Hawaii tip: Cat 4 Hyatt in Maui now bookable


As I was looking through Category 4 Hyatt locations, I stumbled on one that recently became bookable with Hyatt points: Lahaina Shores Beach Resort is a Destination Hotel that is now bookable with 15,000 Hyatt points per night or a Cat 1-4 Hyatt free night certificate. While you will not get any Globalist benefits when staying (i.e. no free breakfast, no room upgrade, parking ?), the location is appealing for those who want to be near the action in Lahaina and the rooms include a kitchen. The price is certainly right for those looking for a value award stay in Maui.

Destination Hotels partnership (no breakfast or upgrades for Globalists)

As noted in the intro paragraph, the Lahaina Shores Beach Resort is part of Destination Hotels, which is a brand under the Two Roads Hospitality portfolio that Hyatt acquired about a year ago. The “Destination Hotels” brand has been slowly coming into the fold, with Hyatt gradually adding more properties where you can earn and use Hyatt points.

The bad news is that not all Destination Hotels offer standard room awards and not all of them offer free breakfast for Hyatt Globalists. While the Lahaina Shores thankfully does offer standard room rewards at 15K points per night, they unfortunately do not offer free breakfast or room upgrades for Hyatt Globalists.

In this case, that’s not the hotel being unreasonable: as best I can tell, they do not have a restaurant as the Lahaina Shores Beach Resort is all condos. Even the “standard” level room (a studio) includes a full kitchen with microwave, utensils, etc. That could certainly be appealing to those who prefer a self-catered vacation.

According to the amenities on Hyatt.com, there is free parking for everyone at this hotel, which a decent added bonus.

Good value versus cash prices

Availability generally looks pretty good at this hotel, with one catch: I can’t find availability (neither for award stays nor paid stays) for a stay of fewer than three nights. It looks like the property simply has a 3-night minimum stay.

Room rates in comparison to cash rates look pretty good: during low season, I found rates as low as about $300 per night tax included ($260 before tax for an average of $296.33 per night with taxes included). Most of the year was north of $300 a night with taxes included based on my random searches. That makes this a perfectly decent value for Hyatt points at 15,000 points per night.

Furthermore, if you can take advantage of United saver availability to fly to/from Hawaii for 15K miles round trip with Turkish Miles & Smiles and stack that with this hotel, you could have a really reasonable trip to Hawaii for not many points at all.

Not a great option for family travelers

For those curious, the standard “studio” rooms have a max occupancy of two people. Just out of curiosity, I tried adding a 2 year old child to see if it would still show the studio available, but it did not. I didn’t see any options with two double beds, so this one will be best for those who are traveling in blocks of 2 people.

Good location

In my opinion, this hotel is particularly well-located. I’ve stayed in both Wailea and in the Ka’anapli areas and spent time wandering around Lahaina. While the beaches in the Wailea area are nice, I’d personally prefer the Lahaina area. This hotel is located less than a mile and a half from the Old Lahaina Luau and a within an easy walk of the many shops and restaurants on Front Street in Lahaina.

I don’t have upcoming plans to travel to Hawaii, but neither will I count it out for 2020. I’ll keep an eye on this place if I do make it back to Maui as I’d like to check it out and at 15K points per night it would be hard to beat.

Other Destinations Hotels options may be even better

One thing that’s worth noting is that there are a few Destinations Hotels options in Maui and cash prices look pretty reasonable on some of those. Since you will not get elite benefits at some of these properties, you might consider booking through the Chase Travel Portal (unless you are chasing stays for Hyatt elite benefits). For example, if you prefer the Wailea area, I see 1 or 2 bedroom condos at the Grand Wailea Champions Villas for 14-20K per night through the Chase Travel portal with the Sapphire Reserve card.

There are lots of other properties, both more and less expensive, but the prices at the place above seemed particularly reasonable for a 2-bedroom condo in Wailea that sleeps up to six people. I’ve not researched the property but rather stumbled on it accidentally while taking a closer look at the Lahaina Shores Beach Resort. Lahaina Shores remains a great option for two people looking for a good budget award stay option and/or those with Category 1-4 Hyatt free night certificates, but I thought it was also worth noting that there are other good opportunities to consider depending on the season and availability.

Bottom line

While looking at Hyatt Category 4 options, I stumbled on this property in Hawaii that I thought would be appealing to some readers since it makes for a great value-priced option in Maui that looks to be pretty well-located and would likely be a popular use of free night certificates from the World of Hyatt credit card. Elite benefits won’t do you any good since there is no free breakfast for Globalists, but a hotel with no resort fee and free parking that offers better than 2c per point in value for Hyatt points would be a pretty good option in any tropical location: getting a hotel for 15K per night in Maui is particularly good. I hope to someday get a chance to check this one out.

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Don’t book through Ultimate Rewards travel. Rate was 24,000/night. Transfer to Hyatt is instant and still only 15,000/night. Was only able to book 5 of 7 nights needed due to being sold out. I’m waiting for a call-back from the hotel to try to book 2 more nights with cash. [Update] Those 2 nights were sold out. A nearby Wyndham was also 15,000/night. Short on points so I bought them on the 40% bonus deal. Thanks FM!


Try Best Western Pioneer Inn, too, on the Lahaina harbor. Sometimes get for little BW Rewards & can’t beat the location, esp a water-view room.


This place looks great. I wish there was a way to book the 2 bedroom units though as I have a family of 4.


Not able to book any length of stay 3+ days in the first 2 weeks of Feb. Is it really unavailable? Or do I just need to call in…


I booked this through Costco and it included car rental and parking for under $200/night. I’m not really a resort person so this was perfect: cheap, walking distance to Lahaina, no resort fee and free parking. At other locations parking and resort fee could get close to $100. It’s a basic hotel with a decent-sized pool and the beach is right out the back gate. No restaurant on site but plenty close by.


No ocean view using points or “free night”.


Also right next to the 505 Shops & Restaurants, lots of great retail there & much closer & less congested than the main shopping stretch further down Front. Pacifico restaurant very good, esp.

Is also home to the Feast of Lele, one of my fav luaus on all the islands. Right on the beach with an old world feel.

Good find, Nick! $300 cash (or points-equiv) Maui beachfront, 2-br lodging with services close by? Heckuva deal.


For Lahaina Shores, it is not just that they are a category 4, they also don’t play games with award availability that I’ve seen. As long as there is a mountain view studio available(minimum of 2 nights to book at the resort period) you can book an award night


If it has a 3 night minimum, what is the process for using the cat 1-4 certificate? Do you have to call Hyatt to do a 3 night stay where one night is on the certificate and two nights are cash or points?


y’all are comically obsessed with free breakfast…


Neine if u must get up like I do (Unlimited COFFEE) and not leaving the hotel early (6am) it’s Great . Most are way overpriced I get better for $20 made to order @ 7am next store .


Breakfast in Hawaii is expensive. Oranges aren’t even grown there so OJ alone can set you back $6+ for instance.


Yes Ms. Pam no unlimited OJ for $20 but I can’t drink it but Great KONA !!!! COFFEE !!!


I saw a bag of Columbian beans ground at a beachside cafe tho the menu said Kona! Guess since it was SERVED on the BI?! Caveat emptor CD lolol!


Most of KONA COFFEE is like 10% that so it’s BS but if it tastes good so what . I bring a lb.bag of whole Bean to the local older then me lady I buy on KONA (this trip) . The farms set up a trailer like 10×15 right off the beach with tables HaHa . They TOAD they can sell $1,500 a day @ $20 a bag $$$ .


I know a local who resells Kona coffee from Costco off a food truck! Your numbers are correct, he paid for his $10k food truck quick!


I can’t wait to get back to Kona as Happy Hour Rocks on the Beach . Locals go there beer $3 and a singer @ Happy Hour after I paid $27 for 3 locals HaHa ..They were very nice people .


Not on the beach but best HH views is Sam Choys. Starts at 3:00 get there soon or no seating!


Thanks !! I will Check it Out .HaHa I just got an email 1 second ago from Hawaiian Airlines my 1pm flt HNL>KOA changed to 3:05 pm as in No Happy Hour Deals will deal with that .
I looked @ Sam Choys map I can take the $2 shuttle there and better yet Return TOO HaHa.


Check out the Plumeria Lounge at HNL with your PP & extra time pretty good food/booze & free is goood. Aloha, keep us posted!


Ms Pam
Thanks for ur time . I hit Uncle Clay’s I had walked by it on other trips before on Oahu . The Plumeria lounge (HNL) on my way to KONA . Sam Choy’s been to Long Drugs (10x) by trolley ($4rt) then u just LOOK up theirs Sam’s yes perfect view .. Then the Paia Fish Market in Lahania , Maui I was by but never in many times .Great food (Mahi burger) very low cost and I dined in the park . Then Lanai ,Hawaii I took Urber to hit the 0915 ferry ($60) rt then $3 shuttle back to my hotel .While on the Island they have a $20 rt shuttle takes you anywhere to city or airport . I tipped the driver and got a mini tour of the island also was @ the 4 Seasons ($900) and walked to the Beach and Ferry .
Great advise .
Thank You !!


Beautiful!! Btw, Longs is part of CVS so you can stack their discounts along with Discover(?) 10x. CVS has a CarePass you can buy for $48/yr for $60 off anything during the year (along with many other deals on their app). They have cheap(er) good coffee there, too, often on sale for less than ABC, etc.

Sounds like a fabulous trip, CD, thx for sharing & so pleased you experienced some of beautiful Lanai.


OOP’s hit the Cliff Diving (5pm) stayed till 9pm then walked home from the Sheraton Hotel .The BK there was $36+ so did my hotel ($25+) and had whales 2 days @ BK to look @ .
No Need to Rely


there’s plenty oranges grown here in HI, they likely never end up in a glass, but to say “oranges aren’t even grown there” is ridiculous


@ JA ~ I apologize for not being more specific on HI’s economic output: “most” oranges that are sweet & actually end up in a glass at a restaurant or resort are no longer grown on the islands. Like pineapples, they are mostly outsourced & are necessarily more expensive unless you otherwise eat the sour ones that grow in your backyard.

Cattle are ALSO raised like crazy in the upcountry of Maui & the BI. But go to Ruths Chris there, & they do not eat that meat – they, too, import from the mainland due to FDA restrictions. And you necessarily also pay mainland+ prices for a nice filet.

Ed. C

Just booked this property last week – my first Hyatt redemption with points transferred from Chase’s UR program. This will be our 2nd trip to Maui for my wife’s birthday in February. Nothing like a “free” birthday present (AA flights with miles and Hyatt points from Chase).

Erika Hamilton

I’m surprised you like staying in Lahaina– I hate how tourist trappy it feels. Yes, I know all of Maui is a tourist trap, but I personally far prefer staying in Wailea and having Kihei access.


I love Lahaina and I’m booked and I take the shuttle ($6rt) there from the Royal L for the water tours .I never looked South of Lahania . Off the port looks a little seedy but will check it out this trip for next .


The BW Pioneer Inn right on the port has decent rates & extremely well-positioned. I love Lahaina, too, try & get over to Lanai this time from there, CD!