Plastiq Now Charging 2.85% Fee For Debit Card Payments


Bad news for anyone who’s been using Plastiq to make payments using debit cards – they’ve increased the fee that you’ll pay.

Plastiq debit card fees

We started seeing reports of this yesterday and it was hoped that it was a temporary glitch or something like that. From what I can remember, there had been one or two occasions in the past where Plastiq fees went up unexpectedly, only to come back down again shortly after.

This time though, it seems to be a permanent change, especially because the debit card fee is listed as 2.85% on their website and that’s what’s now being charged.

If you have debit card payments already scheduled, you’ll still pay the 1% fee that Plastiq had charged in the past. For any future payments though, that increased fee of 2.85% will be a huge hit and will make Plastiq not worth using for that kind of transaction.

h/t Doctor of Credit

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Are there any alternative to debit card payment for rent with 1% fee?


They’ve had debit and cc listed at 2.85% for at least a year. The 1% debit was a promo that seems to have ended.


I’ve scheduled mortgage payments at a 1% fee within the last couple months, so this is a new change at least on my end.