(EXPIRED) Office Depot/OfficeMax: Buy $300+ Visa Gift Cards, Save $15

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Office Depot and OfficeMax stores have returned with its profitable gift card deal on Visa gift cards through 5/18/24.
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The Deal

  • Buy $300+ Visa gift cards at Office Depot/OfficeMax & get $15 off instantly.

Key Terms

  • Valid May 12-18, 2024.
  • Limit 10 per household/business (different stores may try to impose various limits that don’t correspond to the ad).

Quick Thoughts

As always with these deals, the best option is to buy in three card increments as Office Depot/Max gives a $15 discount for every $300 you spend. Buying three cards means you’re spending $600, which takes off $30. Buying nine cards means you should get $90 off, but YMMV as to whether a store will let you do that.

For every three cards you buy you’ll pay $23.85 in fees (3x$7.95), giving you a net $6.15 in profit in addition to any additional rewards. Buying nine cards at a time triples both the profit and rewards (but will likely involve an ID check to make sure that the payment that you’re using is yours).

In addition, it’s worth keeping an eye out for linked offers that might stack.

See the full list of Visa and Mastercard gift card deals here

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Just a heads-up. I did this offer, and now… my experience.

I bought a Visa debit giftcard at Office Depot on May 7. I didn’t use it right away, which I usually do. Two days later, hackers used the card for two purchases of $99 each (for a total of $198). I tried to use the card for a purchase, and it was declined, so I checked my balance and discovered these two charges, which were definitely not made by me. So, I immediately wrote support (GiftCardSupport@giftcards.com) and detailed the situation:

||Hello! I purchased a gift card from Office Depot on May 7, 2024. I don’t recognize and do not think I am responsible for the transactions on May 9, each for $99. I’ve done a lot of due diligence and I’m pretty certain the card was hacked. Since the transaction history does not show the payee, it’s hard to say. 

I have all the receipts from Office Depot. 

Can you please check these transactions? If I did not make them, can you please credit the account for the amount? Like I said, I’ve been home in XXXXX and carefully track my transactions, and I have reason to believe that they are fraudulent.||

It took three days, and customer support, at 8pm, responded, requesting much of the information I had already included in the email. Sigh. I responded the next morning with the requested information. Again. A few days later (!!) BHN customer service responded, telling me that the case had been “resolved,” but, of course, “the most efficient manner” for resolving the case was… calling the phone number that was on the site. (It went there from Kafkaesque to Gogolesque, I believe…) So, I spent an hour on the phone, trying in vain to respond to the many requests (card number, PIN, dates, etc…) all on the automated service, hoping to reach, well, “the team” there at “customer support.” Nada. There is no way to do it. So, the email referred me to the customer service team, which apparently was out to lunch.

I finally resolved the case, and they returned the money to me. But ask yourself: Did they do a good job? Did their “team” act appropriately at any point? Was it worth the UR points I earned?

Nope. I won’t be doing that again. And you shouldn’t either!



Last edited 5 days ago by Andrew

Several of my dependable stores have gone to cash only for mos. Others have said they changed their system so it no longer works. Anyone else run into this situation?


Went to two stores and zero $200s available. Are they just intentionally not stocking these at this point?!


Help. What’s the best way to offload these cards? Heard you can get a money order with it at Walmart? Thanks.


Use them for everyday expenses, utility bills, medical bills, insurance payments, etc.

Not everything needs to be about manufactured spending.




where I live, I bot all of the Visa GCs at OD between the 2 stores. all 6 Visa GCs.


Both of my Office Depot’s stores managers mentioned that Blackhawk had recently done a gift card reset. It sounds to me that the Everywhere Visa gift cards will not be replenished.

Vaibhav Shetge

Aah. That probably explains why my local one had an empty rack for the entire section of Everywhere cards 🙁


time will tell if I am correct on Everywhere cards. One manager said they would be carrying ancillary GC only. Who knows how accurate any of this information. we will find out in the coming months.

Bret Dolphin

My local Office Depot is not selling MCG/VGC’s due to a activation issue. Not sure whats going on but this has been going on for the second week now.

one night stand girls

this blog is informative


Does this work with the variable value loading visa giftcards up to 500? (i.e., can you buy 3x of them at 500 each for 1500 dollars, which would give you 15×5-6.95×3 off? or is the offer only applicable to fixed value visa giftcards?

Tim Steinke

No it doesn’t. It’s for fixed-value $200 cards only.


Weird but I actually got the offer to work on variable load Visa cards today in SLC.

Tim Steinke

Interesting. Which denominations did you buy?


I had them load 200 per card (that was the max allowable amount for the 20-200 cards) for 3 cards


I bot $20-$200 variable Visa GC without any issues. discount was processed correctly.


I bought 3x 20-200 cards, loaded $200 each. Discount applied, total was $593.85.


It worked for me yesterday somehow. That’s all they had left. Cards were $20-$200, bought two for about $401. Will get three next time.


does this work online?




Just tried this at my store in Georgia. Did not ring up with discount.

Tim Steinke

Did you happen to grab variable load cards by mistake?


Does this include ordering Visa gift cards online or only in store ?

Aimee Grey

Help! The last few times I’ve gone into my local Office Max to take advantage of the promotion they’ve have no idea what I’m talking about. Where can I find the “official” offer from the company? Thanks.

Lady A

Data Point for my Office Max in Tempe, AZ.
That store wouldn’t let me do 2 transactions.
I had 8 cards I wanted to purchase using 2 different cards.
They wouldn’t allow it.
She said you’re only allowed to buy gift cards once a day on 1 transaction.
I’m standing there thinking, show me the fine print on that, it’s not by the GC’s.
I also asked what amount sets off the manager override approval, she thought it was $400.00 in GC’s.