Great tip: Order Amazon items that are out of stock


I just caught a great tip that comes from Dan’s Deals by way of a roundup at Miles to Memories: there is a way to view and order items on Amazon even when they are out of stock. The trick is that you need to have ordered the item in the past and/or added it to your “essentials” list (our affiliate link) when it was in stock. It might be worth keeping your eye out for opportunities to add items to your essentials list as you see them in stock just in case shortages return. You can view your essentials page here.

As Miles to Memories noted, there are starting to be shortages of some popular items again and I’ll admit to having recently stocked up on some household essentials in the past couple of weeks just in case they become scarce again (living in a rural area, there just aren’t many options other than ordering online, so I wanted to be prepared).

Dan’s Deals points to this “Essentials” page in your Amazon account that will allow you to add items to your cart and check out even though some of those items are out of stock / not currently available on their item pages. I can’t overstate what a hot tip this is.

I don’t know in general how long it will take to receive limited stock or out-of-stock items and there is obviously some chance your order will just get canceled, but Dan reports having some success. It’s worth seeing the original Dan’s Deals post for some additional tips including how to add items to your essentials page when they are in stock.

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The great shortage of 2020 has moved into printer inks. Office Depot and Amazon have been out of HP 902 Cyan and Yellow inks, but some have been spotted in drug stores. Paper goods are tightening up at our local markets again.


I can only get this to work when there’s no third party seller.

I have items on my essentials page like, but still available from a third party seller. When I try to buy from the essentials page it makes me buy from that person.

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Ugh, there goes that secret!


You need to have Amazon Prime to maintain an Essentials list.