Match your Radisson Americas elite status to Radisson Hotels International


I expect that many readers have Radisson Americas Gold status thanks to having a Radisson Rewards Premier Visa.  Now that Radisson has split up into Radisson Americas and Radisson Hotels Everywhere-Else, your Gold status defaults to being good only in the Americas.  Fortunately, you can match your Gold status over to Radisson Hotels Everywhere-Else with a simple email.

a screenshot of a hotel reservation

To match my status from Radisson Americas to Radisson Everywhere-Else, I first set up a Radisson Hotels Everywhere-Else account using the same email address that I used for my Radisson Americas account.  Then I emailed Radisson Hotels…

Attachment: [see image above] 

On the attached screen capture you’ll see that I have Gold elite status with Radisson Americas. Please match that status to my Radisson international account.

Here is my info:
Name: Greg Davis-Kean
email: [redacted]
Radisson Americas account: [redacted]
Radisson Hotels (international) account: [redacted]
Thank you

Two weeks later I received the match.  Here was the email reply:

Dear Greg Davis,

Thank you for taking the time to write to us and for being a Radisson Rewards Member.

Congratulations! I have upgraded your Radisson Account to Gold until Feb 2022.

I appreciate the opportunity to assist you and would like to thank you for your ongoing association with the Radisson Hotel Group.

That seems crazy that they only matched my status for a few months, but at least it got done.  I don’t know if the matched Gold status will really expire February 2022, but if it does I’ll just send another email like the one above.

I also don’t know why Radisson hasn’t automated the match online, but that’s the way it is at least for now.  Fortunately, if you want to move points back and forth, you can do that online for free:

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Now that Radisson Americas is part of Choice, I suppose their 1 stay to get Platinum elite status (through Feb 2024) will not work as a status match to Radisson International. My question – will mattress running this elite status make any sense?


Just moved over some Radisson Americas points to Radisson International, and requested a status match to Gold from Radisson Americas. Will update if and when the match is granted.


Moving points is instant and status match is quick. Unfortunately the rest is total mess. They have technical glitches that won’t allow making a points reservation, even if you call customer service. Customer Service for the international program does not have a US number so you’ll need to call a foreign center (I’m using London). You’ll have to pay for the calls, of course and call during their day as they don’t have 24/7 service. Any change to your account disables the ability to make a points reservation for 48 hours. They suggest making a flexible cash booking and convert it to points booking later but then points availability is gone and they won’t do anything for you.


Status match was successful in less than 24 hours. I didn’t receive an email confirmation (at least not yet), but my Radisson International account has been updated.


@Alex I was able to book 2 nights at an international Radisson Blu online with no issues today. Perhaps they fixed the IT issues.

Erik VR

February seems to be the month that all status matches are extended to, so your March renewal should get you 12 months.


Radisson is turning into Marriott… They refuse to match my American account because I used Ken for my global account and Kenneth for my USA account. All other info remains the same. How stupid can they be? This should have been automatically matched in the first place.


Same here, with my name mismatch. What a mess. Ken, apparently it can be solved if you send in your ID. Just the thing I want to send! ;-(


They replied to my complaint asking for status from a competing hotel program. It’s like they don’t even read what I wrote.


Here’s what I did: take a screenshot of your Kenneth account and then use a little bitmap editing to change Kenneth into Ken. Then send it to their Twitter team, which is a little smarter than the other team


You don’t think they’d be able to see the name on both accounts from their end?


Don’t know but I highly doubt it. It seems that they are really another company now.

That said, I gave up on using my Radisson as the source account and just matched to my Marriott Plat instead.


Prolly easier to just do that. I’m Hilton Diamond, but the names may not match. Worth a shot I think. I live in Japan so there’s no chance I’ll be going back to the US any time soon so the US Radisson program does me no good.

Stefan Krasowski (@rapidtravelchai)

Register a new account with matching names?


Good idea. New account created and status match email sent. Awaiting their reply now.


Match completed. Same person that rejected me earlier too.

[…] won’t hurt to match your Radisson America status to Radisson Hotels International, by Frequent Miler.  I had a good run being Radisson Gold Elite. While it doesn’t include a free breakfast […]


Do they have status matches from other hotel chains to Radisson?


I wonder if they will continue to match the status. This is supposedly the same program, just split up into two parts. Would be crazy to expect travelers are supposed to meet elite requirements in both to get the status in both.

I guess the sad part of this ordeal is that now there’s virtually no chance the certs one can earn from spending will ever be usable outside of the US.

On a separate note, I’m staying at a Choice hotel next weekend so it came across my mind to request a status match. It took them less then 4 hours on a Saturday afternoon to get this completed.


The worst program….ever. i am going to use all my points and never look at Radisson again. The separation of the programs was the last straw for me. Complete asshatery.

Shannon and Sergio @ScrewTheAverage

Hey Greg and team!

Is the gold status not something that is given and kept year-after-year automatically just by holding the right card from US Bank?

We’re both Radisson Rewards Premier Visa Signature card holders but noticed that both of us were ‘Club’ level members (instead of Gold) within our respective accounts.

We read the terms and conditions on the US Bank site and from our understanding if you’re an account holder ‘with an open account and in good standing’ you’ll automatically get gold (or silver, depending on what card you hold).

These are the full terms directly from US Bank:

Complimentary Elite Status: After opening an Account and making a first Net Purchase with the Card, you will qualify for Gold status (Premier Rewards Visa Signature) or Silver Status (Platinum Rewards) in the Radisson Rewards Americas Program. Gold (or Silver) status will become effective 6 to 8 weeks after the date of the first Net Purchase. You will receive a membership card and information after your Gold (or Silver) status is in effect. You will continue to maintain Gold (or Silver) status so long as your Account remains open and in good standing. Complimentary Gold (or Silver) status earned through the Card Benefit Program does not waive the full number of stays or nights required for Platinum (Premier Rewards Visa Signature) or Gold (Platinum Rewards) status and you must earn Platinum or Gold status in accordance with the Radisson Rewards Americas Program Terms and Conditions to be eligible for higher status.

However, when we reached out to customer service (twice so far) both reps claim that merely be a Radisson credit card holder does not entitle you to elevated status past the first year, unless you requalify with activity.

Responses from Radisson America customer service reps:

  1. When starting with the Radisson Rewards Premier Visa Signature card, you were given Gold Elite status. The status must be maintained by stay count or night count (Gold requires 30 nights or 20 stays per calendar year).
  2. We apologized for the inconvenience. Please be advise that we have a tier end processing every year and for you to maintain your tier status, you need to maintain also the require stay and night counts to your account.

Are we misreading and mistaking the terms? If we’re not mistaken, any advice on how we can get both of our accounts set to Gold?

Thoughts from you and the FM team would be appreciated!

Shannon and Sergio @ScrewTheAverage

Thank you for the confirmation Greg, we’ll keep trying to get this resolved. 🙂

Shannon and Sergio @ScrewTheAverage

Just wanted to update our comment in case anyone else finds themselves in the above situation.

After several calls/emails we finally managed to get a hold of a CSR (Tonya) who was very friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to take ownership of the issue.

After placing us on hold and conferring with other colleagues she came back on the line and asked if we had previously had the US Bank Radisson Premier Rewards Visa Signature. After both answering ‘yes’ she decided to open a ‘CSA’ (and gave us each a case number). Within three days she had managed to upgrade each of our accounts to Gold and leave us a voicemail explaining/apologizing for the system’s glitch in not auto-upgrading our accounts!

Thank you again Greg and frequent miler team for your help!


My impression is that this wasn’t Radisson’s fault but wow they could handle this better. They should just auto-match both programs. Heck, they could even push that as an elite benefit in some odd marketing way.


Mine took less than 1 day. The password was tricky because the rules for the International are different so I had to use different passwords but same emails. I found I had 3000 points already in the International one when I created it, but they soon disappeared after moving some points over. Altogether weird, but the support from Radisson was very good. Moving points was easy once I found where on the site to do it.

Stefan Krasowski (@rapidtravelchai)

Sent Friday night, when I woke up Sunday morning that match email and status was already there.


This whole thing has been insane. I tried setting up my Radisson Global account and it repeatedly insisted my email already existed for an account but wouldn’t accept the password from the Americas account, and also wouldn’t send me a password change email no matter how many times I requested it. I had to set up a new Global account with an entirely new email address. I wanted to change it then to the Americas address in the account profile but it absolutely forbid changing the email. Oddly, it would let me change the email in the Americas account to the Global address, so that’s the way I had to go. This took way too long to figure out.


This is corporate arson


I have two cards, one linked to personnel and one to business. gold status on both.


Two weeks! Better request the post-February extension now!