Podcast: Don’t take a siesta on Sonesta | Coffee Break Ep17 | 7-2-24


Sonesta is a hotel chain with more than 1100 properties that we haven’t paid much attention to until Tim wrote a recent post about the Sonesta Travel Pass, a program that sort of came out of nowhere. In this week’s Coffee Break episode, we’ll chat more about why you shouldn’t siesta on Sonesta!

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(01:24) – Sonesta Travel Pass Basics

(04:04) – Elite Status

(06:49) – Shortcuts to elite status

(11:22) – Points from paid stays

(13:08) – Sonesta Travel Pass credit card

Read more about the Sonesta card here.

(15:58) – Final thoughts… are we excited about this?

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Music Credit – Beach Walk by Unicorn Heads

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