Hyatt promo: 3x points & 2500 bonus for elite members (6/15 to 9/15/20)


World of Hyatt has announced its latest promotion: get 3x points starting with your second stay from June 15th to September 15th, 2020 (note that you must register by 8/31). Additionally, Discoverist, Explorist, and Globalist members will earn 2500 bonus points on their first stay during the same period.

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The Deal

  • World of Hyatt is offering 3x points starting with your second stay for all members and a bonus 2500 points for the first stay for all elite members (Discoverist and higher). Note that there are two different registration links for this promo:

Key Details

  • Registration is required by 8/31/20
  • Elite members must use the proper registration link in order to receive the 2500 bonus points after the first stay

Quick Thoughts

This promo makes sense: we have said for months that we expect chains to offer significant bonuses when travel picks back up. It’s therefore not surprising to see 3x on stays. I was initially marginally surprised that they were making customers stay twice to earn the bonus, but then when I got to the part of the announcement that noted 2500 bonus points for elite members for the first stay, the promo once again made sense. Elite members, who are the people most likely to stay multiple times, will get bonused from the beginning (and keep in mind that World of Hyatt credit card holders automatically get Discoverist status). If your first stay is less than $834, you’ll get better than 3x on the first stay. This seems like a good way to encourage business.

That said, it’s only enough to attract customers who are already planning travel to choose Hyatt over competitors rather than encouraging anyone to travel for the promo specifically. I think that’s fine given the current environment, but I’d be surprised if we don’t see something generous enough from a competitor as to offer more encouragement to plan 2020 travel. That’s a tricky line for sure, but as attitudes shift in many parts of the country I expect we’ll see more generous promotions.

I am not currently planning any travel during the promo period, but I’ve gone ahead and registered just in case. If I were to travel, I’d be happy to pick up 2500 bonus points for a single stay, so I’ll have this one queued up just in case.

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Would an award stay count? Doesn’t say it wouldn’t? That’s 2500 pts for one elite night!


5000 point cat 1 stay, get 2500 back


Unless I’m missing something, if one spends $250 (not $834) they would earn the break even 2500 bonus points on the first stay.


As someone who is an essential traveler and a top Elite with every hotel chain, I stocked up on Marriott gift cards at20% off. It would take a LOT more than the this to convince me to stay somewhere else.


Wonder when the blogger ‘tide’ will change and start recommending travel.


I have a 5 night stay at a Destination hotel for about $2000 in July. Any way to know if those properties count? If so I’d do a free night on points for 2500 points net (5000-2500 bonus) cost for a night at a Hyatt Place first.


I have two stays booked at park mgm With the first night payed and 3 free nights plus $100 resort credit. I hope that will count as 8 ( 4 and 4) qualifying nights with Hyatt and trigger the promo too. Should I pay the stay with my Hyatt or gold amex? Any thoughts?
Thank you.


What do you think the odds are that the healthcare worker rates will qualify for this?


i’ll hit the hyatt place up the road for sure