Necker Island award price probably going up. Last call for 1.2 million miles.


UPDATE: Virgin Atlantic didn’t increase the award price after all. Instead they added a requirement. You must now have Silver or Gold status with the airline to make the award booking. More details can be found here: Necker Island award same price, but harder to get.

Necker Island Celebration Week

My wife and I had such a fantastic trip to Necker Island for Celebration Week that we started planning our next trip as soon as we got home!  I counted up our transferable points (Amex, Citi, and Chase) and found that we have more than enough points for another 1.2 million mile trip.  I emailed Virgin Limited Edition to ask about options for bringing our 17 year old son along and learned that we can’t — not without booking another room altogether.  Those with younger children do have options, but in our case we decided to wait until our son is in college next year so that we can go without him guilt-free.

I also learned something unfortunate.  Currently, they’re only taking award reservations for Celebration Weeks through January 2017.  For later stays, they are expecting Virgin Atlantic to increase the award price and so they are waiting for details before taking new reservations.

Probable Last Chance for 1.2 Million Mile Awards

There are two Celebration Week dates currently available for booking with 1.2 Million Virgin Atlantic miles:

If you already have enough miles or transferable points and want to do this, please see my step-by-step guide: How to book a free week on Necker Island.

New Price Guess

Several years ago Virgin Atlantic increased the award price for a week on Necker Island from 1 million miles to 1.2 million miles. My guess is that they’ll raise the price by the same amount again to 1.4 million miles.  I’m hoping that they won’t decide to round up to 1.5 million miles, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they do.

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[…] Atlantic was considering increasing the 1.2 million mile award price.  I published the news here: Necker Island award price probably going up. Last call for 1.2 million miles.  Well, I finally got official notice about the change and it’s not what I […]

[…] The news with airline programs has been almost all negative.  Alitalia used to have a great partner award chart, but they decimated it overnight.  Now, it appears that the only good use of Alitalia miles is for flying Alitalia itself.  Delta furthered its own string of unannounced devaluations by drastically increasing the award price of business class flights to and from India.  And, it appears that Virgin Atlantic is on the cusp of increasing the price for a Celebration Week on Necker Island. […]


Thanks for sharing your experiences at Necker Island – it looks fantabulous! Was the experience specifically geared towards couples? In the early stages of planning a splash out trip with my sister to celebrate a big milestone and this is one of the options I am considering. Wondering if we would be completely out of place.


I went this year in September and there were three bookings which were pairs of friends, including me and my friend. That said I think the week I went was a bit less busy than usual. I think four or five of the islands rooms were empty.

You won’t be out of place at all and if you can go you absolutely must. You will not regret it. I am already planning my next trip.


Jacking up the price would only make it harder for flying customers to book, and make it more likely they would have to use some credit card bonuses to get there!

[…] Finally, in my conversation with Richard Branson, it was clear that he welcomes those who spends miles for the week.  It’s too bad that Virgin Atlantic is considering raising the award price… […]


Lol it’s probably going up in price ever since you told Richard Branson about flying there on miles earned without ever having flown Virgin Atlantic! He probably went back to corporate and was like “jack up the prices now! Let’s see how these guys come here on unflown miles now, mwahaha”


Don’t go back…….Branson will be in a wheelchair when you you finally go back……….just say No!

Try finding a French vacation that supports the idea that in 1776 the “French” were our allies……


This is so awesome! I’m currently saving my VS miles for Virgin Galactic (yes I’m a frequent flyer of VS) but in the case that may never happen, going to Necker Island sounds like an awesome experience thanks to your blog!
Quick question though — is the total total just $1.2 million? No fees/taxes/charges that VS is notoriously known for in its award flights?


@ Greg — I think it is awesome you had such a great time, but it will never be as good the second time. You really should consider going somewhere new.