(EXPIRED) Plastiq promo: send $50K in payments, get 50K in fee-free dollars (new business customers only)

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Plastiq is running an interesting promotion for new business customers: sign up through the link under “The Deal” below and send $50K in payments by the end of November 2019 and earn 50K fee-free dollars for future payments. After paying the 2.5% credit card processing fee on the first $50K in payments, that’ll work out to a net cost of 1.25% after a total of $100K in payments (assuming you use the 50K fee-free dollars on the next $50K in payments).

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The Deal

  • Plastiq promo for new business customers: sign up via our referral link here and spend $50K in payments by the end of November 2019 and get $50K in fee-free dollars
  • Plastiq will also add 5K fee-free dollars for each new business account that signs up via the link above

Key Details

  • Must be a new business customer

Quick Thoughts

Plastiq is a service that enables you to use a credit card to pay bills that ordinarily require a check. Read more about the service in our Complete Guide to Plastiq credit card payments (2019).

This promotion is just for new business customers and requires quite a lot of spend as you’ll need to send $50K in payments by the end of November 2019 to trigger the 50K in fee-free dollars. For those unfamiliar, fee-free dollars mean that you can send payments without the credit card processing fee. In other words, you’ll pay the credit card processing fee on your first $50K in payments and then you can enjoy the next $50K in payments without a credit card processing fee (just note that you do need to manually apply fee-free dollars to your payments when you schedule them).

Plastiq is additionally adding 5K fee-free dollars for each new business account that signs up via our link, so I believe you’ll be able to apply those from the beginning and perhaps only pay the credit card processing fee on $45K in payments (depending on how you manage and apply your fee-free dollars). You could therefore be looking at a net processing fee as low as 1.125% on the first $100K in payments. For businesses that make a lot of payments, that could be a great deal since many credit cards offer rewards that are worth more than the net fees in that case.

Keep in mind that as of last week, Plastiq has suspended the processing of payments via Capital One credit cards. That’s too bad since there are some attractive welcome offers on Capital One’s business cards that require a lot of spend to trigger and Plastiq would ordinarily be a good way to meet those requirements. Hopefully it’s a temporary suspension, but as of now you will not be able to use Capital One cards to make Plastiq payments. There are some additional restrictions in terms of the types of payments that can be made depending on the type of card you are using. See our Complete Guide to Plastiq credit card payments (2019) for more detail.

Overall, this is a deal that will likely only appeal to those readers with a business that regularly sends a lot of payments, but it could certainly be of value to those to whom it is targeted.

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Did someone see the 50K free dollars posted yet after meet the required payments in November?

Michael Knight

I’d like to take advantage of this offer. Are Tax payments to the IRS Acceptable during this promo?

Michael Knight

Previous account holders are disqualified from the promo.

Javed Momin

I signed up for new Plastiq account using link in your page and made a business payment of high amount but on my reward page it shows upto $500 fee free benefits. How do I get $50k

Craig at Middle Age Miles

Hi Nick – Thanks for the article and promo offer. I just signed up for a new Plastiq account for a business of mine (LLC) that has never had a Plastiq account before. It appears that your Referral Code was applied. The Plastiq “Rewards and Referrals” section says that I’ll get 500 FFDs after paying $500 worth of bills with Plastiq, which is the standard referral offer. It doesn’t show or mention the 50k offer or the extra 5k FFDs. Can you shed any light into whether this is normal or whether I need to be concerned? If it’s helpful to discuss any details privately, best contact is to email me at the address attached to this comment (or if it’s easier, DM me on Twitter @middleagemiles1). Many thanks. ~Craig

Craig at Middle Age Miles

I reached out to Plastiq via chat. The chat rep referred me to the Plastiq Sales Team, which is supposed to call me back later. I’ll update with an additional reply after I hear from them.

Craig at Middle Age Miles

The Plastiq folks got back to me, and everything is in order with the promo. They also confirmed that all payments apply to reach the $50k spend threshold to earn 50k FFDs – including 1% debit payments and payments using the 5k initial FFDs. That’s great news. Hope this helps others with questions about the deal. ~Craig

Thanks Craig! That’s good news. I still haven’t heard a peep from them.


cheaper to buy points when they’re on sale. One must really want them to pay the “vig” These companies are just “preying” on hackers and others trying to get something for “free” it’s not free and can get someone in trouble financially.


If your using a corporate card it should work but that is the extreme side flip side the average person looking at this can get themselves into problems charging with a lot of velocity then the bill comes let alone dollar cost average your what your truly paying. My company Amex PLT is under me as responsible partner and at average balance of 65k to 90k a month points do add up. Never the less Rick take six months after all the smoke and mirrors of the special then dollar cost average it out. Get back to me.