Fee Free $100 Visa & Mastercard Gift Cards at Kroger


kroger visa mastercard fee free

Kroger (and its subsidiaries) are offering fee free $100 Visa or Mastercard gift cards with a digital coupon that can be loaded to your online account.

To load the offer to your card, visit the site for your local Kroger affiliate, login and then go to the coupons section. These coupons will be under the “Gift Cards” category. This direct link may work.

Gift card purchases at Kroger normally earn 2X fuel rewards points, however right now you can earn 4X fuel rewards on gift card purchases. Purchasing a $100 fixed value Visa or Mastercard gift card should earn you $.40 off per gallon of gas.

Key Terms

  • While supplies last.
  • No rain checks.
  • Limit one coupon per transaction per day.
  • For use in the U.S. only.
  • Expires 11/29/15

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Like the other commenter, I also had the coupon disappear from the kroger coupon list after redeeming it once, even though the terms seem pretty clear you can use it once a day. Maybe you have to wait 24 hrs after first loading (or maybe even from when you redeem it) for the coupon to show up again. Just a thought.


No, unfortunately that does not appear to be the case. I redeemed the coupon on Nov 25 with no problems. I tried to use again today and the coupon was not applied – was charged $5.95 fee.

will s

Terry, indeed does appear to be the case. Use it once and it’s gone. (and the one transaction per day verbiage in the t&c is meaningless)

So once again, we have the points-o-sphere lighting up over a one-time, save yourself $6 promotion.

Anybody — anybody — experience anything different?


I called Kroger online support, and the lady said that the coupon is still loaded to my card, so she told me to try to buy it again and see if the fee comes off.

I did try and it didn’t take the fee off. I went to customer service in the store to ask, and they said it’s probably just one coupon per customer.


At least we got 400 fuel points out of this. That alone saves $14 on 35 gallons.


I was unable to load the $100 us bank visa from kroger to bluebird. KATE was out of order, so I went to a cashier. She said I could try, but they changed it so you can only load at the money center or customer service, and that another customer had problems earlier. First time I tried it said invalid pin though I am pretty sure I entered it right. Second time invalid payment type. Tried at the money center register, cashier said funds were not avaliable. Tried a third time at a different register after a little shopping, not accepted. Checked the balance online, card has $100 and is active. I could try registering the card and see if that helps? Anyone else have problems?

will s

Julie, I encountered the exact same problem — and on the worst possible day at WMT — “black eye” friday. What an utterly miserable experience. (reminds me how much I loathe actually going to a WalMart)

It seems both via and mc products at Kroger are now US Bank — thus requiring a long trip to find a wmt with a working Kate. (unless we do that “cancel” workaround – of which I’m forgetting)


I went back and tried to load bluebird with KATE when it was back in order yesterday, and I still couldn’t load the US bank Visa GC. “Debit not available”. Tried twice.

What is the cancel workaround?


I am having the same issue with all Visa cards I bought at kroger. None of them work, but Meta’s and Sunnys are working (i have been mixing them around to test my theory that U.S. Bank has killed us from being able to load U.S Bank GC’s to serve. So far I have 3 U.S. Bank duds from different kroger stores, so just a heads up, If you buy one, try to load it ASAP before you buy more of em. The other thing is that GoWallet will not show the balance of them and cannot load it, so if that happens to you, i bet your in my boat.


I was able to load 2 $500 US bank cards from Kroger at a Walmart register yesterday with no problems. Today I went to a different Walmart and tried 2 different $500 cards from Kroger and was rejected at 2 different registers. Got debit not approved message. When I got home, I checked the card activity online, and the charge went through and was then immediately reversed. Balance still shows $500.


Also found coupon there that gives dis out to check/debt card cashing. Possible to cash out GCs at Kroger sold as “debit cards” ?

From the Kroger site:

Coupon Details Window.
Coupon Details

Save $0.75 on Check & Card Cashing When you cash any payroll or government check, or debit card. Cash any amount up to $5000!!

[…] night Frequent Miler reported that Kroger and their subsidiaries is offering a digital coupon that takes the fee off of $100 Visa […]


Does Kroger take discover apply pay?


I can confirm you guys that the 4x do show up instantly after purchase so it does work with the 4x promotion. I went to my kroger to often and I think they will blacklist me next time i come and do it again haha

will s

This is a nice catch, Shawn, thank you. On my first scan through my Kroger on-line coupons, I missed this one — even though I was looking for it. Then, in reading your tips, found it by looking just under category for gift cards — and there it was. Loaded and will pick “one” up today. Curious the terms say one per day til the 29th, but then above that say:

No Activation Fee on MASTERCARD® and/or VISA® when you buy ONE $100 MASTERCARD® and/or VISA® Gift Card.

Guess I’ll find out on day two…. ?


I find this language in the TC;
Do Gift Card purchases count toward fuel points?
Yes. Gift Card purchases count 2X toward your fuel points monthly balance, with the exception of Kroger and Kroger Family of Stores Gift Cards, Green Dot prepaid reloadable products, MoneyPaks, American Express Variable Load Gift Cards, Visa Variable Load Gift Cards, and MasterCard Variable Load Gift Cards

will s

and during current promotion, fixed value visa and m/c gift cards count 4x towards fuel points. (that’s been my experience too)

ben dover

do these cards come with a pin number in the package?

Jayson Tripp

I can’t even get this coupon or any of the gap coupons to load to the card…


I`ve been using this coupon but unfortunalty the offer doesn’t show up after redeeming it once even though the TC says its valid once a day. I tried purchasing a visa and mastercard but the coupon only applied once so check that as well.

will s

thanks for the report Forian…. I was wondering about this below…. and see you’ve already encountered the problem. Seems rather odd they’d have a flat contradiction in their t&c…. e.g., limit, one per day vs. good on just one purchase.