Marriott Rules for extending free nights


Yesterday, I had a great experience calling Marriott Bonvoy.  Whaaat?  Lately, most news about Marriott’s loyalty program has been bad.  They seem to Bonvoy us every chance they get (like when they recently decided to un-extend Suite Night Awards).  But, in this case, it was all good.  I had a free night certificate expiring soon, so I called to see if it could be extended.  Yep!  No problem.  And in the course of the conversation, I learned Marriott’s rules for extending free nights.  In this one area at least, compared to other hotel programs, Marriott rules (see what I did there?).

Marriott’s rules for extending free nights

The rules are simple:

  • No elite status required: Any member may call to extend a free night certificate that’s near expiry.
  • Call within 30 days of expiry: You must wait until your certificate is within 30 days of expiring before calling to extend it.
  • 12 month extension from date of call: Your certificate will be extended for 12 months from the date of your phone call to Marriott, not from the expiration date of the original certificate.  Example: I called July 14, 2022 and so my certificate was extended until July 14, 2023.
  • One time extension only: Once a certificate has been extended, agents aren’t supposed to allow another extension.  I wrote “aren’t supposed to” because my guess is that they have some latitude to make exceptions.

Note: Marriott had a hard rule against extending certificates that expired 6/30/22 since those had been extended at least once before during the pandemic.

My thoughts

The ability to easily extend free night certificates for a full year is a great feature of Marriott’s loyalty program.  I can’t think of any other major hotel program that does the same.  In a way, this increases the value of their credit cards that offer free night certificates each year upon renewal.  With a single credit card, if you don’t have a good use for a certificate each year, you could instead book a weekend every other year.  This, combined with the ability to add up to 15,000 points to each certificate really goes a long way to make Marriott cards long term keepers.

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Not having luck getting it extended. Called 2 x and chatted. Mine expires 7/30 and never extended b4. Is there a certain number to call? It’s for a Ritz 50k FNA.


3rd call’s the charm! I called 800-535-4028 which the chat rep said to call. The rep did note that this is a 1 time exception and I can NEVER have another extension since she put a red flag in the notes.


I have had no luck yet, but will continue to try. 3 phone calls so far.

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I had one expiring next week so I called and after warning me this was a one-time, never to be done again ,never in my lifetime, no no no, not even if I am at death’s door, did I understand what she was saying – NEVER AGAIN – 4 times and it will go into my permanent record … and then she extended it for 1 year. She sounded like she was paying for it herself.

Thanks Greg!! you saved me a free night as I can’t use it. I had trouble using 9 free night all last month. I still have a few expiring in 2023.

Marriott Bonvoy has come through for me this year, converting all my 1-week certs to points at a decent rate.

Now if only Marriott had some decent hotels for 35K that would be something. Great value in Europe … the West Coast of USA not so much here.


No extension on cert expiring end of July unless you meet their requirements like sickness or death of family mmember, military deployment, blah blah blah. Time to ditch my Marriott elite status for something better. Keep getting bonvoyed over and over lately.


Call again. I just got mine extended.


I called Marriott to see if they could extend my certificate expiring August 2. The CSR said that the certificate was issued by American Express so I would need to talk to them. He gave me an 800 number to call. I called it but did not get AmEx, I got Marriott again! But the CSR I spoke to on this call was able to extend the expiration to July 2023. I immediately used it to help book a stay in Sydney early next year. Thanks for sharing this information!!


Thanks, Greg! Any reason to think that this policy wouldn’t apply to free night certs earned from a SUB? Like, if I earned the 5-night offer on the Boundless, do you think it would be safe to count on being able to extend all or some of those for an additional 12 months?


I also have this question got some from the marriot biz card last year


I have the same question; and the 5 FN offer is expiring this Thursday…


I have been considering getting the Bonvoy card with the new 5 x 50k certificate offer, but one of the reasons I was leaning against it is I hate only having 1 year to use the certificates. This might make me reconsider.


Day before this post I called to extend a 35k certificate from a targeted promo (1 cert per stay up to 2 certs). Despite the promo cert expiring in 6wks she extended it that day for about 5 months out – which I thought was totally fair. So apparently even promo certs (not Annual Free Night certs) can also be extended at least a bit with the right agent.


This is huge for me, as I have some expiring later this year that I couldn’t otherwise use. Kudos again to Greg & Nick & crew; FM consistently blows away the competition.


What competition?

Marriott Marty

Now to Bonvoy us they will change the rule after the unofficial rule is relied on


I had 3 certs expire on June 30.2022. I called to see if I can extend them but they told me now cause they have already extended them multiple times because of COVID. Since they are now expired is their any possibility they can be re-activated for even short time so I can redeem them?


Does this apply to suite nights that haven’t been extended?


I have a free night certificate expiring 8/2. Called to extend it and was told no.


It was issues Aug. 2021 so I don’t think so. I will try again.


I tried again. The agent spoke to a manager and was able to extend it until July 2023. Thanks! BTW, she did check to see if I still had my credit card open.


I opened a Marriott AMex last Oct 21 with plans on getting to a country that still has some travel restrictions, so I have not used 2 x 50K certs from CC sign-up. They currently expire end of November. Do you think these would get extended? Challenge is to wait and then get a no would not be good. Thanks!


Like many others who have mentioned, I didn’t have any luck extending my 6/30/2022 expiring certificate last month. I called almost 5-6 times, at different times of the day and different days of the week, and all agents told me the exact same thing – verbatim (they don’t have a button to extend the certificate once already extended (Note: mine was originally expiring on 3/31/2022 but was extended by Marriott as part of blanket extension in Dec 2021), there are no exceptions to this rule, bla bla bla). It was funny that Marriott was consistent in their message this once time when they didn’t need to be consistent!


I was able to get a 6/30 extended.


I had 6 FNCs expiring on 6/30 and contacted Marriott through their website contact form. I must have got lucky because a week later I got an email letting me know that they were all extended for another year.


My wife had a 50K that was expiring 6/30 (had been extended due to COVID). We tried to extend and the CS rep said no way.


No such luck with me about a month ago with 35 k certificate expiring 6/30/22.


I think when it comes to extending free night certificates, not all certificates are =. I think free nights earned for titanium requalification are harder to get extended then ones earned through cc.


Did you have to give a reason? And was it that you had a good agent?


I called a number of times to extend my free nights (I had two and my wife two) and they refused. It is possible that they were extended once before. I even spoke to a supervisor and they said they don’t extend them anymore. I explained I had major surgery recently and it’s impossible for me to go anywhere now. It didn’t matter. They also said I can’t give them to my kids or anyone else. They expired 6/30/22.


I believe the 6/30/22 had been extended numerous times due to Covid. I think these are for regular expiration.


I think that’s exactly why they should extend them again. They did it for Covid when travel was impossible. So it’s almost like starting over. After that they should allow an extension. Another thing. I get free rooms that are up to 25k, which are pretty much in the lower scale of rooms. Unless I’m wrong, my IHG free rooms are for any room. I honestly didn’t check that in a while but I think that’s the case.
Have a great weekend.


IHG had unlimited FN certs last time back in 2019 (expiring in 2020). They may have been extended (depends on expiration) due to COVID.. but the certs issued by IHG after May 2019 are no longer unlimited and capped at 40K. Also the certs from old Select card cannot be topped, when the certs from the new Premier (but only anniversary certs, not from the SUB) can be topped (with unlimited number of points though)


Hi Greg, I have 2 Marriotts certificates that will expire on August 5th, is there any way to extend them?


I had a 7 night category 6 certificate which was going to expire June 30, 2022 and I was told all I could do was receive points for it (420,000). I was told it could not be extended. Is there any way to reverse the points and revive the certificate?