(EXPIRED) [Last day to register] Hyatt Bonus Journeys Now Live: Earn triple or quadruple points + double elite nights

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Reminder: You must register for this promotion by today. It’s worth registering even if you don’t think you’ll stay just in case it comes in handy as this is likely to be one of the best promotions of 2021.

Hyatt’s Bonus Journeys promo for 4th quarter 2020 is now live!  Register here no later than January 15th.  The promo runs from now until February 28, 2021.

The Deal

  • Earn 3x World of Hyatt points for stays at all Hyatt properties, participating MGM Resorts, Small Luxury Hotels of the World locations, and Lindland Expedition experiences.
  • Earn 4x World of Hyatt points at select properties.  Property list includes 160 Hyatt resorts, almost 200 Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) properties and 16 MGM Resorts properties.  Find the full list here.
  • Earn double elite nights, with base elite nights being credited to the year you check-out (2020 or 2021) and the bonus elite nights being credited towards 2021 elite status.

Key Terms

  • Registration required between October 1 to Jan 15, 2021.  Register here.
  • Offer valid on stays from October 1, 2020 to Feb 28, 2021.
  • There is no cap on the amount of nights a member can stay and earn on during this promotion. However, there is a maximum of 150,000 Bonus Points that can be earned during the Promotion Period. An additional maximum of 75,000 Bonus Points (for a total of 225,000) may be earned as a Hyatt and World of Hyatt credit cardmember during the Promotion Period for eligible spend at participating resorts.

Triple Rewards Example

Quadruple Rewards Example

Quick Thoughts

This is an excellent three-pronged promotion from World of Hyatt. Earning a minimum of 3x points on paid stays is a nice return. Members with status earn a bonus on top of that, so here’s what you can expect to earn for qualifying paid stays:

Elite Level No Promo Bonus Journeys 3X Points Bonus Journeys 4X Points*
Member 5 15 20
Discoverist 5.5 15.5 20.5
Explorist 6 16 21
Globalist 6.5 16.5 21.5

*4X points offered only to Hyatt cardholders who stay at participating resorts.

Those are good returns as it is considering the value of Hyatt points compared to other hotel chains, but you’ll also earn 3x or 4x bonus points if paying for those stays with a Hyatt (legacy) or World of Hyatt (new) credit card respectively. As someone with Globalist status and the World of Hyatt credit card, the opportunity to earn a total of 20.5 miles per dollar for paid stays is very exciting.

The opportunity to earn 4x points at some properties is potentially enticing, but I doubt I’ll be taking advantage of that part of the promotion. One Mile At A Time specifically mentions Hyatt resorts, along with SLH and some MGM properties, as being eligible. That likely means the properties eligible for 4x points will be on the more expensive end, but that’s great news for anyone who will be booking paid stays at those hotels.

The third part of the promotion is what helps it to stand out. We’d speculated in the past that Hyatt and/or other hotel chains might run promotions later in 2020 that offered double elite night credits. Hyatt is doing just that, except in an unexpected way. Rather than offering double elite nights towards 2020 status, you’ll earn the standard elite nights for this calendar year, but will effectively earn additional rollover nights towards status in 2021.

OK, granted – not many people are going to spend the last couple of months of 2020 living in Hyatt properties, but some of us might 😉 Even better, this elite night rollover part of the promotion has been confirmed by OMAAT as stacking with Hyatt’s other promotion offering a 15% or 25% points rebate on award stays, so award stays will also earn the additional elite night credits.

That will therefore present a dilemma for some people (such as myself) – should you book a paid stay to earn up to 20.5 points per dollar, or should you book award stays for 25% off? That equation will differ by property depending on how much they charge for paid rates and which category level it falls into for award stays.  UPDATE from Greg: Use our Hyatt Cash or Points Worksheet to help you decide which to book!

In some cases it’ll be a no-brainer. We were considering a long-ish term stay at the Hyatt Place Dewey Beach in Delaware later this year. I’ve seen rates as low as $78 per night before tax, while it’s 20,000 points per night (or 15,000 points per night with the 25% rebate) as it’s a category 5 property. In that case, a paid stay is the only option in the running.

The decision isn’t always quite so obvious though. For example, we might decide to head a little further south instead. I’m seeing some dates for the Hyatt House Charlotte Airport in North Carolina (which unusually offers a 1 bedroom king suite as its base room) at $88 per night before tax. It’s a category 1 property and so only costs 5,000 points per night for award stays which would be reduced to 3,750 points per night with the 25% rebate.

Hyatt House Charlotte Airport

Would it be better to pay $88 + tax or redeem 3,750 points per night? Ordinarily I’d go the award stay route to save money, especially seeing as that’s a better than 2cpp redemption value. However, the fact that we’d be earning 20.5x on that $88 room rate could still potentially tip the scale in favor of a paid stay, especially seeing as we’re still sitting on a bunch of Hyatt gift cards bought at a 10% discount during a sale last year, thereby reducing the cost to $79.20 per night before tax.

Update: Now that Hyatt has released the full terms and conditions of this offer, John has pointed out that payment with Hyatt gift cards is excluded if you want to earn 3x or 4x. That’s a shame and means I’ll have to hold on to them for other stays in 2021.

Overall though, this new promotion from Hyatt is extremely exciting. Hilton is also offering double elite nights for this year which roll over if you already have status, but is only offering double points for paid stays versus 3x or 4x with Hyatt. Hyatt is also likely better for award stays seeing as they’re offering the 25% rebate.

Marriott on the other hand is only offering 2,500 points per stay regardless of how long you stay, so they should be placed in the corner with all of us pointing at them and laughing.

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Work from Hyatt also qualifies, however, I did this yesterday (thanks to an internet outage requiring me to find other means to connect for work) and today I realized my folio showed 0 nights. A quick chat via the app and I have the night applied. Something to be aware of, anything coded with “Office” for the stay will not automatically count as a stay. Gotta get my double nights and 3x points! I’ll be checking to make sure the bonus night posts as well.


You WAY overvalue points. Points have no cash value.

[…] Hat tip to Frequentmiler […]


Has anyone gotten their double nights to post? I completed a stay ending in Jan 1, but I only see the normal nights, and not the double nights. Their website’s missing credit form is broken, and their chat claims that the credit will post when the promotion ends, which technically was yesterday for the original bonus journeys.

[…] as 2021 elite qualifying nights. I still expect to receive credit for 30 more nights thanks to Hyatt Bonus Journeys, but I’m happy to report that the 30-night stay spanning the new year posted as we expected […]

[…] IHG is certainly tempting me to make a reservation with them. We already have the next two months of hotel stays booked and there isn’t really anything in there that I want to change as we’ve either booked cheap points stays with Hilton, Hyatt and IHG or cheap Hyatt paid stays which I wouldn’t want to move due to their generous 3x + double elite nights promotion. […]

[…] run which stretches into 2021 to take advantage of the double elite nights posting in 2021 from Hyatt’s latest promotion, you’ll need to ensure the hotel takes payment ahead of time rather than at checkout seeing […]

[…] miss out on free breakfast, suite upgrades, points earnings and double elite nights from their latest promotion, etc. All’s not necessarily lost […]

[…] Bonus Journeys: October 1, 2020 through Feb 28, 2021 (Register by Jan 15) […]


Remodeling condo and staying 16 nights at Marriott (saved $450 through 15% off gift cards and Amex offers) but should have stayed and nearby Hyatt Centric:(

Will Hyatt CC free night stay count towards elite status (2 elite nights with the promotion)/


Sorry just found the answer from another post.

[…] Bonus Journeys: October 1, 2020 through Feb 28, 2021 (Register by Jan 15) […]


Stephen, thank you for the write up! I guess the thing that’s confusing me is this:  

I registered for the double night promo and the 15% rebate. Does the stay HAVE to be consecutive or can I stay 24 days here and there, then 6 days somewhere at the end of the year, checking out 3 Jan? Say I stayed at various Hyatts before 24 December. Will those nights count for this year and next year? I plan on going to Mexico, 24 Dec-3 Jan. My goal is Globalist until 2023. I’m just trying to make sure I don’t mess this up and I can’t get the Hyatt card either. 🙁

Thank you! 


Thank you so much for your fast response and knowledge about my question! GREATLY appreciated! Time to start booking!


May I know how many night will be credited if I stay @ Alila hotel from 22 October till 27 October for 5 nights ?The calculation will be credited 10 nights together or 5 elite nights each in 2020 and 2021 respectively ?

[…] status challenges. American Airlines appears to have taken a leaf out of Hyatt’s book from their latest promo by offering double elite credits through the end of the […]


I wonder if the best rate guarantee can be used to game the system. Suppose a Hyatt property is offering a 3rd night free promo which wouldn’t be great for a status run. Can you book a different rate type and then price match to a 3rd party site that simply shows the total price that would be the same as Hyatt’s 3rd night free promo? If they match it dollar for dollar, you’d end up with more elite nights for the same price, or possibly a bit cheaper due to the price match. Thoughts, @Stephen?


I’ve been looking at various local properties, but I can’t get the math for a local mattress run to work out, it’s still a slightly negative ROI. Perhaps my valuations are off. How much do you value elite qualifying nights? I’m valuing the elite qualifying nights separately from the milestone bonuses that I’ll hit, such as FN cert and lounge passes(which are worthless once I get to globalist sometime next year). FN cert I value at $120, and 2021 elite qualifying night by itself I’m only valuing at $10/night…is that crazy low? I am leaning towards a conservative valuation of elite nights since we don’t know what travel will look like next year.

Has anybody ever had success contacting a local property directly, be transparent about what you’re trying for, and ask for a big discount since you won’t actually be in the room or use any amenities?


Just to add to the discussion, here’s a couple of properties I looked at:

Hyatt Place Austin (great location in Downtown)
Thu, Dec 3, 2020 – Sat, Jan 2, 2021
Total Cash Per Room $2,090.59 USD
Subtotal $1,777.50 USD
Taxes & Fees $313.09 USD
* from what I read, if you told the hotel up front you’d be staying for 30 days, you wouldn’t have to pay tax

Hyatt Place Los Cabos
Thu, Dec 3, 2020 – Sat, Jan 2, 2021
Total Cash Per Room $1,913.52 USD
Subtotal $1,608.00 USD
Taxes & Fees $305.52 USD

Hyatt Regency Villahermosa
Fri, Dec 4, 2020 – Sun, Jan 3, 2021
Total Cash Per Room $1,368.80 USD
Subtotal $1,160.00 USD
Taxes & Fees $208.80 USD
* not really looking a this one but it’s the cheapest


This is what i was trying to figure out. So I’m wondering if they could check in over the phone and do it remotely?
I’m trying to go from Discoverist to Globalist using the WoH CC.


Which property were you thinking of? Or just trying to get the cheapest property possible and not even use it?

Send me a DM on Twitter and I may be able to help you further.


$28 a night at Excalibur, plus there are Amex offers for MGM properties. I’m seriously considering staying at that dump for a couple weeks.


Yeah I did notice the stupid resort fees when checking out options.
But with 4 different amex offers for MGM, I could spend $1.5k, get $150 back and 15k MR, about 16 nights, so 32 nights next year, which also gets me 2 FN certs and about 30k Hyatt points, and be 23 nights from Globalist next year.


Yep, I was going to bounce around between Excalibur/Luxor and Park MGM/Mandalay Bay to max out the offers.

Joe W

I thought point redemptions would qualify for this promotion based on the blog, but after reading the T&Cs of this deal it doesn’t appear that point redemptions qualify. That’s a bummer as I just reserved a 14 night stay ending on Jan 2nd at a 5k/nt property hoping to get the 25% point rebate and double nights for 2021. Can anyone confirm that this is in fact the case?

12. Are there any restrictions on the form of payment in order to participate in this promotion?
Eligible methods of payment include cash, Points + Cash, check, or major credit cards or debit/bank cards. Eligible methods of payment exclude, without limitation, hotel “House Accounts,” charges settled by a company or organization, charges billed to a guest room/folio or unit at a Hyatt-branded residence, point redemptions, award redemptions, Hyatt-branded gift cards, Hyatt gift cheques or property-specific gift card/certificates.
In order for a member to earn points, the bill for qualifying charges must be in that member’s name and the member must personally pay for all charges. If a member’s night is charged back to a Master Account, the night will not be considered qualifying and will not count as an Eligible Night or be eligible toward earning in the promotion.


Stephen: Trying to figure out if you can earn the 4x points (at AI resorts) with a point redemption stay but there will be paid charges to the room/folio, such as a extra child supplement fee. Would this, and other incidental room charges such as say premium bottles of wine or Spa treatments, trigger it? I believe you normally would earn points on any charges on a point stay…at least with Hilton you do. Thanks for verifying.


I think I answered my question….these type of charges should work…

5. What is considered an Eligible Stay?
For the purpose of this offer, an eligible stay is defined as any stay at a participating hotel where a member is paying an Eligible Rate or redeems a free night award for at least one night of their stay.
7. Will I earn Bonus Points on incidental spend during my stay?
Yes, members may earn Bonus Points for eligible incidental spend charged to their guest room for eligible stays during the Promotion Period.


RE: Using Hyatt Gift Cards
Be careful! From the FAQ for the promotion:
12. Are there any restrictions on the form of payment in order to participate in this promotion?
Eligible methods of payment include cash, Points + Cash, check, or major credit cards or debit/bank cards. Eligible methods of payment exclude, without limitation, hotel “House Accounts,” charges settled by a company or organization, charges billed to a guest room/folio or unit at a Hyatt-branded residence, point redemptions, award redemptions, Hyatt-branded gift cards, Hyatt gift cheques or property-specific gift card/certificates.


23. How will my nights count if I check in during 2020 and check out in 2021?
For every Tier-Qualifying Night on stays completed during the Promotion Period you will earn one bonus Tier-Qualifying Night toward elite status in the year in which it was earned and one bonus Tier-Qualifying Night toward elite status in 2021. 

This reads different from what Greg previously said. Can someone clarify?

Ivan Y

@ Jay — ordinarily, if your stays starts in December 2020 and ends in January 2021, you get all nights credited for 2021. So I think that statement doesn’t expressly contradict Greg’s findings — Hyatt is just obfuscating the fact you can double-dip this way.


Huh? The T&C seems to say you won’t get double nights even if your stay crosses 2020- (1/4) 2021. And they’ve delineated “ordinarily” vs “promotional period” Doesn’t T&C #23 give them two obvious weapons against the double dip mattress run Greg’s example? We were all waiting for the official t&c from Hyatt…it’s here… and i’m STILL not clear as to this. smh


I think it depends on how the following phrase is defined (at least in practice): “the year in which it was earned.” In other words, when do you “earn” the tier-qualifying nights? My understanding is that a stay that crosses into the new year earns Tier-Qualifying Nights upon checkout, which means that you would earn them in January 2021 in the example you’re thinking about.

If you think about it in reverse, suppose that in a normal year you were 5 nights short of a certain tier, and you booked a stay from December 26-Jan 1. When you check out, wouldn’t you earn 6 TQN’s for the new year and 0 for the year you actually wanted?


Wondering if the terms will say USA only? <$2k for a month in Los Cabos sounds magical!




Do you need to register for this promo?


Hi there, did you have to register first before you can book the eligible stay? can i book now, register on Oct. 1st, stay starting on Oct. 4th? thanks.

[…] Hyatt’s Bonus Journeys 4th quarter promotion offers triple or quadruple point earnings plus bonus tier qualifying nights.  In parallel with that, Hyatt has extended their previous awesome promotion for Free Nights on Sale (up to 25% back and free parking on award stays).  Both promotions run until January 4th 2021.  Both promotions additionally overlap with the Miraval Buy One Get One (BOGO) offer, Hyatt’s Work from Hyatt (WFH) offer, and the targeted offer to earn 3X American Airlines miles on paid Hyatt stays. […]


Hi Stephen, thanks for the great analysis ! Question: I’m looking at qualifying for Globalist with a 30-night stay running December into early January. It could be either points or cash. How about part of the stay with points, and another part cash? Or even go back and forth several times at the same property to maximize low cash rates and/or overcome the lack of reward nights in some dates? Would that be considered one stay from the standpoint of earning elite nights in 2021 – i.e. 60 nights credit for 30 nights stayed?


Greg The Frequent Miler

We have some info about this in our Hyatt Guide. It’s called “Pay My Way”: https://frequentmiler.com/world-of-hyatt-complete-guide/#Pay_My_Way


Thanks for the immediate replies, Stephen and Greg. Perhaps it’s worth trying to reserve with Hyatt over the phone. If they can mix and match with one reservation number, I guess you’re good.

Also, to extend this crazy mattress run idea even further, I guess you could earn several more Cat 1-7 free night certs by staying 50 nights to yield 100 elite nights in 2021?

Greg The Frequent Miler

At 70, 80, 90, and 100 nights you get your choice of 10K points or an upgrade cert. If they offered Cat 1-7 certs as a choice that would be exciting!


Whoops! I got that wrong.

[…] Hyatt’s Bonus Journeys promo, you’ll earn triple or quadruple points on paid stays.  Via the Free Nights on Sale promo, […]

[…] Bonus Journeys 4th quarter promotion is really good.  It offers triple or quadruple point earnings and bonus tier qualifying nights.  […]

[…] points with their last two promotions and Hyatt is offering a significantly better return on both paid and award stays through the end of the […]

[…] it with their promotions at the moment. Not content with offering a 25% rebate on award stays and 3x or 4x for paid stays plus double elite nights, they’ve now launched a new promotion offering 3x American Airlines AAdvantage miles for paid […]


So if I book a stay and check out Oct 1 (or maybe Oct 2) then it should count towards the promo?




Hi Stephen, the Hyatt Place Ocean City MD is nearby and much nicer than Dewey Beach and the rates should be similar off-season. I live nearby and have done both

[…] one end of the hotel promotions spectrum we have Hyatt with its excellent new promo. At the other end we have Marriott’s fairly lackluster offering and they’ve now been […]


How does Hyatt Prive work with promotions like this? Would you still get the 3x points and stay night credit?

The Prive book 2 nights get the 3rd free promo runs through 9/30 and is good for stays going to 3/31. Since booked stays in the future counts for both promo, there could be a pretty nice stack with the Chase 10% off CC offer, Prive 3rd night free, 4x points and double stay night credit…


So to be clear, the 3rd night free counts as an elite night credit? When I stayed in Tokyo at the Hyatt Place the free third night didn’t get credited as an elite night credit.


Do both nights get me closer to my 2020 club lounge access certs, or does just the 2020 elite night count towards that?


Do you think this promo would also apply to stays paid for with points + cash?


I have a free Cat 1-4 night that’s valid through Feb 26. I’m pretty much not going to use it before it expires. Any thoughts on whether that would apply for the double elite nights?


Just noticed something super sneaky by Hyatt. They took down the list of properties changing categories which was supposedly delayed until 2021. But I tracked down the list and noticed that the category change already took effect for at least one property: the Hyatt place in ocean city (Maryland). It is already a category 5 when Hyatt claimed that higher category would not take effect until 2021. No wonder they took down the list. I hope this blog calls hyatt out for this unannounced devaluation. My guess is that further digging will reveal other properties where the category increase has already happened.


How would the elite night credit be calculated if, say, a stay is from Dec 30th to Jan 2nd(3 nights)? Would the base 3 elite nights be credited to 2020 or 2021?


It’s based on check-out date. I stayed at the Grand Hyatt San Diego from 12/30/2019 to 1/2 and all 3 nights counted towards 2020


My past experience with this is that it is the *check-out* date that determines the year in which the base stay is credited. For example, a 5 night stay checking *out* on Dec 31st, 2020 would be credited to 2020, whereas a 5 night stay checking *out* on Jan 1st//2nd/3rd etc 2021 would be credited to 2021.

If your goal is to hit 60 nights in 2020:

Be mindful that if you were to check-out on 12/31/20, and then check-in again to the *exact same property* on 12/31/20 with a second check-out of, say, 01/04/21 (in other words try to split one Stay in to two Bills/Folios), the WoH system will treat both Folios as ONE continuous Stay, and for elite qualification purposes the night credits from both Folios would all be applied to year 2021. You might be able to speak with property desk manager to adjust this, but I wouldn’t count on it – nor would I count on it actually working even if the Office agrees to do it.

While we still have to wait until October 1st for the registration link and actual Terms of this offer to be published, it so far reads as though a check-out date of up to Jan 4th 2021 will be eligible for the bonus night-credits. So, considering the example above, if you were to *switch properties* on 12/31/20, you could have a 4-night Stay (check-in on 12/31, check-out on 01/04/21) that would yield you 8 night-credits for 2021.


This is an interesting point. Hotel prices are low right after 1/1 so if it counts double for 2021, it’d be a no brainer to matress run 1/1-1/4.


On a side note, that’s probably why they made the dates of this promotion 10/1 to 1/4/2021. They’d want the New Years crowd to show up.


Have you seen any of the “after your first qualifying stay” language on this promo?