(EXPIRED) Kohl’s Chase Offer: Get 20% Back On Up To $100 (Can Buy Gift Cards In-Store Inc. Amazon, Best Buy, Delta & More)

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Update 12/10/22: A new round of offers for Kohl’s has come out and many people who used the offer recently report being targeted again on multiple Chase cards. It’s worth logging in and adding this offer to your cards if you have it and can use it.

A targeted Kohl’s Chase Offer showed up the other day giving 20% back on up to $100 spend. While you might not be interested in shopping at Kohl’s, there is a reason to be interested in this offer – they have a decent gift card rack in-store stocked with many different brands.

The Deal

  • Get 20% back at Kohl’s with a targeted Chase Offer.

Key Terms

  • Expires December 23, 2022.
  • Maximum $20 back.
  • Offer valid one time only.
  • Payment must be made directly with the merchant.

Quick Thoughts

If you’re planning on doing any holiday shopping at Kohl’s this week due to the Black Friday deals, you might be able to make use of this offer organically.

Like I mentioned earlier though, there’s another good reason to care about this offer – Kohl’s has a decent third party gift card rack. The exact selection of available brands might differ by store, but a GC Galore reader sent me a couple of photos from their local store and here are just some of the gift cards you could buy to lock in the 20% discount:

  • Amazon
  • Best Buy
  • Starbucks
  • Airbnb
  • Delta
  • Southwest
  • Hotels.com
  • Home Depot
  • Lowe’s
  • Instacart
  • Chipotle
  • Google Play

What makes this Kohl’s Chase Offer even more useful is that if you’re targeted for it on multiple cards, you can load the offer to each eligible card and redeem it on each one. Between my wife and I, we have the offer on five different cards (some personal cards and some business cards), so I’m definitely planning on stocking up on $500 worth of these gift cards – either for personal use or reselling.

Note that the offer is only valid for one transaction, so it would make sense to max out that $100 spending limit in one go. For example, if you were to spend $35 on clothing at Kohl’s, add $65 worth of other gift cards – even Kohl’s gift cards – to maximize that 20% statement credit.

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I bought two $100 amazon gift cards, which posted to the cards on 12/13. The offers were already loaded on to the cards when I used them.

I have yet to receive this rebate. How long does this usually take? In the past I think my chase offers were almost credited immediately. Now I am beginning to question if this will even work at all.

Any advice? Thanks


I shopped at Kohl’s 11/27 and the offers credited 12/1.


the expiration date on the offers im seeing today is 12/23. the expiration date on the previous round of offers i used and got credited for was 12/4. does anyone know for sure that this new round will work again? says “offer valid one time only”


Does the credit card cashback get added in addition to the 20%? i.e. if your Chase card gives you 1-5% back at department stores, is that still in addition to the 20%?


Thank you! Got it on my Chase Freedom Flex a couple weeks ago (and used it on an Amazon gift card at Kohl’s) and now it’s showing up again. Great!


It doesn’t have to be one transaction- I had two separate transactions under $100 and got the rebate twice (maxing out at the $20 total)


I could only find one gift card rack near the checkout area and it didn’t have Amazon, Best Buy or Home Depot.


On 29 November I got 4 cards with this offer and used all of them. Now I look and the offer is back on the same 4 cards! I am assuming it’s a new offer … and will be paid out again.


I got on 5 cards in Nov and then reoffered across 4 of the same cards in Dec. Assume I can reuse and it works AGAIN.. This time I think I am going to do Best Buy or Amazon (last time did AirBNB).


would love to know if that assumption is correct


It’s a good deal for GC purchases but in the store, you’ll have to go through the humiliation of saying you want to use your Chase card instead of a Kohl’s card when the cashier asks. They will insinuate that you are a fool and missing out on saving money.


lol sounds like you got a pushy cashier


Happens to me every time I go to Kohl’s. The last time my wife shopped at Kohl’s (as in the last time that she will EVER shop at Kohl’s) the cashier asked her if she was using her Kohl’s card. When she told her she was using a different card she asked her “don’t you like to save money” then went ahead and rang up the entire purchase to show her what she would have saved if she used a Kohl’s card. My wife walked out as opposed to standing there while she re-rang the entire purchase so she could pay with her Amex card. We don’t shop at Kohl’s anymore but I might be tempted by a high enough GC deal.


The offer has since disappeared. (Not listed under offers or claimed. I have not seen the cash back on my card. Has this happened to anyone else?

Stephen Pepper

You mean you used your card at Kohl’s and now the offer doesn’t show? That’s normal – you should receive an email within a week or so confirming you’ve gotten the statement credit.


Thank you! I bought 3 $100 Amazon cards yesterday. Note: They had 3 racks of gift cards throughout the store near register areas, I had to dig to find something >$25 and found Amazon on the 3rd and final rack.


note: I had the offer on Freedom, Southwest Business and Business Ink.


Is this better than buying a fee free $100 GC at Staples or OD/OM at 5x with CIC? Sorry, having a hard figuring out the 20% discount vs 5x points earnings.

Stephen Pepper

It depends on how you value Ultimate Rewards. If you buy a $200 fee-free at Staples with a Chase Ink Cash card, you earn 1,000 Ultimate Rewards points. Those can be cashed out for $10, or you can transfer them to travel partners for better value.

If you buy a $100 Visa gift card at Kohl’s, it’ll have a $5.95 purchase fee, so your net cost after the statement credit will be $85.95, so $14.05 savings. If you value Ultimate Rewards at more than 1.4cpp (cents per point) and are limited in your ability to use the Visa gift cards, buying from Staples would make more sense.

That said, this is comparing $200 Visa gift cards at Staples with $100 Visa gift cards at Kohl’s.

Otherwise, you could use the Kohl’s Amex Offer to buy other gift cards you might like to save money on like Amazon, Apple, Google Play, dining gift cards, etc.


Thanks Stephen! I shouldn’t have mentioned “fee free” as that automatically assumes Visa or MC. I was thinking more like a $100 Amazon GC at an office store with 500 UR vs a $100 Amazon GC at Kohl’s with a 20% statement credit. Of course buying multiples with whichever cards I am targeted on. But going by your reply, the UR would have to be worth 4cpp to equal the Kohl’s deal, correct? Thanks!!

Stephen Pepper

Yep, that’s correct. In fact, they’d have to be worth more than 4cpp because you’d be earning miles/points on whichever card you have the Kohl’s offer on too.


Got this on Two cards and already maxed both.


We just bought a $100 Kohl’s gift card. Kohl’s is the only “department store” in my Central IL town. We spend at least $100 in Kohl’s every quarter. It’ll be easy to take advantage of Kohl’s discounts of 20-30% which are usually only allowed if charging the purchase to Kohl’s credit card.


When it says “directly with merchant,” does that mean we can’t use it online?


I was wondering the same thing as well

Stephen Pepper

No, you can use it when making purchases on the Kohl’s website as that’s directly with the merchant. Buying from Kohl’s via a service like Instacart (if that’s even an option) is that they mean by not being directly with the merchant.


Are there any gift cards on kohls.com available online besides the kohl’s gift cards? Was looking for amazon or southwest but don’t see them online. Would prefer to purchase online so I can use a portal and also not have to drive in. Thanks

Stephen Pepper

No, I’m afraid it’s only Kohl’s gift cards available online.

Joe Lee

So buying Kohls gift cards should trigger the offer?

Stephen Pepper

Yes – provided they’re bought on the Kohl’s website itself rather than via CashStar.


I am new to this. How do I get this on my Kolhs card?

Stephen Pepper

Do you mean your Kohl’s charge card? If so, this isn’t an offer on that card – this is an offer you might find when logged in to your Chase account if you have any credit cards with them.


I got this on my Southwest business card. My local Kohls didn’t have any Amazon cards so I bought a $100 Southwest card.


Do you to activate this on the chase portal first?




Ok so I buy $100 kohls gift card through my portal and then buy a let’s say a hotels.com gift card at Kohls w it? I’m so confused sorry.


Activate it on the Chase portal under whatever card it is offered on. Use that Chase card to purchase $100 in gift cards At a Kohl’s Store. Whether it be Kohl’s itself or hotels dot com whatever cards you want.


Seen this on both cobranded and Chase branded cards, good offer.


thanks. just made $120 from having 6 cards with this offer, along with $20 from 4 x $5 off grocery.


Thanks, had 3 of these on my business cards only.


Nice have Kohls on two cards as well debating SW or Hotels dot com

Also added $5 off $5 at a Grocery store on two of 13 cards

Also have 10% CB on OD/OM just need another VGC/MCGC deal in next 7 days.

DOSH stack would be nice been a minute since I did the OD GC deal-


DOSH hasnt shut you down yet?


I was just wondering if Dosh was still doing 2% at OD – I cashed my Dosh out 8.2.2022

Haven’t done VGC @ OD with Dosh since earlier this year – was wondering if OD/Dosh was still doing 2% (they are)


No, I don’t hit that Dosh/OD that hard anymore

Arnold S

That’s a great find…. hopefully they will have AirBNB gift cards at the Kohl’s near me.

Beth B

Just bought my $100 Southwest card there yesterday with this offer!