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[…] last year, I wrote a post about low-hanging fruit you should be picking — checking account bonuses and other easy bank bonuses can be well worth some time investment […]

[…] a few months back about how I opened a few checking accounts for easy new account bonuses (See: Low-hanging fruit you ought to be picking). Some checking account bonuses can be very easy money that could make for a timely cash […]

[…] those with cash on hand to pay their taxes as it may give you the opportunity to take advantage of bank account bonuses or a high-yield account if you have one still offering a favorable rate. Some folks may […]

[…] I noted in my recent post about bank account bonuses, I think it’s definitely worth paying more attention to these. Deals like this aren’t […]

[…] Based on the limited data available about this card, I’d have assumed that the ordinary 50K offer wasn’t really worthwhile since the points are worth 0.7c each towards most hotels and flights, making the bonus on the Expedia+ Voyager worth $350. Once you subtract the $95 annual fee, it’s not a terribly exciting bonus offer (indeed, I recently opened a checking account with a similar-sized bonus). […]


I’ve mostly given up on bank account bonuses – too many have required multiple calls/emails to get paid. Happens so often, it’s just not worth the hassle – rather put my time towards reliable MS activities. That said, HSBC recently sent a $750 signup offer that I’ll do.


Started this last June. Have opened 12 accounts and not all bonuses have posted, but so far I’ve received a little over $3,000.


Maybe a dumb question, but why would there be a hard or soft pull for opening a bank account?


Identity verification.


If u have a credit line (Check overdraft)or a HELOC a Hard pull then a soft pull to look every month ..

Dr. McFrugal

Thanks for the timely article, Nick!

I haven’t really considered banking bonuses because I always thought of them as a hassle. Minimum balance requirements, monthly fees, direct deposit requirements, etc. And the sign up bonuses would likely be taxed at my ordinary income tax rates (which is the highest bracket), so that’s further a disincentive.

But after seeing how easy it was to sign up for SoFi Money and earn the referral bonuses, I am know looking at banking bonuses more closely. Some of them really are low-hanging fruit! Thanks again.


It’s easy until it’s not. Some banks are scummier than others and you will need to pry the bonus out of their hands.