Podcast: Mastering Marriott’s Madness | Frequent Miler on the Air Ep247


In some ways Marriott can be the Frankenstein’s monster of rewards programs. There’s lots of good stuff about the program…and lots of bad stuff too, all sloppily sewn together.

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(01:36) – More advice about how to pronounce “Qatar”!

Read our post on how to pronounce “Qatar” and how this pronunciation journey began…

Card Talk: Ritz

(08:46) – Ritz Carlton Card

Read more about the Ritz Carlton card here

Crazy Thing: Alaska wants you to pay to see ads

(21:41) – Alaska wants you to pay to see ads

Mattress Running the Numbers: Choice

(25:00) – Buy Choice points with 50% bonus (0.69c per point)

Read more about the buying Choice points with 50% bonus (0.69c per point)…

Award Talk

(33:20) – United to offer family mileage pooling

(37:45) – Chilean airline JetSmart to adopt American’s AAdvantage loyalty program later this year

(40:47) – Finnair points are now Avios (but there doesn’t yet appear to be a way to move them to BA, Iberia, etc.)

(43:59) – JetBlue is cancelling routes

(46:56) – WF autograph journey now live 1 to 2 choice

Main Event: Mastering Marriott’s Madness


(48:39) – Huge number of hotels worldwide (nearly 9,000)

This post can help you find out if you’re eligible for the various Marriott cards

(52:36) – Bonvoy Basics

Read our complete guide to Marriott Bonvoy here

(1:04:25) – Earning points

See the best credit card offers here

(01:09:42) – Earning free night certificates

(01:10:30) – Earning elite status

Listen to our Easy Marriott elite status episode here

Read: Shortcuts to Marriott Elite status

Question of the Week

(01:14:57) – Questions about paying for rent with the Alaska card via Bilt… with high rent of $3600/mo, which card should I use…Alaska with the fee or Bilt without the fee?

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Music Credit – “Ocean Deep” by Annie Yoder

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Ritz card no longer provides unlimited priority pass for new cardholders.


Let me actually caveat this. I’ve had some issue with bringing multiple guests with my ritz and remember seeing references to a change in the terms for new cardholders, but struggling to find those details now.