Kroger 4X Fuel Points On Dining & Entertainment Gift Cards


There’s a new Kroger 4X fuel points digital coupon you can load to your account for dining and entertainment gift card purchases.

This can be stacked with some other offers – here’s how.

Kroger 4x fuel points dining entertainment

The Deal

  • Load the digital coupon to your account and earn 4X fuel points when buying a participating dining and entertainment category gift card.

Key Terms

  • Expires February 14, 2018

Quick Thoughts

It’s a shame that 4X fuel points are restricted to these two categories, but there are several ways to get additional value out of this.

My understanding is that Kindle gift cards fall under ‘entertainment’, although that might have changed. Kindle gift cards work the same as regular Amazon gift cards.

You should also check your emails and/or digital coupon account for a ‘Best Customer Bonus’ offer of 200 points on a variety of dining gift cards. This is targeted though as I was sent the offer whereas my wife wasn’t.

These are some of the dining gift cards on my bonus offer:

Kroger GCs

I don’t believe that the 200 bonus fuel points qualify for the 4X fuel points promo. For example, if I bought a $25 Chili’s gift card then I think I’d end up with 300 fuel points (25 * 4 = 100 + bonus of 200) rather than 900 ((25 + 200) * 4 = 900).

This deal can also be stacked with the Hyatt credit card promotion offering $30 back when spending $300 at grocery and drug stores.

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[…] Kroger 4X Fuel Points On Dining & Entertainment Gift Cards (Expires 2/14/18) […]


Just bought a test $15 Kindle gift card and it did not give 4 Points so it must not code as entertainment.


You don’t have to buy one to test. Grab a card and head to the self serve lane, scan it, then hit “Pay Now”. If you’re going get 4x, a code with “4X” will appear on screen. If not, simply void the purchase and put the card back up (this will require an employee to clear the lane, so try not to be a pain about it).


You learn something every day. Thanks Eric!


Oh – and your assumption at the end is correct. 200 bonus points for preferred customers is not quadrupled – just the actual amount of the card – with 200pts. added afterwards.


Any data points on Disney as “entertainment?”