Dosh: Now stack card-linked offers with portals


Dosh, an app for card-linked in-store offers, has sent out an email today notifying members of coming enhancements, the most interesting of which is that you no longer have to click through the Dosh app for online offers. Instead, online offers will work the same way that in-store offers do: they are linked to the card you use to purchase. That’s awesome as it means you should be able to stack Dosh with shopping portals, coupons, Chase Offers, Amex Offers, etc for even further savings. At the moment, I’m only seeing a few stores available, but hopefully that will improve.

The Deal

  • Dosh now offers card-linked offers at online stores (you no longer need to click through Dosh to activate these)

Quick Thoughts

Dosh sent out an email today about this interesting development. Here’s an excerpt:

Hey there,

Thank you for being a Dosher! Over the next month, you’ll continue to see enhancements to the Dosh app and more in-store and online offers added at your favorite brands. Our most recent enhancement is related to the “Online Offers” section.

Here’s what you can expect to see:

  • We are making it easier than ever to get cash back from Dosh merchants online! You now don’t have to shop through the Dosh app for online merchants, but can go directly to a merchant website or app on your desktop, tablet or mobile phone, then make a purchase and get cash back automatically (just like when you make a purchase at an in-store Dosh merchant). Please note that some offers are online only. Make sure to always check the Online Offers section for the latest offers!
  • We will be adding new online offers weekly in the online section (most recently, BarkBox!) and removing some existing online offers that required you to shop through the Dosh app. Look out for new online merchants coming soon!
  • You also now have the ability to see your pending transactions in your Dosh Wallet, so you will always know the status of your cash back.

The key that stood out to me is that you don’t have to shop through the Dosh app for online merchants. Cash back is automatic, provided that you’ve linked your credit card to Dosh.

That’s awesome because it means you should be able to stack with other options like a shopping portal, an Amex Offer, etc. At the moment, Dosh only has a few options for online cash back:

That’s pretty slim. However, you should be able to theoretically stack that a bit. For example, there is a Current Amex Offer for Bark Box (spend $75 or more, get $15 back). If you linked an Amex card synced with that offer to Dosh, you could get an additional $3.75 back from Dosh for a total of $18.75 back on $75. You could further go through TopCashBack and get either $10 or $18 back (for “gifts” or “other purchases”, whatever those things mean), increasing your discount to the neighborhood of half off.

Of course, this will only get exciting if Dosh is able to expand on the number of online merchants. Hopefully, they will. Given that Dosh occasionally runs great in-store offers like 20% back on Sam’s Club now and then, I’ll be pretty excited to see what comes of these online offers.

If you’re new to Dosh, feel free to sign up using Stephen’s referral link. When you sign up and link a verified credit or debit card, you’ll get $5 deposited in your wallet and so will he.

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