Wow! Hyatt slashes 2021 elite status requirements & extends lucrative promos


Today Hyatt has announced that for 2021 they are cutting in half the elite status requirements in 2021.  Plus, they are extending several lucrative promotions.  The combination will make it ludicrously easy to earn top tier status in 2021.   This post includes only the basics.  For an in-depth look at how to play this, see: Ludicrously easy path to Hyatt Globalist status (top-tier status for 2 years!).

Elite Status Requirements Cut in Half

For those seeking to earn Hyatt elite status in 2021, Hyatt has cut in half the requirements. Here are the new requirements for each elite level:

Membership Level Elite Nights Usually Required Elite Nights Required in 2021 Key Benefits
Discoverist 10 5 2PM late check-out; Earn Hyatt points w/ AA spend
Explorist 30 15 Match to M life Gold; Room Upgrade
Globalist 60 30 Waived resort fees on all stays; Suite upgrades, 4PM late check-out; Club access or free breakfast; Free parking on award stays; Guest of Honor bookings

For those who earn status through spend at Hyatt properties, the requirements for earning status through base points has also been cut in half.  For example, in 2021 you can earn Globalist status by earning 50K base points instead of the usual 100K.  This would require $10K calendar year spend at Hyatt.  Most people will do better earning status through stays.

Lucrative Promos Extended

Bonus Journeys, Free Nights on Sale and Dine Local, Earn Triple Points will be extended through February 28, 2021.  Here’s a summary:

  • Bonus Journeys: October 1, 2020 through Feb 28, 2021 (Register by Jan 15)
    • Earn double elite nights, with base elite nights credited to the check-out year and bonus elite nights credited towards 2021.  In other words, any stays with a check-out date in 2021 and by Feb 28th will earn double elite nights.
    • Earn triple points (15 points per dollar) at all Hyatt properties, participating MGM Resorts, Small Luxury Hotels of the World locations, and Lindland Expedition experiences.
    • Earn quadruple points (20 points per dollar) at select properties (Find the full list here). Hyatt cardholders only.
  • Free Nights on Sale (Up to 25% back): July 8, 2020 – Feb 28, 2021 (Register by Jan 15)
    • Points rebate: 25% back for Hyatt cardholders; 15% back for everyone else
    • Free parking on award stays
    • Triple base points per dollar spent on dining at Hyatt properties.

Top Tier Hyatt status: Why chase Globalist?

Breakfast at the Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht. Breakfast is free for Hyatt Globalist members.

In my opinion, Hyatt offers the best top-tier elite perks of any hotel chain.  Top tier Globalist elites get free upgrades including standard suiteswaived resort fees on paid nights (resort fees are waived on award nights for all members), free breakfast or club accessfree parking on award nights, etc.  Mid-tier Explorist status, meanwhile, offers very few meaningful perks.  In my opinion, Globalist status is worth a lot.  Explorist status is worth very little.

Room service breakfast at the Park Hyatt Vendome in Paris.  A number of top Hyatt properties offer free room-service breakfast as an option for Hyatt Globalists.
Hyatt lounges typically include a full breakfast, afternoon canapés, and evening dessert.  Often free wine and beer is available during set hours as well.  Shown here is the outdoor deck of the Grand Club at the Grand Hyatt NYC. Hyatt club access is always free for top tier Globalist elites. Those with club access awards can also get in free on points or cash stays, but not when a free night certificate is used.

Quick Thoughts

Here are some quick take-aways:

  • We can now earn top-tier Globalist status with only 15 nights of actual stays (or less for World of Hyatt cardholders).  Plus, these stays do not have to be all-in-one.  As long as each stay has a check-out date between Jan 1 and Feb 28, you’ll earn double elite nights in 2021.
  • It’s time to cancel any 30 night mattress run that you booked! You can now rebook either a single 15 night stay or multiple stays that add up to 15 nights as long as each stay has a check-out date between Jan 1 and Feb 28.
  • If you earn Globalist with 30 elite nights, you won’t earn suite upgrade awards. Suite upgrade awards are earned through Milestone Rewards at 50 nights and 60 nights.
  • For the next two years, everyone and her brother is going to have Hyatt Globalist status. This will likely make free suite upgrades upon arrival much harder to get (and will therefore make suite upgrade awards more valuable since they let you upgrade in advance).

For more, see: Ludicrously easy path to Hyatt Globalist status (top-tier status for 2 years!).

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Does redeeming a Chase Hyatt Free Night award count as an Elite night and earn double elite nights during the promotion period?


Will putting spend on the WOH reduce my elite night requirements with a new WOH card? So if i put 5k spend, i should get 2 nights and then reduce the night requirement to 8 through 2/28?

[…] that Hyatt has cut in half their elite status requirements for 2021 (top tier Globalist status can be earned with only 30 elite nights!), elite nights earned in 2021 […]


Greetings…we received the 10 elite nights for a new Hyatt credit card, plus elite nights for the 5K spend in 2020. Do any of those nights count toward the new updated 30 elite night promotion? Also, I am sure we get another 10 elite nights for 2021 when do those get credited to the Hyatt account? Thanks for your reply.

[…] Wow! Hyatt slashes 2021 elite status requirements & extends lucrative promos […]

[…] But the chance to get an automatic 10 elite nights in 2021 is compelling given the fact that Hyatt has cut in half their elite requirements for 2021 (only 30 nights are required for top-tier Gl….  When combined with the new World of Hyatt card offer, you would only need 20 elite nights in […]

[…] with lot of (mostly uninspiring) promotions. Hyatt does have some juicier promos and then boom: Wow! Hyatt slashes 2021 elite status requirements & extends lucrative promos. You can actually reach Globalist elite status sometime between January 1 and end of February 2021 […]


Will Hyatt give you double elite nights through credit card spend? Or are double elite nights only coming from actual stays?


If you book comp nights at an MGM property, does that count as elite nights?

Nick Reyes

In my experience, comped MGM nights have counted. I wrote about it here:

Last edited 1 year ago by Nick Reyes

Thanks guys. This is why I follow your blog before all others.

[…] Overview: Wow! Hyatt slashes 2021 elite status requirements & extends lucrative promos […]

Aspiring Record Keeper Extraordinaire

Re-apply for Hyatt Card Again but….
How does chase check if you’ve had the card before? I called them asked if I’ve had this card before and they say they don’t have a record of this when they go to my accounts page, but strangely they can see my closed SW card from 2014. I know i earned the bonus (pretty close to 24 mos ago but not sure exact date) and cancelled earlier this year. I checked my credit report and Chase Credit Journey to see if I could find exact account closure dates but there are a few Chase cards around the same time that were opened and closed and I can’t distinguish which is which. Yes, I know I need to keep better records but any data points on how Chase cross references having the same product in the past if agent says those accounts have been purged???

Aspiring Record Keeper Extraordinaire

Good point. I guess it’s fair to say Chase cross checks with Hyatt on when the previous bonus was awarded when determining if it’s been 24 months????? I was hoping if Chase records were purged on me previously having the card, I might be able to sneak by the 24 month requirement. Turns out it hasn’t been quiet 24 months since the last CHase Hyatt sign up bonus.

Biggie F

Agree it has not been a quiet 24 months.


Concur much that Hyatt top status so much more valuable that anything offered by competitors. (esp. the ever pathetic IHG and even Marriott this and that) But sorry Greg, realize you have a business to run, credit cards to sell, but what’s “ludicrous” here is pushing normal folks to live on the road, one out of four days first two months of next year when pandemic likely still in full rage mode…. (yah I get it that you don’t even mention the horrendous risk afoot here, much like Mark O.’s posts you know where) Now if they’d count say 15 straight days in one isolated place (with a kitchen in suite), maybe we’d consider it….

What just as “comical” if not “ludicrous” is all the pictures of the sumptuous food fare….. Sure, post pandemic (say by late next summer), we might once again see such wondrous spreads…. But what we’ll get now is pathetic, money making (for the hotels) very dry, drab, grab ‘n boo dray fare, with fruit if you’re lucky, no?

Yes, “ludicrous” .. the post.

[…] that Hyatt has slashed 2021 elite status requirements and extended several lucrative promos, it will be ludicrously easy to earn top-tier Hyatt Globalist elite status early in 2021. That […]


Don’t I also get credit for 10 nights for recently signing up for the Hyatt card? So I only need 20 more nights, correct? With $5000 spend, that would give me 2 additional nights which leaves 18 left to go. With double nights, I just need to book a stay for 9 nights? Is that correct?

Lu Online

Is this promo applied to USA market only?


Is it at all beneficial to keep your 30 day reservation to get the suite night award upgrades? Or maybe do a 25 night stay to get to 50 and MS the other 10 nights?


because of a rate increase from the time I originally booked, going from 30 nights to 22 nights only results in a savings of $373, but still seems worth shortening. My math says:

44 elite night credits from 22 night stay
5 from WoH card (converted from old hyatt card Jan 11)
3 night stay at Big Sur in May
6 from $15k spend on WoH card
= 58 nights, and then spending 2 other nights somewhere in 2021 hopefully should get me to 60. I hate to commit to more Hyatt stays with so many unknowns so left it conservative here

I have plans to use the full 30k of the cat 1-7 award, so that has value to me, and if I can make that category 7 stay into a suite for 4 days, I would also value that too.


When will this be effective? I already have 35 nights at Hyatt, and I have 10 more coming up.


All the information is in the post, including the link(s) to register for the promotions. The information when you click on those links is the definitive answer (since it comes directly from Hyatt).


So I just need to stay 15 nights at any Hyatt Hotel? Can I use full on points to cover it? There are a lot of 5,000 points per night hotels. I can book 15 nights in one of those and I will be good?


Yes, if you fulfill the requirements of the promotion (you register on time and complete your stay within the required period).



Appreciate if you can dusk off and update your calculator. I initially decided against, but my reconsider now since I have a property in Sioux Falls.


The dilution (lot more people competing for space-available upgrades in 2021 and 2022) is slightly disappointing to me, as I already had a mattress-run plan to reach Globalist with a stay this month through early January. I might still go ahead with the 32-day mattress run I planned to begin this week, with an affordable rate at a location where I’d like to stay a month. I guess the only added benefit over just reaching Globalist with 15 nights in Jan/Feb is the milestone awards: with 69 nights starting the first week of January, I would get all the milestone awards up to 60, with a headstart on the 70-80-90-100 milestone awards.


Can anyone confirm that I can just simply book a room, show up the first night and then vanish for the next two weeks that the credits will stay count towards elite nights? Don’t want to get charged for 2 weeks to have 0-1 nights credited!


No one can guarantee what’s going to happen in any individual case. If you don’t communicate with the hotel management then there’s always a chance they’ll see an empty room and check you out early (you probably wouldn’t pay the remaining nights, but you wouldn’t get the credit either).

So, probably advisable to talk to the hotel’s manager and (1) tell them the exact truth (if you pay for the whole stay you’re not defrauding them in any way) or (2) tell them a version of the truth like “I’m here to visit relatives and they may ask me to stay at their place for some of the time”. For instance, I may have to go to the southwest to look after an elderly relative in the time frame of these special offers. Normally I stay in their house but in this case I might book a Hyatt Place (there’s a decent value) nearby in order to have some place for some respite.

Would probably help if you can leave stuff in the room and stop by every few days.


Thanks for this response and being so detailed — really appreciate it as it was extremely helpful. Also stay inside during this crazy rain and wind storm we have here!

cee bo

read Greg’s link on the 30 night mattress run above – he recommends what to do to prevent it


Thank you! Will do.


Great news Greg – will nights using points at a Cat-1 still count for status?


You’ll only have status for all of 2021 and first 2 months of 2022? Where are you getting 2 full years of status from?


Status earned in 2021 is for the 2022 calendar year. Plus, whatever is remaining of 2021, and through February of 2023. So if you hit status at the beginning of 2021, it’s for two full years — maybe even a month extra!

Might not be super-useful for much of 2021, but in 2022 hopefully we’ll be able to travel freely again.


Thanks Gregg and Larry. That’s great to hear!

Last edited 1 year ago by Ken

I get that Hyatt is hurting from this pandemic (and will continue to do so – the numbers don’t lie) – the whole hotel industry is reeling. But they just shot themselves in the foot: Virtually everyone is now cancelling their 30-night mattress-runs that they had booked between now and Jan 4th, and swapping them out for a 15-night run in Jan/Feb next year. This means a revenue loss for 4Q 2020.

They should have waited until January to announce these Elite-requirement changes/promo extensions. They would have kept the revenue from the 30-night runners, and they would have added additional (although less) revenue from the more cash-strapped 15-night runners in Jan/Feb.


As Greg mentions, 15 nights, even if they are counted as 30, will NOT earn you Globalist suite upgrades. Hard pass from me because of this major item.


To clarify, you will still be eligible for day-of FREE Gloabilist upgrades at check-in, but no confirmable TSUs.


This is a significant caveat, but maybe not as important as you present? First off, we don’t actually know how hard the free suite updates will be to come by. And even if they become difficult to score, you still have plenty of time to manufacture the other nights to get to the milestone awards. You could do that with the credit card, or with an additional stay. And now that the promotions are extended, you could attain Globalist in early January and have an additional stay before the end of February with the Globalist benefits and double-elite nights to get to the milestone award(s).


Can you do this promo more than once? Like book 15 nights checking out January 3rd (30 nights credit)… Then book another 15 nights checking out february 1 (30 nights credit).

Great deal if yes. Gives time to look for really cheap hotel and plan


Yes, it’s all stays during the period. The only date that matters is that the checkout on any stay is between 1/1 and 2/28 in order to get the double nights credited to the 2021 calendar year.


Uh boy. I’d finally convinced myself not to be tempted into a 25 day hotel stay I didn’t really need in order to take advantage of hotel status I might not use. But now. . .

I checked a few hotels I’d previously been looking at and, interestingly, their prices are higher for a Jan/Feb stay than they were for a stay that ran over the holiday period. Some hotels haven’t changed price (notably the Aquacalientes and Ciudad del Carmen Hyatt Places at $33 and $45 respectively, and the Villahermosa Hyatt Regency at $43).

Or, if you’re in India, the Park Hyatt Chennai is selling for $63!


30 day would have been cheaper daily rates b/c extended stay rates


I think you’re overestimating how many people will take advantage and even be traveling period over the next couple years.


>>>>>>>For the next two years, everyone and her brother is going to have Hyatt Globalist status. This will likely make free suite upgrades upon arrival much harder to get (and will therefore make suite upgrade awards more valuable since they let you upgrade in advance).

RIP Globalist benefits, welcome higher (Titanium?) super elite level…

Maria F

Its great to know! I will cancel my 30 day mattress which is supposed to start on Thursday. I’m in Bay Area, CA so even though $ 70 per night, its still a substantial amount of cost.
thanks Greg!

Last edited 1 year ago by Maria F

Are fees waived until night before? Showing as 1 week cancelation fee for me for <7 days out 🙁 plus they've increased rates since I've booked. So it would be just as much for 15 days lol 30+ days has tax waived in TX. They did the math


1 day before the day you actually check in.


Which property is 70$ a night in the Bay?

Maria F

Hotel Avante, and West Palm.