On my way to Frequent Traveler University (FTU)


FTU is is an event similar to the recent Chicago Seminars in which hundreds of frequent flyer addicts get together to learn insider travel tips, to network, and to have fun.  Last Spring, FTU was held in New Jersey.  This weekend it will be in Los Angeles (at the LAX Sheraton Gateway hotel).  Next, in the Spring of 2013, FTU will be held in the D.C. area (details here).

To get to FTU today, I’m flying Delta, non-stop Detroit to LA, returning Monday.  These two legs complete the single low-level award I booked in the Spring in order to return from the prior FTU.  And, I got to that FTU on a third leg of an award I had booked to go to San Francisco for a Kiva DO.  In other words, I used two Delta awards to go on three trips by constructing free one-ways as follows:

Award 1 Outbound:

  • Detroit to San Francisco

Award 1 Return:

  • San Francisco to Detroit
  • (layover)
  • Detroit to Newark [free one-way]

Award 2 Outbound:

  • Newark to Detroit [free one-way]
  • (layover)
  • Detroit to Los Angeles

Award 2 Return:

  • Los Angeles to Detroit

I learned how to book these crazy awards at my first trip to a frequent flyer event: the Chicago Seminars in 2011.  I think its pretty cool that I’m using a trick I learned at a frequent flyer event in order to get to a frequent flyer event.

My Presentations

I’ll be delivering two presentations this weekend.  On Saturday, I’ll present “Earn 5X Everywhere (or More)”.  There I’ll describe a number of ways to earn 5 points per dollar on all spend.  And, I’ll show how to take those techniques quite a bit further.  Most of the information is stuff that I’ve written about before, but I think people will find it helpful to see it all come together.  I may even reveal a new trick or two.  We’ll see.

On Sunday I’ll join forces with Daraius Dubash (Million Mile Secrets) to present an introduction to credit card category bonuses.  There are many opportunities to increase your point earnings simply by using the best credit card for each situation.  We’ll talk about some of the best category bonuses and whether they’re worth pursuing.

Are you going to FTU?

If you see me, please come introduce yourself.  I don’t have a formal get-together planned, but you can probably catch me in the evening at the hotel restaurant / bar, or more likely, wandering the hallways at 5 in the morning thanks to the time difference…

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Glad you enjoyed my presentation at the Chicago Seminars in 2011 and are putting the 3 trips with 2 tickets to good use. Great tool if one can plan ahead!

Sorry I will miss you at FTU. I was not planning on attending this year.


John: Sorry I couldn’t remember who gave that presentation or I would have given you the credit! Thanks for sharing that info so that I could make great use of it. See you at FTU DC?


enjoyed your presentation!


Pointsandtravel: Thanks!


Watch out for snipers and suicide bombers, with all the blogger hate going on on FT to have you all in one place invites mayhem….muuuhahahahaha

Michael Belisle

I’ll be there also both saturday and sunday

Grant Thomas

I got here early today, hopefully your flight is not as bad as the one in “Flight”.

Faith Case

Looking forward to your presentation and a fun weekend. See you there! Have a safe flight!

Sadly I wont be attending FTU…have a great time everyone!


I’m looking forward to meeting u tonight Greg. I’m gunna wear a bright yellow shirt with a UCLA logo. UCLA vs Stanford football game is at 5pm, so I’ll be in the hotel bar most of the night. Depending on the score, I’ll come visit the FTU party.

Ric Garrido

San Francisco is a mess today with the Pacific storm.

Debbie Schroeder

Have a safe flight. See you tonight.


And we’ll try to talk you into In-N-Out Saturday night since you could give Sunday’s presentation in your sleep (and may do just that because of the time difference.)