(EXPIRED) New Coin Deals: Over $2500 spend plus $1,000+ profit

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UPDATE: PFS Buyers Club has increased the commission for each gold coin to $1,005!

Update from Nick: I wanted to add a few notes to what Greg originally wrote here.

First, given the low mintage on this coin, demand is likely to be very high. As such, some readers have noted that PFS likely won’t be the highest profit you could score. The idea behind buyers clubs is that you take out the risk of volatility and the hassle and risk of dealing with an individual buyer. In exchange, you take less profit. Obviously the buyers club intends to sell the product for more than they pay you, so there is also the chance that you could find buyers willing to pay more. On the flip side, I tried to help a family member sell a coin deal locally once and couldn’t find a local coin shop interested. They ended up selling the coins on eBay for a large profit, but with the risk of a buyer scamming them (as a seller I’ve had empty boxes “returned” to me over the years or counterfeit products returned or buyers who said they didn’t receive an item or it wasn’t as described and PayPal / eBay will almost always side with the buyer). I’ve also had many good buyers. To each his own in terms of deciding their best option. If you opt in, I advise you to honor your commitment as the ability to pre-fill their own orders is what keeps these buyers clubs offering opportunities for pajama points / profit.

However, I also want to note a caveat: as I’ve noted in previous posts and on the podcast, there is inherent risk in buyers clubs. I have personally sold 5-figures worth of products to PFS Buyers Club in the past and always gotten paid as agreed and on time. We have also listed many PFS deals and I don’t ever recall a reader reporting that they weren’t paid as agreed (on the contrary, many have reported their positive experiences). However, many readers will remember gift card reselling site The Plastic Merchant, which folded unexpectedly a few years ago and left many people empty-handed and out thousands of dollars. Indeed, I had sold a lot of gift cards to TPM and gotten paid properly for a long while – but eventually, that train stopped hard. I’m personally confident that PFS is going to pay out as expected, which is why I opted in for one with them on this deal. Given the high price these coins are likely to fetch, I imagine they already have a buyer lined up that will make it easy for them to meet their commitments to those of us who opt in, but it is worth emphasizing that the risks inherent with a buyers club are not zero. A commenter here at Frequent Miler once compared it to extending your credit line to a stranger. I’ve done enough business with PFS to feel confident in doing that for this deal, but it’s worth considering whether or not you feel comfortable with that idea.

The US Mint is releasing two new coin deals this Thursday. This may be a great opportunity to put over $2500 spend on a credit card while also making over $1,000 profit!

Deal 1 V75 Gold

The US Mint will release a limited edition End of World War II 75th Anniversary Gold coin.  The coin will cost $2,600.00 plus $4.95 for shipping.

Key Terms

  • Offer goes live Thursday November 5th at 12:00PM ET.
  • Production limit: 1,945.
  • Limit 1 per household.
  • Cost: $2,600 plus $4.95 shipping.

Deal 2 V75 Silver

The US Mint will release a limited edition End of World War II 75th Anniversary Silver coin.  The coin will cost $83 plus $4.95 shipping.

Key Terms

  • Offer goes live Thursday November 5th at 12:00PM ET.
  • Production limit: 75,000
  • Limit 1 per household.
  • Cost: $83 plus $4.95 shipping.

Quick Thoughts

If you’re not interested in collecting coins, limited production coin deals like these can make sense because they often resell for much more than the purchase price.  If you’re not interested in the risk of buying prospectively in the hopes of selling for much more, you can lock in a fixed profit through a buying club…

PFS Buyers Club

PFS Buyers Club offers an easy way to get a fixed profit from coin deals.  For the deals listed above, PFS Buyers Club is offering the following commissions (in other words, they’ll cover the amount you paid plus this much more):

  • V75 Gold: $525.05 $1,000.05 
  • V75 Silver: $62.05

I’ve never done one of these deals through PFS Buyers Club, but I’ve heard numerous positive data points.

Here are the full terms for the PFS Buyers Club deal:

  • Click the green “Opt in” button below to opt in to the deal.
    More detailed instructions will be posted on this page after you opt in.
  1. On November 5th, at (as close as possible to) 12:00PM ET, you will purchase 1 End of World War II 75th Anniversary American Eagle Gold Proof Coin and have the order shipped to your home or office.
  2. You must input your Order Number in your “My Orders” page by 7:00PM on November 5th.
  3. When the order arrives, you must keep the box sealed. This even refers to the outer shipping box – do not open the box at all.
  4. You must ship the coin to PFS via the prepaid return label within 2 business days of receiving it.
  5. You will receive a receipt from PFS Buyers Club once your order has been received.
  6. Payment will be sent via e-Check, PayPal, or check within 7 business days of the coin being delivered to a PFS Buyers Club.

If you’re interested in giving PFS Buyers Club a try, please consider signing up with our referral link, with our thanks:

Once you’ve signed up, PFS Buyers club offers full details online about how the deal works.  If you then decide to go forward with the deals, you’ll have an option to click “Opt In” for each deal.  Important Note: While it can’t hurt to sign up for PFS Buyers Club, please don’t opt in for these deals unless you are fully committed to purchasing the coins.

Additional Tips For This Deal

  • Make sure you have an active US Mint account before you go to buy the coins. If you don’t, you can register here https://catalog.usmint.gov/on/demandware.store/Sites-USM-Site/default/Account-StartRegister
  • Make sure your US Mint account has your correct address – it’s best if your billing and shipping addresses are the same.
  • Make sure your US Mint account has your up-to-date credit card info stored.
  • Make sure you are available a bit prior to 12pm Eastern (9am Pacific) so that you’re signed in and ready.  The gold coin is expected to sell out very quickly.
  • If you’re placing multiple orders to different households, make sure that neither shipping nor billing addresses are duplicates.

Will I Be Doing This Deal?

Even though I have heard good things from friends about PFS Buyers Club, I haven’t done any of these deals in the past.  This time, though, the profit potential has me interested.  Lock in over $500 $1,000 profit with just one coin?  Sure, sign me up!  Of course, I do expect that this will be an exercise in frustration since the demand for the gold coin offer will likely be huge.  In other words, I’ll be surprised if I manage to snag a coin before they’re all sold out.  That said, for over $1,000 profit, I’m willing to put in the 5 or 10 minutes of madly clicking and refreshing my browser to try to buy the coin.  And as a consolation prize, my bet is that it will be pretty easy to buy the silver coin since there will be so many more of them available.  If so, that will be an easy $62 profit.  Not a bad consolation.

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I was able to get a couple of the silver coins. Figure there should be several hundred dollars of profit in that on eBay.


I got a silver one too. Had the gold in my cart and tried and tried and after many errors it said it was longer available. So I removed the gold from my cart and at about 9:28am my silver order went through. I think I made it to the final page at least 30 times before it actually processed.


got 2 order confirmations for Silver (From refreshing the submit screen)….and I’m logging in from Mexico! Didn’t even bother trying for Gold…shows sold out 15 minutes after..but prob was sold out within 5 minutes.

Guessing 1 will be deleted / canceled..score if they send 2!

EDIT: 2 order acknowledgements via email, and I print screened1 checkout confirmation

Last edited 2 years ago by quasimodo

I got all the way to the checkout page and then received the ineligible item in my cart error.


You were not alone. Same for me


The Captcha got me. Kept saying that I had to complete a captcha but would never load it.


Mine is bicycle and boat. Then temporarily ban access. >_<

Matt audie

Same, nothing like being banned from the federal mint


I’m happy I was at least able to see the add to bag button. Didn’t get past that though. My anxiety for the day was spent in the last 20 minutes.


Well, that was futile. I got temporarily banned about 5 times haha. I actually made it to the final checkout page and was clicking submit before I received an error message. So close!



Brian Cogswell

Yeah, I got
Sorry, you have been blockedYou are unable to access usmint.gov
Exercise in futility an understatement, lol

Brian Cogswell

Looks like their service provider viewed the volume of traffic as a Denial of Service (DOS) attack and shut it down. Hahahahaha

Matt audie

Thats our gubermint for ya.
I mean who could have possibly predicted the site crashing and millions of page refreshes….


Got all set up, 4 minutes to go, ready to click … and as we get to 8:59 Message on US Mint site says Oops something went wrong. Tried to log in again, no luck. Obviously swamped.


LOL the US Mint site can’t even load the page.

[…] promise to sell it to them (if you’re lucky enough to get it in the first place). Comments on Greg’s post about this deal indicated that many readers may wonder about buyers clubs, so I wanted to share some basics for […]


2600 price released

Sydney Morrell

Given the Chase Freedom 5x for Paypal this Q, and that the US Mint offers Paypal as an option, I am assuming that there is no mention of Paypal here (or on the PFS site) because it would cause further delay by being referred to the Paypal site upon payment. Is that correct? Stick to cc only?


Remember, Chase Freedom only gives you the 5x for the first $1,500, after that it will only be 1x. If you are already planning on meeting the $1,500 for the quarter without the purchase of this coin, I would recommend using another card.


If anyone is paying an extra $1000 you can be sure it’s worth more. Why not keep it?

Too Many

If I can score it, yes I will likely keep it.

But there are people who cannot afford to leave $3k sitting in a gold coin. But if they can get some quick cash, why not.


Not sure about going with PFS, given the discussion here.

Was not even sure about trying to get the gold coin, but hoping I can somehow get past the bots that will no doubt be in play. Unless the Mint has a deterrent.

Looks like Nick was able to beat the bots in past coin sales (unless he himself deployed bots in the past to buy from the Mint).


For all those that say you can get more for selling it elsewhere, please provide specifics (not generic stuff like Ebay it or contact a local coin shop).

Too Many

Have you looked on eBay? In all seriousness, just do a search for the specific coin. It’s thousands of dollars over the retail price. There will only be 1,945 ever minted. One of the lowest in history. Coins under 10,000 unit mintage usually sell out and a premium can be commanded. With only 1,945 available, it’s going to be in extremely high demand. You don’t have to believe me or anyone hyping it, but you’ll find out in 72 hours how much this will go for in the market.

PFS is willing to up their premium to double their original offer, that by itself is a big clue.


In one of your FM live Q &A’s I asked specifically about buying clubs.

Nick replied that essentially you’re extending your credit line to a bunch of strangers/entrepreneurs. That being said you’re promoting them without any first hand experience and only going on feed back from readers. You’re really not stating the risks involved with extending credit to these buying clubs.

Why not promote other buying clubs and the whole gambit of the other clubs. Why just this buying club? Why no warnings about the potential downfalls of buying clubs, but only the good data points.

I think to be thorough, you guys should list the both sides of the story.


Nick has reported lots of first hand experience with this buying club.


If you have a 5-figure experience with PFS that should be a good sample size to write a post about your experience.

Why not share your experience as a post with a buying club to share the typical cost of items you’re buying. How long it takes to get credit and finally reimbursed and how it’s paid out. Any issues, how they were addressed. Understandably, the buying club might not want that kind of coverage.

Seems like pretty good content for “earn miles without flying.” It’s like you’re not being transparent about the existence of buying clubs as an avenue for earning miles.

I find it, disingenuous to write about buying club deals, but not write about any post dealing with buying clubs. Yet you have a 5-figure experience with a particular buying club.

Too Many

Don’t bother with this; PFS now has a provision requiring you to sign and agree that he can come after you for his “lost” profits if you don’t send him the coin. It doesn’t exclude being unable to procure the coin in the first place. In other words, he gives himself a blanket reason to come after you if you don’t send him the coin even if you were unable to buy it from the Mint. That’s just ridiculous, and likely unenforceable, but if you wind up getting it, you’re better off flipping it yourself. It’s upwards of $9K on eBay for pre-sale right now.


I find that exclusion a little bit hard to believe. You buy the coin and don’t send it — okay, you entered into a contract and reneged. But you didn’t get the coin? Can you link to the exact language?

Too Many

You can take a look at the screenshot. You have to be an accepted member of PFS to see the actual “contract”.

Too Many

The contract is accessible to members only. I pasted a Google Drive link to a screenshot that isn’t showing up here (pending mod approval). But here’s the text:

Liquidated Damages for Non-Delivery of Coin to PFS. To the extent that Member does not deliver the Coin to PFS, Member acknowledges and agrees that Member shall be in breach of this Agreement and that as a result, PFS shall sustain lost profits as a result of same. Accordingly, if Member fails to deliver the Coin to PFS, then Member agrees that Member shall be liable for liquidated damages as a penalty equal to the lost profits sustained by PFS from non-delivery of the Coin. PFS shall advise Member of the amount of the lost profits sustained by PFS from non-delivery of the Coin and Member shall remit payment of such amount of lost profits within five (5) days thereafter.


If memory serves the article that text comes from begins by stating it is only effective if you meet the requirements of the first document you sign (able to actually buy the coin and submit the order number to PFS).

Too Many

I went back and looked; here’s the beginning of the document containing the Liquidated Damages clause:

THIS SALE AGREEMENT (the “Agreement”) is made this 4th day of November, 2020 by and between PFS Buyers Club, LLC, a New York limited liability company (“PFS”) and (“Member”).

W I T N E S S E T H:

WHEREAS, PFS and Member have entered into that certain opt-in agreement (“Opt-In Agreement”) pursuant to which, Member has agreed to purchase one or more certain coins, namely End of World War II 75th Anniversary American Eagle Gold Proof Coin (collectively, the “Coin”) from the United States Mint (the “Mint”)

WHEREAS, Member is or has obtained PFS approval to purchase the Coin from the Mint and PFS has furnished Member with the Opt In Confirmation or PFS ID (as such terms are defined in the Opt-In Agreement); and

WHEREAS, Member is purchasing or has purchased the Coin in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Opt-In Agreement; and

WHEREAS, to the extent that the Member purchased additional Coins from the Mint for the purpose of reselling such additional Coins to PFS, then the terms and conditions of this Agreement shall apply to such additional Coins and the definition of “Coin” set forth in this Agreement shall be deemed to apply to all such additional Coins; and

WHEREAS, the Member is or has supplied the USM (as such term is defined in the Opt-In Agreement) to PFS which, in accordance with Section 5(a) of the Opt-In Agreement, has put into effect this Sales Agreement

NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual premises set forth herein, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, the parties hereto agree as follows.


Is this actually enforceable? If you enter your Mint order number and then get cold feet, do you really need to worry about PFS coming after you?


I got the silver coin but I am thinking to sell on Ebay. I wonder if PFS will take any legal action on me.


Nvm found the listing. Be careful because there’s another gold coin that is very similar but not V75.

Last edited 2 years ago by NickelandDimeMan

I didn’t know about buying clubs, thanks!
Where do you find out the approximate selling prices?
There’s another sale on the 9th.

Greg The Frequent Miler

I’m not sure. PFS Buyers Club had that info


I just messaged chase and have the sapphire reserve card and southwest card and they said it’s cash advances even though it’s thru the us mint. Any others get this same response from them?


David, thanks for the feedback. Is there any additional wording? Welp guess If you just have to factor cash advance fee. This could make selling on your own maybe worth it, though seller fees would definitely make it less worth it, unless the sell price was significantly higher


I’m trying to get it in writing from them but not much he’ll and very vague. If I get something I’ll let everyone know


Hi David-

I did the recent U.S Mint coin deal for 3k spend on my SW card. I had no cash advance. Hope this helps.

Last edited 2 years ago by Phill

Ok thanks. I just wonder about the sapphire reserve


Thank you for contacting Chase about the US mint. David, we are unable to confirm this information. Please check with the merchant before making the charge. Please know that we charge a cash advance fee when you make cash-like transactions, such as withdrawing money with your credit card or buying foreign currency. Here are things to know about when you use your card to take a cash advance: – The annual percentage rate (APR) for a cash advance is 24.99% variable. – The cash advance fee is either 5% of the amount or $10.00 whichever is greater. – Cash advances do not have an interest-free period and interest charges accrue daily. – You may pay ATM fees if you use a non-Chase ATM. Check your cardmember agreement for details about your cash advance APR and other fees that may apply. We appreciate your business and thank you for being a Chase customer.


I totally agree. I’m still going for it

Mark R.

Usually their best profit deals, like the gold coin, are a PIA to get from the mint. The mint website gets quickly overloaded and you can drive yourself nuts.


Pfs can be total d*cks. And they’re offering about 300+% less of what you can get on your own. Forget these fools. Sell on your own if you get it.


Where would you recommend selling?


Does anyone know if US Mint qualifies for 3X points using Citi AT&T Access more card?


Negative, codes as 1x “Services – Misc Government Services”, and falls under Other Purchases on statement points category….however if you have the +2TYP retention offer still going then you’ll end up with 3x.


This is a keepers, if I can get a hold of one.


I did a platinum coin a year or two ago. I got the alert from PFS but sold it on eBay for a $900 profit. PFS was anywhere near $900 profit.

Amit Panchabhai

PFS makes you sign some contract when you opt-in. Didn’t they take any legal action in your case?


Planning to do the coin deal for the $4k Chase Hyatt spend, but in the terms of that deal it states “purchases do not include…cash-like transactions.” Does anyone know if buying the coin counts as a cash-like transaction?


Don’t know about Chase, but just received a Terms and Conditions update from Amex stating coin purchases was considered a cash advance.

J j

Check the terms to see when it goes into effect. I thought it was early 2021.


Those Amex terms kick in mid-January 2021, according to an earlier FM post.

Mike Saint

I’ve purchased coins several times with my Chase Hyatt card and never had any issues. They were coded as purchases.


It is purchase but the concern is elsewhere – the web site will get stuck at some point of your transaction and when released back to life this deal will be gone…

Matt audie

Used the last coin deal to hit MSR on my hyatt card. Went through as regular purchase


I’ve done a couple of deal with PFS and wouldn’t be concerned with doing another one. However, to say there is nothing but good feedback is ridiculous. One only has to read the comments on the last couple of PFS DoC posts to find plenty of vitriol. The silver coin deal from last year was a disaster with tons of pissed off people, threats of lawsuits from PFS and just a giant mess. It’s the reason why DoC is no longer posting their referral links for PFS.


I’m not aware of any credible cases where PFS didn’t pay. I just found Greg’s comments about “nothing but good things” to be either misinformed or worse when you consider typical points/travel blogger behavior. FM seems to pride themselves on highlighting the best deals regardless of referrals and the wording here seemed off. With just the smallest amount research you can find plenty of “bad things” mentioned around PFS. I’m sure some of this is just haters but when you consider PFS resorted to lawsuit threats and other tactics (per DoC commenters) last year I think it’s reasonable to consider that behavior before dealing with them.

Mike Saint

I originally signed up with PFS Buyer’s club but Pointsmaker is offering a whopping $950 commission for the gold coin so I’m going to sell it to them if I end up getting one.