Nook Contest Update


The contest to Win a Nook is in full swing!  Until Feb 14th, all you have to do to enter is add a single line to the ever growing story.  Even better, you can enter the contest as many times as you’d like!

At the time of my writing this post, there are 317 lines to the ongoing Nook story!  While it looks like people are having a lot of fun with this, I realize that for newcomers it can be a bit daunting.  So, let’s catch you up on what has gone before:

On a dark and stormy night at the airport, a shot rang out. Fortunately, TSA Special Operative Scott Scanner was on the scene. An MD80 was found dead and thousands of people were left stranded due to 170 seats being no longer available. But that was just the beginning of the adventure! While Erin Foster wept for her dead tabby cat, Jack Bower joined the case! Leaving Jack and Erin behind, Scott boarded a plane for Zurich but mysteriously landed in Las Vegas instead!

While gagging on a bad apple, Scott ran to the nearest restroom. There he encountered a man with a cigar, who abruptly tipped over… dead! Scott noted that this would not have happened had the man signed up for free A Club platinum status, which apparently has the most valuable elite perk of all time: immortality!

Having a hard time with his latest assignment, Scott downed a few drinks before running into William Shatner who was now a zombie, having recently fallen to his death in a Priceline commercial. As improbable as this seems, William and Scott somehow transported to New York City in the blink of an eye. Scott realized that he had somehow broken the space-time continuum and had traveled through a parallel universe! Having had this revelation, it was not surprising when William Shatner disappeared to be replaced by Richard Branson and a glowing, levitating Randy Peterson! With their help, he made his way to the airport with the intention of joining the One World Mega DO, but then Richard Branson gave him a ticket to Necker Island.

Sure that this flight would lead him to solve the ongoing mystery, Scott boarded a plane headed to Necker Island. To his surprise, he was brought instead to Iceland! There, Jack Bower found him and  gave him a carnivorous Koala. Traveling through the space time continuum was clearly too much for Scott. Any tenuous hold on reality that he had before was now completely snapped! His mind imagined one strange inexplicable thing after another.  Repeatedly, he thought he had awoken from a dream, only to find himself in yet another dream…

What will happen next?  Will Scott regain his senses and continue the investigation?  Will Jack Bower ever be allowed back into Iceland?  Will the time-space continuum be repaired?  YOU can help decide!  Visit the contest page here: Write a Book, Win a Nook!

EARLY PRIZE: Many lines in the story so far have made me laugh.  My favorite, though, has to be the idea of A Club Platinum status conferring immortality.  See lines 68 and 69 in the story.  Steelsnow and Matt, as thanks for making me laugh, I’d like to give you each a free magazine subscription!  Go to and find a non-auto-renewing magazine that you’d like and email me the info.

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