Is the Venture 100K Offer Worth a 5/24 Slot? | Ask Us Anything | Ep 31


We had all kinds of interesting questions in today’s Ask Us Anything Live, analyzing the Capital One Venture Card’s worthiness as one of the 5/24 slots (46:36​), credit card cancellation best practices (22:25), and so much more. Watch the full episode below or click each individual timestamp to link directly to each question in YouTube.

5:27 – Appreciated this week’s mailbag (using Disco 3% to buy IHG points). A good reminder that opportunity cost is everywhere. What are some other good ways to use cash back to supplement loyalty programs?

11:03 – Wondering if there is any way to use my guest of honor and a suite upgrade award for them? I’m looking to book for my friends honeymoon at the Hyatt regency Waikiki

12:36 – If I added P2 as an AU to my platinum card (with the $0 gold card option), will she also get 10x gas/grocery for the first 6 months?

14:23 – ​First time searching ANA for biz class to Europe. The search is only showing me availability on Swiss (high surcharges). Searched many dates. Am I missing something?

17:59 – ​Hi guys – can you get Suite upgrades with Marriott Platinum if you pay for your stay with a 7 night certificate or by using the credit card certificates? Thanks

20:54 – Hi guys! I noticed some Alaska SFO-JFK nonstop flights that were available a few weeks/months ago seem to have disappeared. Do you think this is a permanent cutback on routes bc of overlap w AA?

22:25 – How can I cancel credit cards without affecting my credit score or upsetting the banks? Can I apply for a Chase business card even if I’m over 5/24? Do business cards count towards 5/24?

27:17 – Hi, if I cancel my American Express card how quickly does this update in their system for a new approval? I will need to cancel a card to get below five credit cards.

29:20 – ​Recently got the AMEX platinum card after your post about earning up to 225k + other perks. Do grocery and gas purchases count as 10x only AFTER initial $5k? & how do I get the $200 home decor credit?

33:36 – ​Hey Greg and Nick, what are you most excited about in the miles and points game as of today? Thank you 

35:45 – ​Hey guys – wondering how you guys (I guess only Nick) plan to use the Hilton resort credits from the Aspire card?

37:00 – ​Hey Guys, like Nick, I have a young child who is not vaccinated, so international travel is difficult. Looking for suggestions for my plethora of Marriott and Hilton FNCs that expire in August.

41:04 – Hi Guys! My UR Pay Yourself Back screen is showing 3 days left on all purchases, even those made a few days ago. Thoughts?

41:57 – ​My husband passed away a few months ago. He had 600,000 Marriott points (and 10 Suite Night Awards). Should I call Marriott to transfer to me? Are they likely to do this, or should I use them asap?

43:40 – What do you recommend as the best card to book a cash stay at a Hyatt Zilara? Going with a group of friends and I’m handling the booking.

46:36 – Hey guys thoughts on honestly burning a 5/25 slot on a Capital One Venture. Im struggling with pulling this trigger!

55:01 – ​Follow-up question (to Q5)… Is it possible to “upgrade” Marriott certificates? (old ones)… I have category 5 but would like to upgrade to category 6… possible?

55:55 – My Hilton business comes with a free weekend night after 15,000 in spend. it seems tempting. Should I spend my way to a free weekend night. Already spent 3,500.

57:20 – ​Do you think Marriott will extend certs expiring 8/21?

58:55 – What do you think of a $695 Capital One card? Do you think Chase and Amex will start sweating? Lol

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