HUGE payouts from British Airways shopping portal this week


If you haven’t checked out this morning’s Frequent Miler portal alerts, you should. British Airways is offering HUGE increased payouts at a wide range of merchants this week as part of a Triple Avios Week event at the British Airways shopping portal. Check the Laboratory for any opportunities to double dip.

Some Offers

As you can see in the image at the top, this event is running from today through May 31, 2017. That said, I would expect that payouts could change daily. I wouldn’t necessarily count on all of these payouts to last all week.

Some examples of huge increases:

Many of those are at or far above historical highs! According to the best rate history at, the second highest payouts at Sunglass Hut have been 16% or 16 miles per dollar — making this a 50% increase over the highest rate in 15 months (and with a current Amex Offer for $50 back on $200 or more).

Those certainly aren’t the only stores with higher-than-normal payouts. Looking for a new watch? I’ve bought  many watches from over the years. I have never seen a payout like this:

Maybe you’re looking to get engaged? Fifteen Avios per dollar would be a nice return on that. Note that the portal terms state that you only receive a reward for purchases up to $7500. That would net you 112,500 Avios.

Offers for Adorama rarely eclipse 3% and are more commonly about 2% or 2pts/$1. Six points per dollar is a nice increase, particularly if you can find a buy like the Canon DSLR deal we posted a few days ago (since expired).

That payout also combines nicely with the current Amex Offers there. Check your account to see if you were targeted for either of these.

And while payouts at eBags do occasionally get crazy, they haven’t been quite this crazy in the past 15 months.

Bottom Line

There are a lot of nice payouts available this week through British Airways. While British Airways Avios have become slightly less useful since they stopped allowing 4500 point redemptions in North America, there are still plenty of great uses of Avios available outside of North America. There are even occasionally opportunities to transfer those points to Iberia Avios to take advantage of some great promotions there such as this one where business class was available between some cities in the US and Europe for just 25.5K miles one-way. If you have any purchases in mind, check out the British Airways portal this week before you buy.

H/T: Trevor from Tagging Miles

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[…] HUGE payouts from British Airways shopping portal this week This is scheduled to expire 5/31, but the major IT system failure being experienced by British Airways has also affected the shopping portal. It’s possible that this could be extended depending on how long the system remains down, though I wouldn’t count on it — if you’re planning a purchase, check back by 5/31 to see if the links are working again. […]


Went ahead a made a few purchases at overstock. Hope I get the 21 avios per dollar even though some items were “sale”.. ! Got in on some ebay items too, using the 20% promo code + 3 avios per dollar. Now if everything would track properly


The links still are not working. Everything leads to “page not found.” Has anyone figured out a workaround?

Jan W

Changing the country to USA made it work for me.


None of the links are working for me, presumably because of BA’s massive IT failure this weekend. I wonder if the deadline will be extended to compensate for it not working during the promotion period?

Jan W

I don’t use BA very often. How easy is it to keep points alive? Can you post a reference link…thanks! Great deals.

[…] H/T: Frequent Miler […]


One more thing, eBags was also st 24x through the same portal March 2, 2017 (and trumpeted on FM) so to say it hasn’t been “quite this crazy” in the last 15 months is a bit disingenuous.


Let me preface my comments by saying I appreciate the work you guys do, a lot.

However, recently many of the things posted are not actually able to be done because of the terms and conditions of the portal.For example, Sears is paying 12x, but only on shoes and some clothing, sams club excludes electronics and numerous other items.

If you’re going to post an offer it should be one that can actually be done, and lately that hasn’t been the case.


I have a question, the offer for 21 points per dollar looks very tempting, but it says : “sale items receive lower amount of miles”… (almost) everything at overstock is on sale. What is the likelihood of my purchase actually receiving less than 21 avios per dollar? I am looking at buying a rug, fwiw

“Stated reward is for Bedding, Furniture, Home & Garden, Gifts & Flowers, Pet Supplies and Warranties made and delivered within the USA. You will earn a lower reward on all other purchases, Clearance and Sale items. “


Can I pay with a Sam’s gift cards and still earn miles?


DO SGH egift card purchases track with BA portal?


So they have eGift cards or just physical? I just tested it with physical card.


Still waiting for the promo to get off “pending”


How many of these accept gift cards? Possible to stack using VGCs from Staples?