Plastiq reminder: Double fee-free dollars promotion ends tonight (must refer / make 1st payment by 11:59pm)


Plastiq new promo

As a reminder, the current Plastiq referral promotion, whereby you can earn $400 in fee-free payments for signing up or $800 in fee-free payments for each person you refer, ends tonight. Remember that in order for either person to earn the fee free dollars, the person who is singing up must make their first payment of at least $20 by 11:59pm Eastern time tonight.

As a reminder, here are the details:

The Offer

What: Fee-free dollars for credit card payments sent through Plastiq
When: Though April 18, 2017 at 11:59pm EDT
How much: $800 in fee-free dollars for the person making the referral, $400 in fee-free dollars for the person you refer to Plastiq

Key Terms

  • All referrals must sign up with your unique code.
  • For a referral to count towards this promotion, he or she must make their first payment of at least $20 between March 14, 2017 and April 18, 2017, 11:59 p.m. EDT.
  • Please note fee-free dollar crediting can take one business day.

Plastiq can be a great way to increase spend without spending if you either earn a reward that outweighs the fee or you have fee-free dollars like this to spend. It can also be useful for automation. For example, I have one monthly bill that does not accept a credit card or automatic payment of any sort — paper checks only. With an often busy travel schedule, I have accepted that it’s worth the ~$2 monthly fee for me to automate that payment to set it and forget it (lest I actually forget it). It doesn’t hurt that I get 3X earnings on the AT&T Access More card, out-earning the fee (note: not all payments earn 3X). You can read more about the new offer and information about where to find your referral code here on Plastiq’s blog. You can use my referral code here with my thanks: (the code is 357874). Otherwise, feel free to check the comments for referral codes from other readers. See our Complete Guide to Plastiq credit card payments for detailed information about using Plastiq.

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So, I signed up and scheduled payment on 04/18 @ 21:00 hours. Only got 200 FFD instead of the 400 FFD under the Promo.

I have reached out to Plastiq so hopefully they will make good on that…


Appreciate you using my referral! $400 fee free dollars

Thank you for using my code!


Geez, I would have thought that Kia Motors Finance would have been in their system. Hyundai is so why not Kia? I will reach out to them tomorrow.


Enter 656233 in the app or sign up at to get $400 fee free dollars. Thank you for using my code.


Thanks in advance for anyone who uses my referral code: 606338


here is referral code for $400 fee-free promo:

Referral code: 525195

Thanks in advanace.


To receive the doubled fee-free dollars, you must make a minimum $20 payment by 11:59PM, EDT. Payment can not be to a credit card, though.

Here’s a working referral code for the $400 fee-free promo:

Referral Code: 292164

Thank you.


Here is a referral link

Code is 657593

Thanks in advance


Today is the last day for Plastiq CSR and other cards getting 3x rewards… Here’s a $400 offer link:

Referral code: 663779


no referrals….must have been passed over.