Hyatt goes next level with Mr & Mrs Smith [Integration “early 2024”!]

Update 11/30/23: I just had the opportunity to meet with World of Hyatt management at Hyatt’s headquarters in Chicago and learned that true integration (not just that gift card stuff) is expected “early next year”.  I’ve added a section to this post with the few details I know at this time.

Points and miles make it possible for ordinary people to experience extraordinary things.  For me this has meant flying some of the most luxurious flights imaginable (such as Etihad Apartments), and staying in wonderfully luxurious hotels and resorts (such as Ventana Big Sur or even Necker Island).  These are crazy-expensive experiences that I would never pay cash for, but they are accessible to those with points.  On the luxury lodging side of things, World of Hyatt has been my go-to program ever since IHG, Hilton, and then Marriott moved to dynamic award pricing.  Dynamic award pricing means that the top-end most expensive hotels can sometimes charge nearly unlimited numbers of points.  Hyatt, meanwhile, has kept their award chart and so there’s a cap on award pricing.  Even the most expensive Hyatt hotels (not including some all-inclusives that have their own award chart) won’t charge more than 45,000 points per night for a base room.  And this is why I’m super excited about Hyatt purchasing Mr & Mrs Smith…

a heart shaped sign over a house overlooking a body of water

Integration Info (Added 11/30/23)

At a meeting with World of Hyatt management on Nov 29, 2023, I learned the following:

  • Hyatt expects to integrate “100’s” of Mr & Mrs Smith properties by early 2024.
  • Integration will be much tighter than with their SLH partnership
  • There will be some form of on-property elite recognition, but don’t expect to be able to apply Suite Upgrade Awards.

We were also told that the collection of Mr & Mrs Smith hotels is very highly curated.  Specifically, we were told that 80% of hotels that apply to join Mr & Mrs Smith are turned down.

My take:

  • True integration coming: It’s a relief to learn that the gift card approach to integration is just a stop-gap.
  • April 1 2024 integration likely: Given that the gift card integration ends March 31, 2024, I’m willing to go on the record that “early 2024” integration means April 1, 2024.  Or, at least, that’s their target date.
  • Tighter integration than SLH: This is exciting for a guy who has top-tier Globalist status, but may be disappointing to those with lower or no status.  The SLH partnership offers free breakfast to everyone who books through Hyatt.  I expect that free breakfast will only be offered when the guest has Globalist status.  That said, I bet a large percentage of Mr & Mrs Smith properties provide free breakfast to all guests, so that probably won’t change.
  • Is the SLH partnership doomed?  This is just a question in my mind at this point.  I don’t know the answer.

The original post follows…

Hyatt to acquire Mr & Mrs Smith

Last week Hyatt announced the agreement to purchase Mr & Mrs Smith:

CHICAGO (April 28, 2023) – Hyatt Hotels Corporation (NYSE: H) and Mr & Mrs Smith today announced an agreement for a Hyatt affiliate to acquire London-based Mr & Mrs Smith, a platform offering direct booking access to a carefully curated and growing collection of over 1,500 boutique and luxury properties in some of the world’s most desirable locations. Hyatt will acquire 100 percent of the asset-light Mr & Mrs Smith platform for an enterprise value of £53.0 million in cash consideration.

Mr & Mrs Smith isn’t a hotel chain.  They don’t manage any properties.  Instead, Mr & Mrs Smith is a hotel booking platform that specializes in boutique luxury hotels.  It’s like a luxury hotel travel agency.  Hotels booked through Mr & Mrs Smith provide an extra perk for your stay such as a bottle of champagne, a free massage, a picnic lunch, etc.  Properties bookable through Mr & Mrs Smith are also bookable through other channels.  I imagine that it is always possible to book these hotels directly and often possible through third party travel agencies (like Expedia), and sometimes through other similar platforms like Small Luxury Hotels of the World, Preferred Hotels, etc.

What will this mean for Hyatt members?

We really don’t have any details yet about what this acquisition will really mean, but there are some clues in the announcement:

The transaction is anticipated to close in the second quarter of this year, subject to customary closing conditions. At a later date following the closing, Hyatt plans to unveil direct booking access to properties within the Mr & Mrs Smith platform through Hyatt’s distribution channels, including and the World of Hyatt app. The anticipated move will have the potential to unlock access to more than twice the number of global boutique and luxury properties within Hyatt direct booking channels, and Hyatt is exploring ways to enable World of Hyatt members to earn and redeem points across eligible hotels in the Mr & Mrs Smith collection. World of Hyatt members are some of the most valuable travelers in the industry who spend more and stay more, generating high-quality revenue for hotel owners.

I think its fair to assume the following:

  1. Mr & Mrs Smith properties won’t automatically become full fledged Hyatt properties.  Sure, Hyatt might buy some of them individually down the road, but short of that, we can expect that Hyatt will continue to operate Mr & Mrs Smith as just one of several booking platforms for these properties.
  2. Sometime after the deal closes, some but probably not all Mr & Mrs Smith properties will become bookable through the Hyatt website and points-booking should become available at the same time or soon after.
  3. Hyatt will probably follow the same model that they did with their SLH (Small Luxury Hotels of the World) partnership.  There, many SLH properties became bookable through Hyatt.  Over time, more and more SLH properties became bookable but still not all of them.  All SLH properties bookable through Hyatt were assigned categories and became bookable with Hyatt points accordingly.  I bet we’ll see a similar thing with Mr & Mrs Smith.
  4. Some Mr & Mrs Smith properties may never become bookable with points.  For example, it’s currently possible to book Moskito Island through Mr & Mrs Smith starting at only $20,250.00 per night (including a free rum tasting for booking through Mr & Mrs Smith).  I highly doubt properties like this will ever become bookable with Hyatt points.

What about IHG?

Hapuku Lodge & Treehouse a Mr & Mrs Smith property is shown here bookable for 115,000 IHG points per night
Hapuku Lodge & Treehouse in New Zealand is shown here as bookable with 115,000 IHG points per night.  This is no longer possible through IHG

IHG no longer partners with Mr & Mrs Smith.

Why I’m excited

Given that we can already used to be able to book Mr & Mrs Smith properties with IHG points, it might seem strange that I’m excited about the possibility of booking with Hyatt points.  The excitement comes down to one thing: Hyatt still maintains award charts.  Except for certain all-inclusive Hyatt properties, the most expensive properties in the world bookable with Hyatt points (including SLH properties), never cost more than 45,000 points for a base room (see Hyatt’s award charts here).

Mr & Mrs Smith’s website shows one hotel starting as high as $20,250 per night (Moskito Island), and then a number of hotels ranging from around $4,000 to $10,000 per night.  While I’d love it if Hyatt makes these bookable with points, I’m doubtful.  But the vast majority of Mr & Mrs Smith hotels cost $3,000 per night or less.  Now we’re in range of hotels that Hyatt already offers with points.  Examples of expensive hotels currently bookable with Hyatt points include Calala Island which usually costs over $3,000 per night, Alila Ventana Big Sur which usually costs over $2,000 per night, Eichardt’s Private Hotel which usually costs over $2,000 per night; etc.

Let’s take a look at some of the pricey Mr & Mrs Smith properties that just might be bookable with Hyatt points in the near future, and I’ll explain why I’m excited about each…

Post Ranch Inn

a screenshot of a post

Big Sur California is one of my favorite places in the world.  It’s strikingly beautiful and rugged, with ocean on one side of the road (Highway 1) and mountains covered with giant redwood trees on the other.  Hyatt’s Alila Ventana Big Sur is a fantastic oasis on the mountain side amidst the redwood trees.  And right across the street, on the ocean side, is an even more exclusive resort: Post Ranch Inn.  I don’t know much about this property except that I remember one time when the road had become inaccessible (which happens fairly often unfortunately), I read that the Post Ranch Inn was flying all of their guests in and out via helicopter.  Wow.  I didn’t think I’d ever actually stay there, but if this Mr & Mrs Smith property becomes bookable with Hyatt points, I’ll definitely try it out!

Virgin Limited Edition

I’ve long been interested in staying in one of the Virgin Limited Edition properties in Africa which include 2x daily safari outings: Mahali Mzuri in Kenya, and Ulusaba in South Africa.  Both of these properties have long been bookable with Virgin points, but neither was a particularly good deal with points.  But, since both are listed under Mr & Mrs Smith, there is a chance that they’ll soon be bookable with Hyatt points!

a screenshot of a screenshot of a tent

a bed with pillows and a canopy over it

Six Senses

25 Six Senses resorts are listed on Mr & Mrs Smith.  IHG bought Six Senses luxury resorts several years ago and has been slowly incorporating them into IHG 1 Rewards.  For a while, some of the Six Senses properties were bookable with a reasonable number of IHG points, but that has since changed.  Prices now are sky high.  It’s very unlikely that IHG will let Hyatt list Six Senses properties through Mr & Mrs Smith, but you never know.  If they do allow it, it could be a great way to book these desirable resorts.

a screenshot of a website

Aman hotels and resorts

I’ve never stayed in one, but Aman hotels and resorts are known to be among the most luxurious hotels in the word. Mr & Mrs Smith lists 35 Aman hotels and 2 Aman villas.

a screenshot of a hotel

Belmond hotels

Like Aman, Belmond is a luxury brand that I’ve heard of but never tried.  If things go as expected, that will change!

a screenshot of a hotel

Rosewood Hotels

Rosewood is yet another highly regarded luxury brand that I haven’t tried, but Mr & Mrs Smith lists 12 of their hotels and 10 villas!

a screenshot of a website

Miscellaneous hotels and resorts

I don’t have any particular reason to call out the following properties except to say that they caught my eye…

a lake surrounded by mountains
I’m not sure why, but this wilderness lodge in Vancouver Island is one of the Mr & Mrs Smith properties that is most intriguing to me.
a bed and chair in a room with a view of the ocean
Somehow I haven’t made it yet to Italy’s Amalfi coast.  Maybe this will be my entry point…
a screenshot of a hotel room
a building with glass windows
New Zealand!
a screenshot of a website
Something about this “safari-stye” desert camp in Australia has me anxious to visit!


With Hyatt’s acquisition of Mr & Mrs Smith, a huge number of top-end luxury hotels may become bookable with Hyatt points.  If that happens, chances are that Hyatt will slot them into the current award charts and that will mean that we will be able to book many of these amazing properties with reasonable numbers of Hyatt points.

All of this is just conjecture at this point, but it seems likely enough to happen to make me very excited about the possibilities!  OK, enough dreaming.  Time to get back to the important stuff… earning more Hyatt points.

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Any updates on being able to book MMS through Hyatt?

[…] wall for some time that Hyatt and SLH would eventually break it off, especially with Hyatt’s acquisition of similar platform Mr & Mrs Smith (causing the company to cut ties with IHG), and now last month’s announcement of SLH’s […]


@Greg The Frequent Miler Which award chart will Mr. and Ms. Smith properties that are all inclusive be added to? Can you ask this? I’m concerned that hyatt would put all inclusive Mr. and Ms. Smith properties on the separate(cough cough devalued) all inclusive alphabetical award chart.


‘Opprtunity to meet management’ – So it was a paid junket to help push Hyatt?


The typical situation with Mr and Mrs Smith hotels is that breakfast is added as an extra-cost item, i.e., you pay extra for your room to get breakfast at most of their hotels (some hotels don’t offer this option). The cost is generally fairly low – for example at their more affordable properties, it could be $20-$30/person/breakfast, but I haven’t done any sort of extensive analysis of this. If Globalists get free breakfast that would be an excellent perk.

I was always certain that Mr and Mrs Smith hotels would get a closer integration with Hyatt. I also highly doubt SLH is going anywhere. Hyatt I believe is all about expanding footprint right now – SLH has a different approach to curating their properties, they seem to be more exclusively luxury properties whereas Mr and Mrs Smith tends to have a slew of charming boutique properties on the more affordable side, as well as high end luxury locations.

Daniel Rock

They’re definitely going somewhere. Hyatt and SLH are ending their partnership this year.


What will happen to Mr/Mrs Smith gift cards. Will they be converted to Hyatt giftcard?


What about existing Mr & Mrs Smith GoldSmith members? Would we get some sort of reciprocal benefits or membership tier with the WOH loyalty program?

Last edited 5 months ago by Jules

So I noticed that a few hotels on mr & mrs smith also shows up on iprefer hotels. Now I only have discoverist with hyatt but I know with iprefer I can email them status match my hilton diamond and get iprefer elite. I would think you booked an hotel with hyatt points and if the same hotel is on iprefer you should be able to add your iprefer membership number to your reservation?
This is how it works for choice hotel points and booking iprefer. I guess another way to receive elite status without having globalist.


Cautiously excited! Were Belmond, Rosewood and Aman bookable with IHG points previously? Those seem like a stretch – but really hope I am wrong.


Great article Greg! I’m super excited about this!


I’m just hoping the Mr & Mrs Smith integration late in the first quarter doesn’t come with a lot of other nasty surprises (changes/devaluations)


Anxiously waiting to see how Mr. and Mrs. Smith comes out and almost certainly will be buying gift cards in January to help with the 60 nights. Just ran some numbers using FM valuations and assuming an Amex Bonvoy certificate costs me $350 (since the dining monthly credit is for me same as cash) my current six night stay in a 1100 sq ft suite at the Ritz in Aruba on points is effectively costing me 20% of the price that others are paying (including an upgrade due to Titanium status, 5th night free and Amex certificate) My suite at the Park Hyatt Zurich for six nights on points last month came in at about the same (applied a suite upgrade award and Globalist breakfast) Perhaps this is why I read FM and enjoy The Hobby?


Any hint as to what will happen for properties that are both SLH and Mr and Mrs Smith? Like Alstadt Vienna?


Any idea when these hotels will be integrated into the Hyatt platform so I can book them with points? I keep searching but can’t seem to find any information. We are planning a trip to South Africa/Mauritius in December and January and there are several properties that look promising including The Oberoi Beach Resort, Mauritius​.


I hope you mean Dec 2024 Jan 2025


I won’t get too excited for the Hyatt point value on MMS properties – From the brutal devaluation this year, especially on all-included ones, I don’t think value will exceed IHG.