Deal: 5% back at Kroger with Dosh ($10 per day max)


Update 4/20/19: This is now showing as 3% for both in-store and online orders.

Dosh is offering 5% cash back at Kroger, up to $10 back per day (Doctor of Credit reports this is actually a rolling 24 hours). That’s a great deal as you’ll just need to link your credit card and can then stack credit card rewards on top. Whether you’re interested in the prepaid phone card deal at that we posted earlier or you’re shopping in-store, this is a nice deal.

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The Deal

  • Get 5% cash back at Kroger via the Dosh app (note: not all stores are participating, but also works at
  • If you’re new to Dosh, feel free to sign up using one of our referral links. I’m not sure if there is still a bonus when you sign up, but in the past there has been a $5 bonus for each of us. YMMV.

Key Details

  • $10 max cash back per day
  • Must use a Dosh-linked debit or credit card

Quick Thoughts

This is obviously a nice deal because it could help to mitigate the fees on a gift card, thereby resulting in free and easy rewards (which is especially nice if you’re using a card that earns one of the best category bonuses at US Supermarkets). Note that not all physical stores are participating. However, I’m glad to see that also works as it means you could stack this deal with the deals we sometimes see at the Kroger site (like the prepaid phone card deal we posted earlier). I’m not sure whether or not an online order for store pick up would work if your physical store isn’t eligible, but it’s worth a shot — if anyone tries, I’d love to know if it triggers the cash back from Dosh.

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Keep in mind that this is limited to a maximum of $10 per day. This should also stack with the Cash app, which is currently offering 10% back on up to $75. Remember that Dosh does not require you to click through the app to earn cash back online, you just need to connect your preferred card,

I’m not sure how long this deal will last, but it will be good while it does for those who can use it.

H/T: Doctor of Credit

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[…] last I saw, Dosh was offering 3% cashback at Kroger, so it looks like that was increased to 5% at some point since April seeing as this double cashback […]


Kroger isn’t listed in my app


Just downloaded and installed the app. Kroger not listed under shopping and noting found when using search term Kroger.