends you an “invitation” to apply for the card.  Interestingly, the sign-up bonus can differ from person to person, but it appears that you’ll receive anywhere from 60-75,000 Membership Rewards points once you meet the $4,000 spending requirement in the first six months.  PLUS up to $200 in statement credits on eligible purchases at select US home furnishing stores within the first 3 months.  Try using my personal link; if you’re approved, we can both get rewarded, as I would receive 15,000 points as well.  You should see offers for several Amex cards, but this Gold Card offer is very special.  If you don’t get the 75,000 point sign-up bonus with my link, try the links at […]

Ed. C

Got it using incognito window!


I used an icognito window and got it

Zippy Pam

Without even logging in, clicking on the Gold Card on the homepage took me to a sign-up for $75K.


I think the public offers right now for Gold is 75,000 and for Platinum is 100,000. But I don’t believe that includes the $200 credit. Plus, you are missing out on 30,000 referral bonus if playing in two-player mode.

For me, I only see a referral for 60,000 + $200. That’s still a better deal than the public offer, because it ends up being 90,000 + $200 + 4x spend after referral, as compared to only 75,000 if player two just applies for the public offer.

Now to figure out how to generate a referral for 75,000 + $200. My understanding is that incognito/VPN will not help in this situation, given that you have to be logged in to refer. Am I missing something here?


Just WOW. Generated a referral link for P2. First offer in Chrome incognito showed 60k, but the very next try in Safari Private showed the 75k offer. Amex really knows how to time this – we’re planning a move to a bigger space, so that $200 statement offer +4x MR is truly GOLD. Will probably net over 150k MR + $200 across the cards.

David K Caravati

Did you sign in to Amex on Safari Private before generating the 75k offer? I haven’t been able to generate anything but 60k offer via referral. Like YAK mentions below, I didn’t think the 75k offer was possible via personal referral but it sounds like you got it to work.


The link the referrer generates will only show the standard 60k point offer and it doesn’t matter how or which browser you generate it with. What’s important is then using that link in multiple/private browsers to get the better offer to show. Even though I only generated the 60k offer, in one of the browsers the 75k offer came up for referred P2.

David K Caravati

Thanks for the clarification Darin! I still haven’t been able to get P2 to have the 75k offer show up in incognito windows but will keep trying to see if I can get one to pop up.


Just generated a referral link for my Platinum card and it showed the $200 bonus as well (I have the 75k referral offer). I can email it to you if you want for confirmation since I don’t think you allow posting referrals here.