Le Meridien Maldives Resort & Spa: Guide & Review


Marriott’s Le Meridien Maldives Resort & Spa opened September 1st 2021.  Just 10 days later, Nick and I visited the resort for a brief 3 night stay.  It was fantastic!  We didn’t experience any issues usually associated with brand new hotels.  Quite the opposite: The buildings and grounds were beautiful and the staff were exceptional.

As is the case with most resorts in the Maldives, it’s necessary to fly into Malé airport (MLE).  From there, the resort organizes a 30 minute seaplane transfer to their island (a few resorts offer a boat transfer option, but that’s not available with Le Meridien).  Once at the resort, there is no practical way to visit other islands unless participating in a resort sponsored excursion.  As a result, in the Maldives, its essential to carefully read reviews before committing to a resort.  Here’s my review of Le Meridien Maldives…

a pool with chairs and umbrellas on the side
Le Meridien Maldives Riviera Pool & Bar.

It’s hard to believe that it was only a few months ago when we first learned about the Le Meridien Maldives.  It’s a brand new resort with overwater bungalows classified as standard rooms.  This is important because it’s possible to use points or free night certificates to book these.  Even better, the resort is currently a category 5 Marriott property.  This means that rooms cost only 35K per night standard (or 40K peak, or 30K off-peak).  That’s a steal for the Maldives!  To see how great of a deal this is, see this post that compares Marriott’s multiple offerings: Overwater villas in the Maldives, bookable with Marriott points.

Le Meridien Maldives Bottom Line Review

Bottom line: Le Meridien Maldives is awesome.  On our second day on the island, I wrote “Le Meridien Maldives first impressions: Wow!”  And the resort continued to impress us for the rest of the trip.  The resort offers great service on par with the best luxury resorts in the world; and both the island, restaurants, and accommodations are physically gorgeous.  Plus, excellent snorkeling is available by swimming directly from the beach or from an overwater villa.  The only minor negatives relate to food and activities: we found the food to be good, but not great; and while the resort does offer a number of excursions, there’s not a lot to do there during a long stay unless you are into water sports.

  • Points Price: Category 5, 35K points per night standard, 30K off-peak, or 40K peak.  Expect to pay 40K per night during the winter.  I expect Marriott to increase this resort to Category 6 or (more likely) Category 7 when they make annual category adjustments in March 2022.
  • Cash Price: Varies. Expect to pay at least $450 to $550 per night in the off-season or $600 to $900 per night in peak season (December through March) for a standard Beach Bungalow room.  Prices for overwater villas and upgraded rooms are usually higher.
  • Points Value: Great!  During peak dates it can be hard to snag with points (especially for an overwater villa at standard pricing), but if successful, you’ll usually score well over 1 cent per point value before accounting for taxes and service charges which drive the point value higher since they are not charged on award stays at this property.  On the other hand, cash rates include breakfast whereas award nights do not.  So, if you don’t have Platinum Elite status or higher (which includes free breakfast as a welcome gift option), the value of your points here will be slightly lower.
  • Resort Fee: This resort doesn’t technically have a resort fee, but 10 percent of the nightly room rate is listed on the bill as a “service charge.”  When booking with points or with free night certificates, there is no resort fee or service charge based on the room rate because 10% of nothing is nothing.  There is a standard 10% service charge for any activities, food, etc. charged to your room.
  • Tipping: The resort automatically charges a 10 percent service charge on top of room and food charges.  I never felt any expectation to tip during any staff interactions except maybe at meals.  After each meal, the bill includes a line to add an optional tip.  Since the 10 percent charge is already included, I didn’t feel like a tip was required, but I did round up my charges to the next $10 or so.
  • Airport Transfer: Le Meridien charges $420 ($426 after taxes) per person for round-trip transfers from Malé airport (MLE).  This charge is billed directly to your room.  There is no option to book your own transfers separately.  Compared to other resorts that require seaplane transfers, $420 is very reasonable.  See this post for a comparison of Marriott properties in the Maldives: Overwater villas in the Maldives, bookable with Marriott points.
  • Housekeeping: Rooms are cleaned and serviced twice per day.  Housekeeping staff ensures that rooms are always stocked with bottled water (from the island’s own bottling plant), clean bath towels, and clean beach towels.  With the evening service (which always happened while I was at dinner), lights are dimmed and curtains closed.
  • Internet: Internet coverage around the island and in rooms was very reliable.  It was slow for uploading very large files, but it was fast enough to easily stream video calls.
  • Dining: The resort offers several restaurants and bars around the small island.  See the “Dining” section later in this post for details and reviews.
  • Spa: Neither of us tried the spa, but I can at least assert that the views must be great.  Spa rooms are in their own overwater villas on the south side of the island (which is more secluded since most other things are on the north side).
  • Fitness Room:  Neither of us tried the fitness room but it’s located in the Waves Lifestyle Hub and has ocean views.
  • Marriott Elite Benefits:  Nick and I each had Titanium Elite status going into our stay, but I expect that Platinum elites will get similar treatment.  Here are the elite benefits available for those with Platinum status or higher at Le Meridien Maldives:
    • Room Upgrade at Check-In: We had each booked a sunrise overwater villa.  Nick was upgraded to a sunset overwater villa, but I wasn’t upgraded.  I have no idea why he secured an upgrade and I didn’t, but I was actually very happy about that outcome because we both agreed that my villa was better!  See this post for more: Le Meridien Maldives Villa Selection: Which is Best?
    • Welcome Gift: Your choice of daily breakfast buffet, 1000 bonus points, or a local gift (which is traditional Sarong). The daily breakfast is unquestionably the most valuable choice.
    • 20% Off Food & Beverage Purchases:  This discount is applied automatically.  The discount includes alcohol.  It does not include in-room dinning or any other activities or spa treatments.
    • 4PM Late Checkout:  This is not guaranteed at Marriott resorts.  I don’t think that checkout time is an issue at this resort since they schedule check-out based on your seaplane transfer time which is dictated by your flight departure time from Male airport.
    • No Suite Night Awards: Suite Night Awards are not accepted at this resort.
  • Would I stay again? Yes!  I would love to stay again.  In fact, I’ve already tentatively booked a 5 night stay with points for early next year.


a person in a cockpit

To get to the Le Meridien, it’s necessary to fly into Malé and then take a seaplane transfer to the resort (transfers cost $420 round-trip per person).  There was a bit of a hiccup upon arrival in Malé: as we exited customs, we should have seen a guy holding a sign for the Le Meridien, but we missed him.  We saw people with signs for every other resort in this hemisphere, but not this one.  If this happens to you, I recommend asking someone from another Marriott property (St. Regis, Ritz-Carlton, W, JW, Westin, Sheraton) and I’m sure they’ll point you the right way.  We didn’t know to expect this, though, so we went a different route.  We had an email from the resort saying which island transfer service they use (Trans Maldivian Airways) and so we went to their desk to figure out next steps.  The sign-holder-guy came over and apologized for missing us, got our bags sorted, and pointed us to a shuttle bus.  The shuttle bus took us to a passenger holding area (an off-airport lounge) and then to the seaplane marina where we were loaded onto the small plane and took off.  We flew first to drop off half the passengers (or maybe more) at a different resort and then went on to the Le Meridien.  The entire flight took about 35 minutes.


a man holding a drum in front of a sign

From the moment we stepped off the seaplane, Le Meridien’s incredible staff made us feel welcome and pampered.  Every single interaction from then on reinforced the notion that Le Meridien Maldives offers a level of service on par with the best of the best, anywhere.  On the last full day of the trip we met the resort’s general manager, Nilesh Singh.  It turns out that before he became general manager here, he worked at Ritz-Carlton and St. Regis properties.  He believes that Le Meridien’s staff should be held to the same level of service as is more common at Ritz and St. Regis hotels.  And it shows.

Overwater Villas

Check out this video walk-through of an overwater villa:


Le Meridien Maldives offers a number of different room types.  The two that are considered “standard” and which can be booked with 30K to 40K points per night without additional upgrade charges are: Sunrise Overwater Villa and Beach Bungalow.  For a full discussion about room types and which is best, please see: Le Meridien Maldives Villa Selection: Which is Best?  The short answer is that the best choice for those interested in snorkeling is the Sunrise Overwater Villa on the west jetty.  I would actually consider turning down an upgrade offer in order to keep this base level room.

a room with a bed and a television
Overwater Villa. The bedroom itself was large and attractive.  The star of the show, though, is the million dollar ocean view (which is admittedly very difficult to see from this photo).
a mirror on a table
Overwater Villa. From left to right: Toilet room, Make-up Desk, Bathroom
a bathroom with a tub and a large window
Overwater Villa bathroom with wide-open view of the ocean
a bathtub in a room with a view of the ocean
Overwater Villa: View from the shower.  Beyond the tub you can see the deck with two chaise lounge chairs, a net hammock like thing to the right (not very comfortable unfortunately), and stairs leading down to the water.
a deck with a table and a pool overlooking the ocean
My deck, which was on the sunrise side of the west jetty
a deck with chairs and a pool in the background
Another view of my deck. Beach towels are provided in each room and replaced daily.
a deck with chairs and a table on the water
Nick’s deck at sunset.  His room was on the sunset side of the west jetty


Le Meridien Maldives has a beautiful reef teeming with fish.  As shown below (with the yellow arrows) it’s possible to swim from west jetty sunrise villas to the reef.  Currents are such that it is sometimes very difficult to swim back to the west jetty and so a suggested route is to swim along the reef and then to the beach as shown below.  Make sure to bring a room key with you (hopefully your swim suit has a secure pocket!) so that you can get back into your room after walking back.  If you’re not interested in swimming far, there are also little artificial reef “pods” dotted all around the island so that you can see plenty of fish from almost anywhere.

a map of a resort

Always, always, always wear a life vest when snorkeling here.  The currents are often very strong and so it can be very dangerous to go without one.  The resort provides two life vests in every room.

a school of fish swimming in the ocean

fish swimming in the ocean

a fish swimming in the water

a blue fish swimming in the water

a group of fish swimming in the water

a group of fish swimming in the water

a person holding a camera underwater

As shown above, we each used waterproof phone cases that we bought on Amazon.com to record our snorkeling adventures (in case you’re interested, here’s our affiliate link to the specific product we purchased).  The case worked well to protect our phones, but you do need to make sure to dry off the case thoroughly before opening it so as to prevent water from getting trapped inside (we each made that mistake at least once).  While snorkeling, we could manipulate the phone screens through the case’s soft plastic, but usually we had to surface to do so.  The screen didn’t usually register our finger swipes while underwater.  The shutter button on the case worked perfectly with my iPhone 11 Pro, but it didn’t line up correctly to work with Nick’s Android phone so he had to turn on and off recording via his phone’s screen.

a stingray in clear water

While we only once saw a stingray while snorkeling, they often swam right up to our overwater villas.  The stingray shown above took a liking to Nick’s villa and hung out nearby for a long time.


The resort offers three primary restaurants: Turquoise, Velaa Bar + Grill, and Tabemasu Japanese Restaurant.  Additionally, mid-day food can be found at their Latitude coffee shop, Waves Cafe, and Riviera (adults only bar).

All of the dining venues are beautiful themselves and have beautiful views.  And, in all cases, service was outstanding.

Turquoise Breakfast

Turquoise is the one and only breakfast restaurant on the island.  They offer an excellent buffet with a wide variety of Maldivian, Asian, and Western foods.  Additionally, the island’s barista is on-hand to prepare coffee any way that you’d like.  I would have liked to have seen a bigger variety of fresh fruit options, but I eventually learned that you can request some things even if they’re not on display.  Twice I asked for papaya and it was brought to my table on a plate.

Turquoise Dinner

Nick and I had mixed opinions of Turquoise for dinner.  Nick ordered a Maldivian dish that he liked a lot.  I ordered the catch of the day which was under flavored and a bit rubbery.  You can find the dinner menu here (you may have to hit refresh on your browser a couple of times).

Velaa Bar & Grill

This was my favorite restaurant at the resort.  Nick ordered a huge meat platter (which he was gracious enough to share with me) and I ordered the tuna steak.  Both entrees were very good.  You can find the lunch and dinner menu here (you may have to hit refresh on your browser a couple of times).

Tabemasu (Japanese restaurant)


In my opinion, dinner here was good but not great.  Perhaps my expectations were too high since this seems to be the premier featured restaurant on the island.  I ordered the $130 Omakase (chef’s choice) six course meal.  Everything was good, but nothing was great enough to justify the price in my opinion.  You can find the dinner menu here (you may have to hit refresh on your browser a couple of times).

Meal Plan Info

Guests have the option to add full or half board meal plans to their stay.  Many guests have breakfast included already (either because it was included with the cash rate they booked or because they chose breakfast as their Platinum Elite welcome gift) and so the meal plan options are $30 cheaper in those cases.

Half Board: $95 per day ($65 per day for those with breakfast already included)

  • Daily breakfast buffet at Turquoise (which is the only restaurant open for breakfast)
  • Daily dinner: Buffet dinner or a 3-course meal served at Turquoise; or a 3-course set menu at Velaa Bar + Grill.
  • Surcharges apply on selected items.
  • Specialty outlets, destination dining, in villa dining and special events are not included in Half Board meal plan and will incur additional charges.
  • Beverages are not included and will be charged on consumption. Still and sparkling island water are included (Note: without a meal plan, we were charged $5 per meal for water).

Full Board: $230 per day ($200 per day for those with breakfast already included)

  • Daily breakfast buffet at Turquoise (which is the only restaurant open for breakfast)
  • Daily lunch: Choice of Turquoise, Waves Cafe, Latitude, Riviera (adults only bar), Velaa Bar & Grill.  In other words, lunch is included at any dining outlet on the island.
  • Daily dinner: Choice of buffet dinner or a 3-course meal served at Turquoise;  3-course meal at Velaa Bar + Grill; 3-course meal at Tabemasu
  • Beverages: All alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are included, including Minibar drinks (excluding Champagne).
  • Excludes destination dining and in-villa dining.
  • Full-Board Documentation can be found here.

Platinum Elite (or higher) Notes Regarding Meal Packages:

  • If you select daily breakfast as your welcome gift, then the plans listed above would cost $65 (half-board) or $200 (full-board).
  • The Platinum Elite 20% Food & Beverage discount does not apply to the purchase of full or half board packages.

How to book with points

a wooden walkway leading to a beach with houses on stilts

The trick to finding base level rooms available to book with points or with free night certificates is to use Marriott’s Flexible Date search tool.  In my experience, flexible date searches never seem to work on the mobile app, but they often work when using a desktop browser.  If you find that you’re not getting any results on a desktop browser, try again in Incognito or Private mode.

To find available award nights, go to Marriott.com and search for Le Meridien Maldives to book any date range of interest.  Once you get to the resort’s search results, you can click the Edit button to change the parameters of your search.  Next, make sure that “Use points / certificates” is checked, and then click on the “from” date.  This will drop down a calendar where you can then click the “Flexible Dates” tab as shown below:

a screenshot of a computer

I like to do flexible date searches for 1 night stays so as to get a decent picture of what’s available.  With the above search, I found this calendar view:

a calendar with numbers and a few days of work

Dates shown above with numbers in them are days where base level rooms are available.  From this view, though, you can’t tell whether Sunrise Overwater Villas or Beach Bungalows are available, or both.  You’ll have to click into one of the dates to see.

If a Sunrise Overwater Villa is available, you should then see something like this:

a screenshot of a computer

If a Sunrise Overwater Villa isn’t available, you may instead see a Sunset Overwater Villa like this:

a screenshot of a computer

The Sunset Overwater Villa costs more because it is considered an upgrade (even though I prefer the Sunrise Overwater Villas!  See: Le Meridien Maldives Villa Selection: Which is Best?

If you book a standard room with points for 5 nights or more, you’ll be able to take advantage of Marriott’s Stay for 5, Pay for 4 awards.  Basically, Marriott won’t charge you for the least expensive award night of your trip.  If you book an upgraded room for 5 nights, though, you will have to pay the upgrade amount (either $100 per night or 20K points per night in the example above) for every night of the stay even though you won’t be charged the base rate for one of the nights.

See our Marriott Bonvoy Complete Guide for more about booking Marriott award nights.

Paying with Marriott Gift Cards


Every now and then it’s possible to get a deal on Marriott gift cards.  Sometimes Marriott sells them directly at a discount.  Other times, you may have a credit card offer that gives you a rebate at Marriott hotels.  In those cases, it is often possible to buy a gift card from the front desk at a Marriott hotel in order to earn the rebate.

Marriott gift cards can be used without any problem at Le Meridien Maldives.  The resort charges in US dollars and so there are no issues with foreign currency exchange rates.  Everything that you charge to your room can be paid with a gift card.  This includes all food charges, COVID testing, seaplane transfers, excursions, etc.

I recommend letting staff know that you intend to pay this way before the end of the trip.  That way, gift card processing can be done in advance and won’t hold up your departure when checking out.


Requirements for arriving in the Maldives

At the time of this writing (also at the time of our visit), there are only two requirements for entering the Maldives:

  1. You must have a certificate of a negative PCR test taken within the 96 hours prior to departure.
  2. You must fill out a Traveler Health Declaration form and submit it online within 24 hours of arrival.  After submitting the form you’ll be presented with a QR code.  I recommend snapping a photo of that code so that you have easy access to it when needed.

Requirements at the Le Meridien Maldives

a man wearing a face mask
Guests are required to wear masks in the buffet area, but can otherwise go mask-free around the resort.

Here’s what you need to know about Covid policies during your stay:

  1. Guests are required to wear masks only when entering the buffet area at breakfast.  Otherwise, masks are not required.
  2. Staff wear masks at all times.

Requirements for departing the Maldives

  1. If you need a negative PCR test when leaving the Maldives (requirements vary based on your next destination), a staff member at Le Meridien will contact you to arrange a test on the island a day or two before you leave.  The test costs just short of $150 after taxes and fees.  The resort has a little health clinic on the island that you go to during certain hours to get your test done.  It was very easy.
  2. You must fill out a Traveler Health Declaration form again and submit it online within 24 hours of departure.  Wait until you’ve received your PCR test results before filling this out since you’ll need the info from the test to complete the form.

More Information

Below are links to PDF files that the resort supplied to us:

And here’s a video of our live stream from the resort.  In this video we reviewed the basics, answered questions, and gave a quick tour of Nick’s villa.  We also spotted a sting ray during the recording!


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Tim Costello

Do you know if you can buy a meal plan while paying for the room with points?


Yes, for sure – that is what we did. They even adjust the pricing for the meal plan accordingly if your status includes free breakfast for two. This wasn’t clear from their online info and what they sent by email but they were very aware of it and it didn’t need any reminders either. You can purchase the meal plan when you get there. Just be sure to do it immediately since they have restrictions on minimum number of days etc which won’t work out if you wait too long.

[…] options from the opulent breakfast served at Turquoise to the fine dining dinner at Tabemasu.  Frequent Miler did an excellent review of dining in their […]

Raghu N

Hi Greg
I have a planned trip at this property Jan 2- 7 with my family (of 4) . I am combining this with my India family reunion trip. so I have to book 2 One way tickets.

I am unable to find Biz class award seats leaving Maldives on Jan 7 or 8
I tried Emirates, Singapore

Any pointers will help


Pam Garn

How much do they charge for meal plans for children? My husband and I are coming with our 7 year old and 4 year old.


Hi! You haven’t mentioned anything about the executive lounge which typically offers some happy hours & snacks around evening. Does this property have one? If yes, what did uou think of it?


Sorry for the dumb question, but (I think) I looked everywhere – are the meal plan costs per person or per double-occupancy room (or something else)?




So..fyi.. the 20% discount doesn’t apply anymore if you are platinum. They took that benefit away.
There’s no champagne for breakfast, only if you have full board package. The breakfast for me is very average.

I think the resort is very basic. I spent alot of time getting platinum, and for this resort it’s not really worth the hassle. I would choose Conrad any day vs this resort if you had to choose.
Points wise before it opened made sense, but if you can’t get overwater for 35k, I don’t think this is a luxury hotel to fly all the way to maldives for.

[…] foundational reporting on this resort. Greg and Nick visited it shortly after opening. See their review, along with their first impressions, and villa selection discussion. I’ve been steadily […]


As a note, it looks like they bumped up the redemption cost on the sunrise overwater room by 10k per night.

Stefan Krasowski (@rapidtravelchai)

This seems to be messing up using free night certificates, from what I can tell.

Stefan Krasowski (@rapidtravelchai)

I see what happens, need to be ‘Redemption’ to qualify for cert usage. Anything else, like ‘Redemption with Points Upgrade’ even if it is 40k and you have a 40k cert, won’t work. Flexible search is indeed the best way to weed them out since those only show ‘Redemption’ level. The flip side is if you are not using certs, some still reasonable points redemptions are hidden. Look at December 2021 calendar, only a few nights show for the low level, though for 5k or 10k points more most/all nights are available.

David g

Is there water available to drink or you have to pay for water everywhere? Is the room water potable? Did they have baggage restrictions for the seaplane? We are staying there next week and are titanium and we were told there are no discounts to the plans for having breakfast as a perk


@Greg, in your communication with the hotel, did you see 2 different plans – Full Board AND All Inclusive? We were seeing a Full Board plan for $155, but only includes alcohol at dinner, and only certain alcohol at that.

See linked PDF

Stefan Krasowski (@rapidtravelchai)

Am there now, it is currently 3 options, half-board, full-board, all-inclusive, as you have noted. There is so much food at breakfast and dinner with half-board that the full-board is either for the exceptionally hungry or the thirsty since that brings drinks into play. All-inclusive is needed to unlock the adults bar and the Japanese restaurant. Minimum 4-night commitment of your stay for a meal plan, though I am sure available for shorter stays.


all inclusive gets you at the Japanese restaurant? I thought it was just Velaa and Turquoise for dinner

Laurie L Steinhauser

I’m desperate for some advice on returning to the west coast from Male using avios but not traveling through Doha or Asia. Suggestions are greatly appreciated. We will be traveling Sept 2022.


Fantastic review and write up, thank you!!

Did you have to wait long for your sea plane to depart? Our email from the hotel said to expect about 2 hours but they have an arrival lounge for you.

Stefan Krasowski (@rapidtravelchai)

We arrived 11:50 am SQ flight and have to wait 3.5 hours. They do put you in one of the four ‘VIP’ lounges. It appears they, and other resorts, may arrange seaplane longe on return till as late as 8 pm for night flights departing Male. Seaplane terminal staff said to confirm that with resort.


when we were there, the resort at instructed ppl who had a longer wait to check in to their flight that they could buy access to an airport lounge – but ymmv


gah, all this information is making me SO EXCITED for our trip next week! I had enough bonvoy points saved to use them for 10 nights and take advantage of the 2 nights free – I have platinum status, and if I understand well from your videos it gets us 20% off food (and alcohol?) and free breakfast, and an upgrade? we booked the beach bungalow lagoon access cause didn’t have enough points for more, I emailed them to ask for an upgrade to the sunrise west water villa, any other tips? seems like I should wait to buy gift cards with my amex at the resort then use those to pay at the end for activities and food. are there any happy hours for platinum bonvoy folks, or happy hours at all? someone posted on trip advisor that the breakfast has bottomless mimosa’s, but maybe they had an all inclusive package? seems too good to be true :). thanks for any more tips!

Last edited 2 years ago by Liz
Nick Reyes

Glad you’re excited! I’m excited for you. A few answers / thoughts:

1) Yes, 20% off food and alcohol. Free breakfast has to be chosen. You get a “Welcome Gift” as a Platinum member and you can choose 1,000 points, a local amenity (the choice here is a sarong), or free breakfast for 2 daily. Breakfast is the obvious choice.

2) No on waiting to buy gift cards. First, I don’t know if they sell them at Le Meridien (I highly doubt it as it is sometimes difficult to find hotels even in the continental US that sell them). Second, Amex Offers for Marriott are limited to hotels in the US and US territories — so even if they sold gift cards, paying for stuff at Le Meridien is not going to trigger your Amex Offer. You want to find a Marriott near you in the US that stocks gift cards and go buy Marriott gift cards with your Amex Offer-loaded cards. Then use those gift cards to pay at check out (I recommend letting them know you want to use gift cards at least a day in advance of check out).

3) Prices of all of the meal plans are included in this post. See the section titled “Meal Plan Info” where Greg has all of that pricing info.

4) There is a sort of “happy hour” with discounted drinks at the adults-only pool bar by Waves. I think it starts at 5:30 each day. There is a nice sunset view there. From talking with the manager, I think that they may move this around to other spots eventually, but right now that’s it. I don’t think it is limited to elite members.

Note that from 3pm-6pm they have “bubbles” (I think it’s actually cava, not champagne) in the sort of “library” room off of the lobby (it’s called Latitude and has a door I didn’t see until the barista came out to find me and show me). That “library”-like room is air conditioned and they have some chairs and also an espresso machine to make coffees and some jars of cookies / pastries on a shelf. It looks like it would be complimentary the way they have it set up, but it isn’t. A cookie was $8 and an iced coffee was $8. I didn’t ask about the sparkling wine, but figure on probably more than a coffee or a cookie. I did get the 20% elite member discount, so $6.40 per cookie or coffee. It wasn’t a six dollar cookie.

5) I don’t know about the bottomless mimosas. I didn’t notice that at breakfast, but I’m not a big drinker – never had a mimosa and so I could see myself having passed right by that station without noticing it and/or tuning that explanation out while completely focused on when my first coffee would arrive (it didn’t take long, that’s just usually what’s on my mind when I get to breakfast). I definitely have seen that bottomless mimosa thing at other breakfasts in Asia, so it wouldn’t shock me. On the other hand, see the part above about cookies, coffee, and sparkling wine. YMMV.

One other thing I’ve picked up from Flyertalk is that they sometimes offer a dinner buffet at Turquoise depending on occupancy. That might be a decent deal.

Enjoy your stay!

Stefan Krasowski (@rapidtravelchai)

Some days at breakfast the mimosas are there, some not.


Can you buy gift card at Marriott hotels for AMEX offers without staying? since AMEX offer is supposed to be applicable to only room and charge etc.