(EXPIRED) 4x fuel points on Visa, Mastercard, 3rd party gift cards at Kroger [Ends 5/12]

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If you’re shopping at Kroger, you should check for a digital coupon for 4x fuel points on gift cards, which includes both 3rd party cards and fixed-denomination Visa and Mastercard gift cards. This can certainly make for some great net discounts if you have a use for the fuel points and it can mean racking up some easy rewards if you’re using a credit card that earns one of the best category bonuses at US Supermarkets.

The Deal

Key Details

  • Expires 5/12/20
  • Must sign in and load coupons prior to purchase
  • Visa and Mastercard offer only applies to fixed-denomination cards (excludes variable-load Visa and Mastercards)

Quick Thoughts

If you have a use for fuel points, this promo can certainly be well worthwhile. A $250 purchase will yield 1,000 fuel points, good for $1 off per gallon on up to 35 gallons. YMMV in terms of the max amount you can use in a single fill-up — while some areas cap your discount at a max of $1 off per gallon, others don’t have that restriction.

I got well over a dollar off per gallon on this fill-up.

Even at just $1 off per gallon and a fill-up of just 20 gallons, you’d essentially be saving $20 with a $250 gift card purchase. That’s enough to mitigate the fees on the Visa and Mastercard gift cards. A little further effort to maximize and you may even be able to resell some gift cards for a profit.

Of course, the added benefit here is the ability to take advantage of a nice category bonus on your favorite card to use at the grocery store. You have a number of options there; check out our Best Category Bonuses page to see some of them.

Keep in mind that fuel points expire on the last day of the month following the month in which they are earned — so fuel points earned during April will expire on 5/31/20 and fuel points earned in May will expire on 6/30/20.

Other recent times Kroger ran coupons for both third-party and Visa and Mastercard gift cards concurrently included:

  • March 30-April 15, 2020
  • February 28-March 1, 2020
  • January 30 – Feb 2, 2020
  • July 30-August 13, 2019
  • July 17-19, 2019
  • May 24-27, 2019

H/T: Doctor of Credit

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Nick, any idea if this deal would have worked when using a CC that offers cashback on groceries? This is a pretty common strategy in-store, but I wondered whether buying gift cards online still counted towards “groceries”. Trying to stack my AMEX 6% cashback.


you need to start charging for these great infos!

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Harris Teeter is running the promotion until 2/18/20.

joe r walker

We love 4x points as take both vehicles to Shell and use a Shell gift card bought at a discount to get $1 off 35 gallons(fill both at same time!)


Gas Gift cards don’t earn fuel points btw

joe r walker

I wasn’t clear. The fuel points get us $1.00 off 35 gallons and we pay with a shell card bought at Kroger which earned fuel points and 4x AMEX (Gold card)

[…] two weeks after their last 4x fuel points offers ended, Kroger and its affiliate stores have released two new digital coupons offering 4x fuel points on […]

Abulla Oblingata

I will say this again as a public service announcement……..best gift gard to buy is ARCO gas.

Paul Moeller

Not if you don’t live on the left coast


Needed 2 appliances at Lowes. Bought $1,250 of Lowes GC with my Amex Gold. My fill up is about 25 gallons, so that was $125 off gas and 5,000 mr points. Stacked it with a 10% off coupon for $.99 from eBay, So just about $375 back/off FTW!


Please change dates in the Title.


As always, thanks for the heads up on these promos. Will make good use of it! 🙂


I wish Kroger accepted Visa cards. Missing the ability to use my Freedom this quarter!