Podcast: Preferred Hotels bookable ONLINE with Choice Points | Coffee Break Ep05


Choice Privileges has made it easier to book their Preferred hotel partners, finally providing a way to book these online with your Choice points!

We love talking about points and miles all day, every day. That’s why we’ve decided – in addition to our full-length Frequent Miler on the Air podcast episodes, we’re going to share a little something to enjoy during your Tuesday coffee break too. Not a full hour of discussion and analysis like you’ll find on the full episodes, but a mini version with a single topic of focus.

Watch the full episode here, or click the timestamps below to navigate directly to a specific part of the episode in YouTube.

Coffee Break: Preferred Hotels bookable ONLINE with Choice Points

(02:41) – Overview of Preferred Hotels bookable online with Choice Points

Read about how to Preferred Hotels are now bookable online with Choice Points: https://frequentmiler.com/preferred-hotels-now-bookable-online-with-choice-points/

(04:22)) – What’s the best ways to get Choice points?

(07:43) – Read about buying points with a (sometimes available) cash and points trick: https://frequentmiler.com/a-sweet-spot-hotel-and-a-rookie-mistake/#Choice_Privileges_Cash_Points_The_cheap_way_to_buy_Choice_points

(10:08) – Particularly exciting hotels in the Preferred Hotels collection (bookable online with Choice Points)

(10:58)) – U.S. options…

(13:23) – International options…

(14:18)) – iPrefer (Preferred Hotel’s rewards program)

(17:11) – Pros… (here’s why you may want to do this)

(18:34) – Cons… (here’s what to watch out for!)

(19:46) – Closing thoughts…does this change our approach to looking for hotels or earning points?

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Music Credit – Beach Walk by Unicorn Heads

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Richard B

I reached out to a hotel that is part of Iprefer and they said while you can book our hotel through Iprefer we don’t honor there membership statuses. Is this common? This is nowhere on the Iprefer website that some hotels just don’t acknowledge the status especially if you spend money to gain the status.


I would like to do the status match to Iprefer, but I wonder how long that lasts. I will be using choice preferred hotels in July.

Greg The Frequent Miler

It seems to last at least a year as I matched last July and still have status. I had asked them back then how long it would last and never got an answer. I’m hoping they’ll forget to reduce my status 🙂