Pay Federal or State Taxes by MasterCard for 1.75%


The bill payment service, Plastiq, has just announced a promotion in which you can pay your federal or state taxes with a MasterCard credit card with a lower than usual fee of 1.75% (Plasitiq usually charges 2.5% for all bill payments).  To access this offer, use this link (this is not an affiliate link).

This offer is valid through April 18, 2016 at 5 p.m. PT.

Plastiq Pay Taxes

For more details about Plastiq, please see: Complete guide to Plastiq credit card payments.

For more details about paying taxes with a credit card, please see: Top 5 reasons to pay federal taxes with a credit card or gift card.

Note that even though this rate is only slightly better than the 1.87% rate for paying federal taxes, Plastiq offers the additional benefit of allowing state tax payments as well.

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[…] Pay Federal or State Taxes by MasterCard for 1.75% […]


I tried Friday and yesterday to pay my MA state taxes with a MasterCard credit card and Plastiq. They “rang it up” at 2%. I sent them a msg asking why I didn’t get the 1.75% rate. No answer.

[…] Plastiq Promotion for 1.75% Fees on State & Federal Taxes […]


The IRS “supposedly” has a limitation of two payments via their “official” channels of:, & Does that two payment limitation apply to Plastiq? E.g. Can I make three different payments on three different cards via Plastiq towards my Federal income tax?


If I pay today using plastiq, cheque will be delivered on March 28th.
So it looks like a 10-11 day delay.

Does that mean I should pay by April 8 using Plastiq so as to NOT incur a penalty for late payment by Fed/State?


What would be the best card to use to pay taxes? Would it be best for meeting minimum spend or is there a card that deducting just 1.75% could actually be profitable if you owe a lot?