(EXPIRED) Huge Offer: 20K points (or $200) on $200 Spend at AT&T up to 3x! [Targeted]

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There is a hot new targeted Amex Offer for AT&T Small Business Internet: Spend $200+, get 20,000 Membership Rewards points. What’s more, this offer can be repeated up to three times. That is downright awesome.

a screenshot of a card

The Deal (found on some Amex business cards)

  • Spend $200+ at AT&T Small Business Internet, get 20,000 Membership Rewards points, repeatable up to three times; or
  • Spend $200+ at AT&T Small Business Wireless, get $200, repeatable up to three times

Key Details

  • Expires 8/24/18
  • See your offer for full terms

Quick Thoughts

This one appears to be highly targeted — a reader tipped us off on Twitter, but it didn’t appear on any of the cards in my household. However, if you have it, I recommend adding it right away. While it says that it is for AT&T Small Business, past offers for AT&T Small Business Wireless have been triggered when paying a personal phone bill, so it may work out the same with personal Internet (YMMV). If you are able to prepay your bill, you could come out of this offer 60,000 points richer for money you were already going to spend, which is awesome.

While we will certainly add this to our list of Current Amex Offers, we wanted to publish this immediately so you could check your accounts. Check that page later today and it will be added.

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Has anyone gotten credit for personal cell phone bill?




Any data points on whether personal cell triggers the offer?


I’d love to know this too… we’re getting close!


Have not received a confirmation yet

[…] AT&T 20k on $200 up to 3x […]


YES! Got it on 9 cards! That’s $5600 worth of free AT&T service….I will prepay my business internet and phone service for the next 2 years….Last year I had the chance to switch my business internet and phone service to Spectrum but stayed with ATT because of this potential offer from AMEX ( I had similar offers before last year)…..Thank you AMEX !! BIZ platinum and BIZ gold cards including some AU’s here.

Jack Smith

How did you make prepayment ? Online for small business it allows only 300 $ credit on the account .


I happen to be (un)lucky since we have a $1,000ish/month AT&T internet service at my office. I was targeted on two cards for this offer.

I charged $200 on my targeted SPG yesterday and, as of yet, have not received the Congratulations email.

I do run the risk that AT&T does not consider my internet line “small business” as we have a dedicated MIS fiber line. Who knows? The devil is in the details. We are a company of only 10 employees.


Nothing, looks like its targeted towards new or existing ATT customers


I wouldn’t be too concerned about not receiving the email just yet. Some AOs don’t send out emails at all like the recent QuikTrip for $5/$5 x3. Never got a single email but it worked every time.


I had this offer on my personal Plat. If you look at the AT&T business internet page, DIA service starts at $499 a month and requires a 2 year contract that includes huge early termination fees.

[…] is targeting select American Express cardholders for this incredibly valuable offer: Spend $200 at AT&T, and get either $200 cash back or 20,000 Membership Rewards points. Even more unbelievably, this […]


Just tried on a personal bill after adding the offer to my Biz plat. Did not trigger the usual “Congratulations you’ve just used an offer”.


Personal wireless or internet?


Personal cell


Same for me, no email. Paid through the mobile app. We will see if anything posts in a few days. Don’t feel real confident.


Still no points posting yet for me. Has anyone had this work?

Greg The Frequent Miler

Same here. I’m particularly concerned that the pending charge says “AT T PHONE PAYMENT 800-288-202”. I’m not sure, but I think in the past it just said “ATT”

No, I’m wrong. When this has worked in the past, the charge did say “AT&T PHONE PAYMENT 800-288-2020”


I got this on 3 cards – the charge looks like this: AT T PHONE PAYMENT 800-288-202. So, the line item is missing the & symbol.


I wonder if this will trigger if I only have wireless on my ATT business account since the fine print specifically states internet services has to be part of the bill. Does anyone know if this internet wording exists in previous offer wording?


Was wondering the same thing. IIRC, prior iterations did not specify “Internet”. Am skeptical if this will work for personal wireless bill payment.


I have Amazon offer as below

Get 2,000 Membership Rewards® points when you spend $50+


Got it on SPG!


Sweet! After 14 months in business, I’m hiring an employee and moving into a “real” office. I signed up for AT&T Small Business Internet a couple weeks ago, so this will save me $400 bucks (I had the offer on two cards!). Thank you!


Holy crap, I missed the 3x part. $1,200 bucks saved! Woo hoo!


1200 bucks;)

Joe S

Got it on 2 business cards, Gold and SPG.