[EXPIRED] JetBlue Vacations: Get $150 off $150+



JetBlue Vacations is offering up to $250 off $250 or higher bookings.

How It Works

Go to JetBlue Vacations and enter one of the following promo codes on the final payment screen:

  • Use code VACATIONS150 for $150 off a domestic flight+hotel.
  • Use code VACATIONS250 for $250 off an international (Or Puerto Rico) flight+hotel.

The codes are valid for travel through 5/7/17.

For more info on maximizing this deal, see: this Dan’s Deals post.


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Of course the deal is dead.

Every deal in the last 18 months is dead because nobody does their own research or has an original thought so, they overwhelm the banks and merchants….. Just waiting for the other shoe to drop.


You weren’t going to find airfare and hotel for $150 and under.

If you did it’s a waste of time since it would be for one night.

Of course the deal is dead. The bloggers butter both sides of their bread and are cashing in on this new wave of “hackers” with credit card referrals.

And if you read Doc of Credit and Dan’s Deals, you’ve read it all.

The rest of these people spout the same info. Just wait until this new wave of hackers go bust after getting too much credit w/o being able to pay it back. Then it’s back to basics.

Trust me the best information is not on anyone’s blogs and nothing is free.

Greg The Frequent Miler

Unfortunately it looks like the deal is now dead


Every city, every date gives me hotel rooms for $500+ a night when booked through other sites would be no where close to that. Not sure how you are getting reasonable priced rooms with this.