(EXPIRED) H-E-B: Get H-E-B Gift Cards Free When Buying Select Gift Cards (Visa, Home Depot, Uber, Netflix & More)

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My wife and I spent 10 weeks in Texas back in 2018 as part of our 50 state road trip. I’ll be honest – it wasn’t my favorite state (sorry Texans).

Texas does have some things going for it though – Buc-ee’s with its world-famous clean restrooms (I mean that literally – we were told about them in Australia!), seeing the Milky Way at night in Terlingua, Round Rock Donuts, the San Antonio Riverwalk and their grocery chain H-E-B.

H-E-B paused its weekly gift card deals for a couple of months due to COVID-19 but the offers returned a few weeks ago and there are some excellent deals to be had right now.

HEB 06.10.20

The Deals

Key Terms

  • Expires June 16, 2020 except the final offer listed above which expires on June 23, 2020.
  • Limit 1 per customer.

Quick Thoughts

These offers are great not only for personal use but also for the gift card resellers out there who are based in Texas.

The Visa gift card deal is instantly profitable seeing as the $10 H-E-B gift card more than offsets the activation fee.

If you value H-E-B gift cards as good as cash, the other deals basically give you 20% off the eligible gift card brands. Considering some of those eligible brands include Home Depot, Uber, Bed Bath & Beyond, iTunes, Netflix and Google Play, there are plenty of options there that’ll be of interest for most people regardless of if you’re buying them for personal use or reselling.

Although I personally prefer gift card deals where there’s an instant discount rather than a reward like an H-E-B gift card, one benefit of deals set up in this way is that it increases your credit card spend. That’s particularly helpful right now if you have several credit cards offering bonused spend at grocery stores that you’re looking to max out, especially Chase cards seeing as those spending bonuses end on June 30. If you took advantage of all four of these offers at H-E-B, you’d be spending ~$280 (depending on the Visa gift card activation fee) which gets you almost 20% of the way there on a Chase card that offers a 3x or 5x bonus on up to $1,500 of spend in June.

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In Austin, was not allow gift card purchase with a credit card. Debit or cash only.


is it hardcoded? if not, have u tried different cashier or store? plan to later test to see if its store gc can be used as a partial pymt for another vgc, unless any folks know that it’s a no way

Rob P

@Diane it worked for me in Austin; see above.


TY. Will try again with this weeks Nike, Lowe’s, Macy, or Academy $50 receive $10 H‑E‑B.


You have noted that Texas was not your favorite state. That stands to reason because Texas is a country unto itself, surrounded by 49 lesser states. Which of these lesser states was your favorite?


most ppl likely agree that Texas is not a favorite place for tourism esp. in summer as its high heat & humidity don’t help while the beaches are not like those in Florida’s.

any rate, back to the main topic… the variable vgc works; make sure the digital coupon is selected on the app & have it scanned by the cashier for the store $10 gc


It’s too bad H-E-B doesn’t sell Amazon GCs at all.


any DP that the discount applies to a $500 vanilla vgc?


Stephen, will test it & report back later

Rob P

I bought a $500 Vanilla Visa with my Chase Freedom and got the $10 HEB gift card. A manager had to assist. The sign for the deal at the gift card rack says buy $100 but has pictures of $50, $100 and $20-$500 cards on it.


Rob, did u have to show the store / cashier a digital coupon to get the $10 gc?

Rob P

I did not, but the manager had to assist. I think she had a paper coupon but she was quick so I’m not sure.